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Bush-Paulson Massive Thefts? Rupert Murdoch Threatened.

According to the following report Rupert Murdoch, who owns Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, etc., and other interests, was allegedly threatened, and at least may have received unpleasant visitors on Monday.

Apparently, some dark sources did not want the real truth to leak out.

The fuss is about the Freddie Mac Pension Funds which were thought to be $ 2 billion, but are said to be non-existent, instead, and "the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation is approximately MINUS FIVE BILLION U.S. DOLLARS".

The two countries who, at the intelligence level, are engaged
with Israel to destroy the U.S., reportedly, are Germany and Russia.

Sources report the members of the current high criminal conspiracy are engaged in brutal attempts to steal and loot whatever they can. After all, they know they're on the way out.

Now why the hell doesn't that gutless wonder, Conyers, step up and start doing his job.

Fire the bastard and IMPEACH BUSH-CHENEY NOW!
joe martin

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It's amazing to see just how much Rep. John Conyers has morally degenerated and deteriorated in the last seven-and-a-half years during this incredibly corrupt Presidency.

Once, Rep. Conyers was a man of integrity and principle, but to see him collapse under the domineering ways of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the money men who fund the Democratic Party -- such as George Soros and Felix Rohatyn -- is shameful. What makes this even more tragic is that Rep. Conyers and the other members of Congress who've failed their office of Congressional representative so pitiably is that they feel no pang or twinge of regret, remorse of sense of shame for playing a role in the destruction of the nation and its people.

We're seeing a tragedy of immense proportions being played out against the background of the worst economic depression since 1929, and the bizarre part about this is that we've become so disconnected from this ugliest of political realities, and from the real world itself, that we blissfully continue to think that things will go on the way they always have, while reality waits patiently to prove us wrong.

Not that I'm any fan of Rupert Murdoch, but most of us already know that he's got huge media holdings and control, and they've apparently 'sent word' to him to shut up the reporters-journalists who were sniffing the current Freddie Mac Pension fund scandal.
It wouldn't be the first time a Wall Street Journal Reporter bit the dust for telling the truth on the bums.

1929 Depression is right! U.S. Titanic is right, all right! People who haven't smelled the coffee up on deck of U.S. are still drunk, below decks partying! Some seem to think things are all right, when at the same time, the FBI still seems to be reportedly covering up the true identity of G.H.W. Bush, pres 41, an illegal Nazi German Immigrant who should not have held office of President of US, at all.
Familiarize yourself with the murder recently of ex-CIA agent, Roland Carnaby, at the hands of the infamous Houston Police Department, and you'll begin to see a huge iceberg tip.

The money which apparently gets to the pockets and offshore accounts of the Congresspersons may have been funneled by an associate of former Leader, Tom Delay, and it is believed that Carnaby was on to all of it. When an assassination attempt on Carnaby at a restaurant failed the night before his murder, they sent 'Houston's Finest' uniformed murderers and killed him. That 's the way they operate.
Now all that info Carnaby had is probably compromised, shredded, etc..
Houston Police have already settled out of court on Carnaby's murder and apparently paid his widow or family, etc..
They disposed of his cell phone, laptop, etc., etc., gun,etc..,typical Texas style JFK hit modus operandi.

But ... I find it interesting that Rupert Murdoch, the head honcho of the massive News Corporation Group, which owns and operates the Wall Street Journal, would be pressured to silence the few courageous reporters at the Wall Street Journal and the fledgling Fox Business Channel concerning the goings-on at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and IndyMac Bank, and possible pension fund scandals which involve all three of these financial institutions.

It's also becoming more and more apparent that those who possess intimate knowledge of what's really going on are being silenced -- either bought off with massive sums of money through secret payments which can't be traced, or they've been permanently silenced through other means. The result is the same, though; if the American public were to see just how deep and how far that iceberg goes, they'd be stunned, shocked and possibly galvanized enough to get up from the couch and start asking serious questions about what's going on and why all of these things -- including the global financial collapse, which began last year with the mortgage meltdown, along with the war in Iraq, and the very real possibility of war with Iran -- are occurring at this particular time.

Another thing to consider is this -- if G.H.W. Bush, our 41st President, really was an illegal Nazi German Immigrant who shouldn't have been allowed to become President, that would certainly fit in quite nicely with the doings of Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker, who were two of the men behind the financing which allowed Hitler to become the Chancellor/dictator of Germany in the late 1920's, and it's also highly possible that the true descendants of Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker -- along with Anglo-Dutch oligarchical financier interests -- were behind the rigging of the last two Presidential elections which allowed G. W. Bush to become President.

