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A Note to the Peace Movement

From David Swanson

The peace movement has stood for peace and justice, for ending wars, preventing new ones, and building peace. Our top priority in Washington, D.C., has been ending the funding of the occupation. That work is over for the next year, because Congress has provided that funding.

We can still work against recruitment, we can still educate, we can still agitate, we can still oppose an attack on Iran. But one of our secondary priorities in Washington has been imposing a penalty for the illegal attack on Iraq in order to discourage future attacks on Iran or anywhere else. We have pushed half-heartedly for impeachment, with our main lobbying focus on cutting off the money.

Now, at the same time that the money is a done deal for another year, the possibility of impeachment is beginning to spark. After over two years of declaring impeachment "off the table," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has relented and suggested that some sort of preliminary hearing be held in the Judiciary Committee - and specifically on the impeachable offense of misleading a nation into war.

If the peace movement is not just a movement against one war or occupation, but a movement for peace, we should push with everything we've got for that hearing to happen, happen soon, and happen well. We should ask everyone who cares about peace to phone Pelosi and Committee Chairman John Conyers, as well as their own representatives, whom they should ask to introduce their own articles of impeachment.

We've been on a losing streak, brothers and sisters, and the door is cracking open toward a major victory. Let's open that door fully and lead a peaceful march of millions through it.

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Armed Robbery and Assault, Murder, Rape, Kidnapping and torture - keep that in mind when you are calling your representatives to get impeachment rolling....

Ya Know, some of us don't have the fame or venue that you have .. some people are just nobodies who don't always do or say the " appropriate" thang


my heart, for one is 100%, in impeachment...I have called EVERY democrat ( and many republicans )in the House, many of them numberous times, to co sponsor H Res 333 and now also 1258 etc. I have called Conyers and the rest of the House Judiciary Committee countless times. Much of the time I probably sound like a bumbling idiot during these calls, but I do it anyway, and I have listened to a few aides tell me that we need Iraq's oil (?? they were Dem aides ). It can be exhausting emotionally.

I check ADS many times a day for info and am thankful for your dedication and hard work to stay on top of what our criminal government is up to. However, sometimes I feel I am becoming addicted to bad news ( because that seems to be all there is UP GOES THE HOPE!... then slammed down again)

So, please permit me to say that I WHOLE-heartedly pursue impeachment!

me too!

I am embarassed.
Just a normal 'peon' with, as you said, no fame or venue,
it´s so painful and embarassing to wake up to THIS.
America just doesn´t care ENOUGH: (TORCH SONG TRILOGY).
There is evidence, evidence, EVIDENCE.
Even though NOW, the middle class is DAWNING that evr'ythang
ain´t so rosy. ----:
They don´t see the connections. They cannot add two and two.
Can it be that GREED, and Dumbed-Downness have taken over what
used to be 'the American Way'?
Of course, the people who sit in Congress, and their families,
will be protected, should dis-rest occur, were the economy to fail.
Many Greetings,

This evil and horribly immoral government needs to be abolished. We need to first completely break the social compact with this government. We should refuse to pay taxes.

Sorry, folks, but the quest for impeachment is doomed to failure, as well. We should pursue prosecution (a gold star family for peace could file charges), once the bums leave office -- check out the Vince Bugliosi book. But, please, realize that we are the answer -- not the government!

From Portland, Oregon

Subject: What to do now?

I find great value in supporting politicians when they act in our interest, I find no value in telling them what we will do for them. They are our representatives.

We will continue our protest in front of Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s office on Thursdays because we have an obligation to pressure him to defend the Constitution in every way possible. We have requested, begged, and now demand that he honor his oath of office and call for the impeachment of the pretender in the White House and his Dick. This is not the time to tell any politician that we will support them if they act according to Art.2 Sec4 and start to hold hearings NOW; they already know we will support them if they act.

The problem may be that they take us for granted and know we have few choices come November, but choices we do have. If Bush walks then all bets are off, in 2010 election incumbent will be a dirty word and there will be a flood of independents going to DC. The people of this nation want impeachment and accountability, those who stand in the way of that decision will pay a heavy price come 2010, 2012.

This Thursday, July 17, will be our 1 year anniversary of protesting outside of the Congressman’s office. We have been threatened, arrested, and yelled at by people in Portland for the last year, we will not play nice, nice with this would be progressive, we will continue to pressure him until January of 09 when Bush and his gang are out of the White House. Our republic does not have a toothache, it is in intensive care and dying! We must act boldly in every way possible.

Until the national organizations for Justice and Peace call for the occupation of every Congressional Districts, all 435 for the House and the offices of the senators we will not see any major action from Congress, they ether will fear us or laugh at us---lets move!

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet, Individuals for Justice
Portland, Oregon
District 3

So, how's the run for Congress going, Joe?

You've all been on a losing streak because you're all a bunch of pathetic losers.

Why are we losers? It's because people like you will not join the fight. They would rather stay Anonymous and call US losers. Your type is who make us loose! Get your head out of your butt and help!

Al K.

Good to have you joining the impeachment movement. I think your right on with your stance.

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