By Bruce Gagnon

The Greens chose Cynthia McKinney on the first ballot today in Chicago to be the party presidential nominee. Cynthia then nominated Rosa Clemente to be her running mate who was quickly approved by near unanimous acclaim.

Born and raised in the South Bronx she is a graduate of the University of Albany and Cornell University. Clemente is a highly regarded commentator, political activist, community organizer, Hip-Hop activist, and independent reporter.

Chuck D of Public Enemy says that Clemente "is one of this generations' most important political voices and community organizers."

In her acceptance speech McKinney defined winning as setting a goal to garner 5% of the national vote which would give the Green Party major party status on the national level. McKinney made it clear that her run for president is all about building an alternative to the two war parties. The corporate parties have to flip-flop on the issues she said "because they have to appear" to agree with our progressive values while they then do the bidding of the corporations who pay their freight.

Maine delegates gave McKinney the 5th most votes of any state during the first round of balloting. Only New York, Illinois, California, and Wisconsin gave her more presidential delegate votes.

Ralph Nader came in a distant second in the presidential balloting which indicated that while people still respect him, his day of gaining the ballot lines via the Green Party across the nation are over. At this point McKinney will be on the ballot in at least 25 states across the nation next November . Greens in other states are still attempting to cross the enormously difficult ballot status barriers that keep the Republicans and Democrats from being challenged.

Just after the nomination process concluded 2004 Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb made a rousing introduction speech of McKinney. It was Cobb, and the Green Party, that challenged the well-documented vote fraud in Ohio in 2004 that put Bush in the White House again. While John Kerry, and the Democratic Party, violated their promise to "fight for every vote" it fell to the Greens to file the legal challenge to protect disenfranchised voters in Ohio.

Before McKinney's acceptance speech, a video was played on the huge screen above the stage in the Chicago Symphony Center with John Lennon singing his song "Power to the People." McKinney has adopted that slogan as her campaign theme and it brought tears to me eyes to see her dancing on the stage during the Lennon song.

I felt that it was a moment of liberation for McKinney and the Green Party. McKinney was free of the restraints that come from being a "good" Democratic Party elected official where you are expected to toe the party line and not challenge the party orthodoxy. Now McKinney is free to be herself - to speak truth to power as she so effectively does. In fact on the podium, as McKinney spoke, was a sign that read TRUTH.

With the nomination of McKinney and Clemente the Green Party is now free to become the real radical alternative party that it should be - radical in the sense of "getting to the roots" of the issues at hand and building the political base to make the needed changes. The Green Party took a huge step today in the creation of a multi-ethnic party with leadership from black and Latino communities. This is a must as we look at the coming demographic changes in America. There will be no progressive movement in America without active leadership from people of color working alongside of progressive white activists.

To say the least it was refreshing.

I've been a McKinney watcher for years as she was one of the key voices in the Congress who time and again spoke on behalf of "the people". McKinney has been run out of office twice by the power structure and vilified by the corporate media for having the audacity to speak against war and corporate domination. I am sure her nomination will be greeted with scorn by the corporate masters.

For me today was a revolutionary moment. Since working on the Jesse Jackson presidential campaign in 1984, and seeing the hope of a "Rainbow coalition" whither away, I've thirsted for the coming together of the movements. Today's event clearly indicated the enormous possibilities that exist for revolutionary peace, social justice, and ecological organizing in the U.S. if people are willing to step into this historic moment.

The change we all long for will not come from the Democratic Party. A new positive and earth shaking train has just left the station. The question remains will people who see themselves as progressive have the wisdom to get on-board and not be left behind sorting through the crumbs left behind by the corporate parties.


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From the "rubber stamp Republicans" to the "rubber duck Democrats" Americans never got the real changes they were looking for in the mid-term elections in '06.

However, with Nader in once again and McKinney leading the Greens, American voters will have some real alternatives other than the usual two-headed hydra corporate monstrosity consisting of the "donkey" and "elephant" gangs.

More choices will mean more of a chance for everyone.

Bravo Ralph! Bravo Cynthia!

Now those of us who vote Green will not be able to be accused of not voting for Two-faced Obama because he is half black. We can vote for McKinney who is black and a woman thereby covering all our bases (not that sex or race should matter). Kucinich is good but he has to stay with the Dems. He is doing a wonderful work. No one can fault him on courage and integrity, but Cynthia is the change we need at this time.

Go Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan!

Race and sex shouldn't matter, but you're bringing it up anyways!! Why is that? Are you some kind of closet racist or something? Anyways, while I wish her the best, somehow I doubt that she will get over 5% of the vote. That might be enough to tip the election one way or the other like it did in 2000.

Americans who were so proud of having a woman and a black as front runners for the Democratic party can have two-in-one with Cynthia McKinney, PLUS, the real benefit of having someone who is NOT a sellout to special corporate interests.

She has my vote for sure, and ALL progressives should do the same. We COULD make it happen, barring election fraud.

GO Cynthia McKinney!!!!

Cynthia McKinney, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, Cindy Sheehan; these people getting on the ballot as indepents or third party do not really represent a choice, unles they have the financial means to wage a real effective campaign.

Do you really really want to break the monoploy the democrats and Republicans have on the political system? If you do then start today, right now supporting these candidates with the money to wage a legitimate campaign and give the people a real choice!

Every body complains about the political system, out of touch politicians and corporate control of the political system, but if you do not do something it will never change. The money is out there, just look at the millions Ron Paul raised as a long shot candidate. Yet these indepents and third partys are struggling to raise the money needed to even get on the ballot much less finance a real campaign?

It is time to put your money where your mouth is and support one or all of these candidates. You can not change the government without changing the pople in the government!

Imagine how sweet it would be to kick little Miss Nancy Botox Smile out of congress; it can happen if Cindy Sheehan has the financial resources to wage a legitimate campaign! Support Cindy today!

No, I'm not going to support her financially, because it's a complete waste of my money. The fact of the matter is that it's a two-party system and it is highly unlikely that this is going to change anytime soon. It might someday, but it will take an organized political party structure to do it, not a bunch of independents who are running their own campaigns on (essentially) one or two issues. Cindy might get a decent chunk of votes (it IS San Francisco after all), but she's not going to knock off Pelosi.

It is precisely this type of thinking that keeps progressives from getting anything done. Buying into the status quo's projections is not the answer. Doing the right thing IS. The majority of the public agrees with progressive ideals. It is time we started supporting those candidates that most closely represent those ideals, and McKinney is as close as they come. We all need to get behind and support here and MAKE it happen!

No. The majoriy of the public is not progressive. The country as a whole is more conservative. The progressives are the ones who are more vocal about what they feel and believe. Hense, the perception exists that more folks are left of center, when in reality they are not.

Whith your attitude, you are right, there will never be a change to the two party system! It has to start somewhere, where and when?

Cindy does not have to win the election to get rid of Pelosi; just siphon off enough votes to throw the election to the Republican. But, I believe, with California being California, given enough resources she can win!

If we don't support her, you are right, she does not stand a chance. At leaST I am contributing to her campaign,, what are you doing to challenge the two part monoply destroying this country? More than complaining I hope!

Want to clean up America fast and restore Democracy and USA's position in the world overnight?

Vote Cynthia McKinney as Pres, Dennis Kucinich as Speaker of the House, Jesse Ventura as Secretary of State, Prof Turley as US Attorney General or Supreme Court Justice and Ralph Nader as head of new Congressional run Bank of US. That would cause the fascists to shit in their pants and run of the hills.

It would also destroy this country. But, hey, whatever works...seeing as how progressives and liberals really don't like this country anyway.

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