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One year of Waiting for Accountablity from Blumenauer

This coming Thursday, the 17th of July will be our 1 year anniversary outside of the Earlman’s office. We have met every Thursday at high noon to bear witness to the destruction of the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. We will remain until impeachment hearings begin or Bush and his Dick leave the WH in January of 09.

In the year that we stood with our signs, occupying Blumenauer’s office, being arrested and threatened by the security force at 729 Oregon the following has happened:

Over five hundred soldiers have been killed in Iraq.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have lost their lives, many of them children.

Many thousands have been injured to such a degree that families members must now take care of them for the rest of their lives. The casualties will not be known until we have a legitimate government in Washington.

Millions of people are now losing their homes.

Gas prices are through the roof.

The fourth Amendment has been so damaged by the politicians, both by NeoCons and democrats, that it is now just a piece of paper.

Pelosi and Reid have given this lunatic more money for killing and the continued destruction of Iraq. The 106 Billion + will carry the slaughter into next spring. Pelosi and Reid did not want this to be part of the 08 Election.

The Supreme Court, by a vote of 5-4, stopped the destruction of Hebeas Corpus,-----one vote folks!

Folks around the country are now going to jail to try to stop the madness. Here in Portland we have been to the Justice Center so many times that the staff all say hello and one judge tells us to stay safe and warm out there, (in winter) as we leave.

Some think that we should just support our politicians, I say make them fear us and they will start to represent us. Incumbent should be a dirty word.

So, come and join us for our 1 year of trying to get Blumenauer to represent the wishes of his constituents.

Place: 729 SE Oregon St.
Time: High Noon
Reason: Because we must stand and say, ENOUGH.

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh---Lone Vet


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