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Good Night, and Good God What Have You Done to Our Country

By David Swanson

I recommend the movie "Good Night, and Good Luck," which is named with the line with which Ed Murrow ended his news broadcasts on CBS News, back when CBS did news. It's a well-made movie and ought to be heartening, except that it gives you an intense pain in your stomach when you realize that the corporate pressures Murrow was under have completely taken over, that we haven't just lost the literacy and the cigarettes, that we've lost the ability of news reporters to report that official assertions conflict with facts. Murrow's recent integrity-free illiterate successor at CBS, Dan Rather, was booted for less than anyone could make a movie out of. Here's a take on that pathetic episode from a forthcoming book by a producer at CBS.


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David, I was watching This Week with George Stephanopolous this morning and I went livid, and now I don't even know what the entire show was about! The following were on the roundtable with Stephanopolous: George Will, Cokie Roberts and Robert Reich. Robert Reich needs to be booted off the panel> he insulted me this morning. Yes, I know, you are going to think that I disagree with what he says or doesn't say. I disagree with a lot of George Will's statements, but I want him to stay on the panel. Why? Robert Reich insulted ME PERSONALLY. He said the public does not understand the Karl Rove case, or even the Tom Delay case, that we just know that we don't like cronyism and corruption. Those weren't Robert Reich's exact words, I am paraphrasing, but you get the gist. Robert did not give me the chance to even say what I think , he just put words in my mouth> that basically I do not understand the world as much as Robert Reich does, therefore I do not need the facts, just the concepts are good enough for me to 'comprehend'. What am I , a fly on the wall? Is Robert Reich so condescending and frankly, snobby, that he does not realize I am a flesh and blood thinking human being sitting in front of my "tube"? Who the heck does he think HE is?

I have gone from believing George W Bush is "pro-life" , to finding out the truth , that "W" and his PNAC Administration are following a Straussian political philosophy that puts forth "noble lies" and misuses religion for their secret Neocon agenda. Did I find out all that from people like Robert Reich? No, I found it out from all the "Ed Murrows" in the British press and the internet news and blogs. They trust me with the facts and the whole truth, and that my little brain could handle it AND comprehend it all.

Ed Murrow did not just have the news in mind for a few when he did his indepth investigative reporting, he had the entire public's well-being at heart. In order to do that, Murrow did not condescend or underestimate the public's intelligence just because he was erasing ignorance .

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