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Americans see BUSH as a Bigger Problem than TERRORISM!

By Bob Fertik,

The headline of the latest CBS News Poll was Bush Ratings Hit New Low - only 37% approve while 58% disapprove. Bush is on his way to becoming the Most Hated President in American history.

As I read through the results, one number really struck me: the "most important problem" facing the U.S.

----------- 10/05 9/05
War in Iraq 18% 13%
Economy and Jobs 16% 14%
President Bush 5% 5%
Gas/oil crisis 5% 9%
Terrorism 4% 6%

Look at this carefully - Americans see BUSH as a Bigger Problem than TERRORISM! (And he is tied for Biggest Problem with $3 Gas).

Do you think the corporate media will report this? Of course not. But when will "liberal" pundits, bloggers, and journalists understand how deeply Americans hate Bush???

And how long will it be before Bush becomes America's Problem #1?


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