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"Verifying" the news

Eli Stephens
Left I on the News

Consider this story from the Los Angeles Times on the fighting in Western
Iraq. The headline, and the lead, are that "Six U.S. Marines were killed by
roadside bombs." As we read further, we are told that "The U.S. military
said Friday that at least 50 suspected insurgents were killed." No mention
of Iraqi civilians, until we get to this: "Sheik Usama Jadaan, a tribal
leader in the city of Karabilah...said the fighting in the west was so
brutal that residents 'are now seeing members of their families being killed
in front of their own eyes by the American bombardment.'" And in response?
"The allegations of civilian deaths could not be verified. Lt. Col. Steve
Boylan, a U.S. military spokesman, said he had no reports of civilian
casualties in the offensives." Of course, they could have been verified (or
refuted) by a reporter actually going on site, or even calling the local
hospitals, what the reporter means is that they weren't verified, and that
their definition (as with all the corporate media) of "verification" is
"acknowledged by the U.S. military." And the U.S. military didn't even deny
it, they just claim (which is probably true) that they "had no reports" of
civilian casualties.
And there the matter will rest, never to be mentioned again in the U.S.
media, except indirectly, when the relatives of the dead and wounded
civilians set the next round of IEDs, killing more U.S. soldiers, who deaths
will once again make the headlines and be "verified."

Note also that there is no question that the deaths of "50 suspected
insurgents" (nor any evidence that they were insurgents) could be verified;
once again, the word of the U.S. military seems to be both the source of the
news and the "verification" of the news.


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The ages are heartwrenching of the dead soldiers...some as young as 19. Which begs the question, if we can train an 18 year old to go die so quickly in a foreign land at the age of 19, then why does it take soooo loooong to train Iraqui security battalions on their own turf? Something's afoot... and it ain't the length of training Iraquis,>>> it's the time and money going into building permanent American bases. When are they going to verify that?!

I have been wondering why it is taking so long to train the Iraqui. In 1967 I had no idea about what it took to become a soldier. I was taking by complete surprise by the "barking" drill sargeant. I immediately fell in line and observed the "code of conduct". I was fully trained in six months. Somehow, the excuses given by our leaders seem weak (training Iraquis). And, as a 19 year old high school graduate, I was aware of the laws of the Geneva Convention. I always thought about how I would be treated if I were captured, and how I would treat those that I captured.
About this idiocy of invadeing another country without the support of the United Nations (unlike our invasion of Afghanistan) I was appalled. I made enemies (unintentionally) right of the bat. They came to me and expected a gung-ho response about getting "Saddam" (my son was in Iraq, and they knew it, their sons and daughters were not in the military). I told them, we have to have a large infantry, we are not going to blow their asses away, our victories at first will be exaggerated, then the guerillas will take over. The oil will not pay for one single American casualty in this conflict, and, by the way, Saddam Hussein had that country in submission. I knew Saddam had no ties with bin Laden
I just wish I could find more out about the "rape" stories fed to us by our government. Were those stories "yellow cake"?


earlywine, born in another era, and I, unlike "yellow cake", have proudly served in the infantry during the Viet Nam conflict. And, as a soldier (drafted) during that era I was openly critical of our reasons for being there (Shell Oil was already there).

Our prayers are with you. Godspeed to your son. Please give us an update about him, earlywine.

PS Thank you for your very healthy thoughts about the Geneva Convention... what has Bushco done to young soldiers thought processes these days?

The Iraqi forces DON'T want to be trained. Why should they? They have the Superpower protecting them. They can lean on them. Those frightened entities did not ask to be put into this precarious position. We have NO BUSINESS in Iraq. Our young men and women are paying the price for this Madman's call to "God's glory". This is the darkest time in the History of America.

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