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Karl Rove Lied to the FBI

Huffington Post
By Jason Leopold

Looks like Karl Rove did break the law, the same federal law that got Martha Stewart sentenced to six months in prison.

It now appears that Rove, President Bush’s chief of staff, may have lied to the FBI in October 2003 - a federal crime - when he was questioned by federal agents investigating who was responsible for leaking information about a covert CIA operative to the media.

During questioning by the FBI about his role in the Plame affair, Rove told federal agents that he only started sharing information about Plame with reporters and White House officials for the first time after conservative columnist Robert Novak identified her covert CIA status in his column on July 14, 2003. This is according to a report in the American Prospect about Rove’s testimony in March 2004, a copy of which can be found here.

But Rove wasn’t truthful with the FBI as evidenced by the disclosure of Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper’s emails, which reveal Rove as the source for Cooper’s own July 2003 story identifying Plame as a CIA operative, and show that Rove spoke to Cooper nearly a week before Novak’s column was published and, according to previously published news reports, spoke to a half-dozen other reporters about Plame as early as June 2003.

“It was, KR said, Wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on WMD [weapons of mass destruction] issues who authorized (Wilson’s) trip," says Cooper’s July 11, 2003 email to his editor and obtained by Newsweek. “Wilson's wife is Plame, then an undercover agent working as an analyst in the CIA's Directorate of Operations counter proliferation division.


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A president in a "State of the Union Address" making such an ambiguous remark, such as, "According to British Intelligence" is obviously aware that he is diverting the truth. It makes you think that "yellow cake" means "untruth". That is, since then, every word he spews makes me think of yellow cake coming out of his mouth. This is the man who "choked on a potato chip" causing a black eye. This is a man who can look right into the camera and vomit yellow cake. The corporate media eats this yellow cake and feeds it to the public, which, in turn, is developing a distaste for it.

Now we know why Bush seemed so unconcerned about the leak. He and the entire administration were in on it. More ugly republican dirty tricks. Looking back now, his remarks even sound guilty ("I have no idea'er!...").

Yeah, choking on a pretzel?.. while getting drunk maybe? The way Bush occasionally lapses into states of incoherence during speeches has always sounded like someone impaired after a bender, even his complexion has that wrinkled, drained, hungover look at times.

If anyone is interested in being a Real Republican, they will do what they did to Clinton. IMPEACH HIM, IMPEACH HIM. HE lied and lied and lied. How many Republicans does it take to convince another Republican that he lied?????????????NONE THEY ARE ALL STUPID.

This is going to be so much more fun than Watergate, I think I'll break out that bottle I've been saving for The Rapture.

I am dismayed that the dramatic shifting of the goal posts seems to have made it even to these hallowed pages. Karl Rove violated his Non Disclosure Agreement (SF 312). He lied to American people when he told Scott McClellan he wasn't "involved" in the Plame leak and he either lied to George Bush or they both lied to the country because as we all remember Bush claimed to have no idea who leaked the name. Either way Bush has violated Executive Order 12958 by not punishing Rove till now and so proven his complicity.
Courtesy of Rep. Henry Waxman and the Democrat portion of the House Committe on Government Reform we know that Rove was not allowed to confirm classified information and bore the responsiblity to find out if information (i.e. the identity of CIA personnel) was classified before the said anything about it.
I see we are already preparing to accept a patomime slap on the wrist for the deliberate, murderous (we will never know the fate of the spy's contacts) conspiracy to discredit Wilson through his wife that proved the far greater crime of perpetrating a fraud on the U.S. and the world to start the illegal Iraq war to begin all wars. I am sick to my stomache.

So Rove's "leak" ended up in Robert Novak's column on July 14, 2003 -- how fitting that this date, "Bastille Day," signaled the French Revolution. Time to storm the Bastille again!

I love to see Dims doing time. HOW SWEET IT IS to see Sandy Berger doing community service, and probation. But, he got off way too easy.

"Big Boy Billy" will get his way with Rove "The Fat White Pink Boy" in Prison. Show me some lovin boy...kiss, kiss me Karl :)

That little boy face looking out from under the kitchen table waiting for his mother to scold him for getting into tonights desert is looking alot like George W. Bush.

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