August and September will be the two most volatile and dangerous months for the United States, because any major event -- including a false-flag "terror" attack -- could be the trigger which will launch the enforcement of NSPD-51, HSPD-20, the "John Warner Military Allocations Act" and the "Continuity of Government Act". So, I strongly advise everyone to watch several events which will occur in these next two months, including the Democratic National Convention the Summer Olympics in Beijing and the Republican National Convention, because we're just one "terrorist" attack away from the imposition of martial law and a fascist dictatorship, led by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

support AT informamerica DOT net
You notice, Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, jumped up right about the day after I posted this and began reassuring the public and Wall Street that Freddie Mac was sound and would get the help it needed, blah, blah, ad nauseum!!

The FBI and maybe other feds are already way on to it!!! There's barely a lid on this stuff. How the hell are the neocruds and Bush gonna tell the public and the world how much dough the dual Israelis in our government took back to Israel with them. It's in the trillions! How will they enforce the law enough against Bush to get the damn money back!! U.S. Treasury fortunes for the taking and no one can touch them? They deserve to strung up? Look at all these poor Americans who are standing in line as a direct result of Bush-Cheney swindling!!! This is outrageous.!!!

I guess Bushfraud thinks the alleged one million or more Russian Communist troops already on U.S. Soil will be his 'enforcers'. Why should good Americans who worked hard lose their money and go to concentration Rex 84 camps!!!???
Wake up America.!!!

I hope everyone can see that Bush and gang are deliberately busting us while standing at the podium telling us all is well, and the "economy is basically sound". Horse puckey!!!

When most of us are bust and don't have any resources we cannot do much of anything then. The time was NOW.!

Impeach Bush - Cheney NOW!! America is not ZION and will never remain ZIONIST !!! "News"--as Paul Harvey would say.

I went to the local Family Care outpost yesterday morning to have a mole that was worrying my wife and children looked at. I hadn't been there in years, but my papers were pretty much in order, so I got past the front desk without too much hassle, and was directed to Waiting Room B.

Waiting Room B has a high-def TV hanging from the ceiling (too high to reach), and it was tuned to one of the 24/7 News channels (MSNBC, I think it was). There were several people waiting there, and every eye in the room was glued to that set, every ear tuned in to what it was saying. No body even so much as looked at me when I came in.

"Don't you dare to leave your chair," the guy was saying. "We'll be right back after this message."

No body left their chair, no body took their eyes off that set. I looked around for a remote control device, but there wasn't one.

The week before, I took my mother-in-law to a Specialized Care facility (this one for people with special bone problems). Same picture there--exactly the same, only with different people in it.

Sometimes I feel pretty good about what we're doing here on this site--feel like we're gaining ground. Sometimes, I feel like we're all toast.

Never quit! Never give up! Too much at stake.
R Ap

Yes, sometimes there don't seem to be any options other than viewing what one might call 'convenient officialdom' depending on where one is, at the moment.

Television, a wonderful medium, can be referred to as such 'convenient officialdom' because it's easy to have it served up to us- we don't even need to pick up a book and get under a lamp to read and learn, just look across at it. And with tv's everywhere, nearly, it's hard to avoid having to look at them. One patriot group I heard from said to not look at them at all-just ignore them, completely. They had a gripe with the television and cops telling folks what the laws are, when it's supposed to be the courts and constitution that does that. Televsion and cops are not supposed to interpret the law.

With the handsome and attractive news anchors, some of whom are merely script readers, citing the 'news' to us, what may be half-truths embellished with a bit of gab and commercials in between takes on more of an air of reality than it might really deserve.

So with a big news network trademark or logos and sharp menu type screens and a comprehensive array of news subjects and issues it looks official, but unfortunately, the U.S. Public is treated shamefully, like a bunch of mentally ill patients who cannot handle any worry or problems, and we get fed the lies of misinformation by omission and we remain in the dark, unless we seek out alternative news sites like, here. I devoted a few paragraphs of chapter one of 'Candidates For The Con' to this.

So it's convenient, and it's dumb, while appearing official, hence 'officialdom', or even 'officialdum'!Thanks, joe martin

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