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Dane Who Blew Whistle on Iraq Lies Has Been Imprisoned

Frank Grevil imprisoned

Please be aware that the Danish whistleblower Frank Grevil has been imprisoned. He was sentenced four months of jailtime for leaking documents that show that the Danish government and Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen lied about Iraqs WMD.

Grevil leaked the documents to the Danish daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende in 2004.

The documents that Frank Grevil leaked are part of a rising amount of evidence that the Danish government, the Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Per Stig Moeller knew that the "evidence" concerning Iraqs WMD was false, that they claimed the contrary and that they withheld crucial information for the parliament in the run up to the war. Denmark took part in the coalition that attacked Iraq. Leading opposition parties are demanding an investigation into the governments knowledge up to the war.

It is also suggested that Denmark and the Danish government took part
in the British scheme to bring Iraq to deliver the "casus belli"
itself for the US attack, which was seen as inevitable, by demanding
and enforcing UN arms inspections that Iraq subsequently would deny
vis a vis the Downing Street Memos.

Documents from the Danish Prime Ministers Office shows that Denmark
kept close contact to the British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the
crucial months in 2002. Denmark held the EU presidency at the time and
would have played an essential role in this.

Frank Grevil is now incarcerated at Horserød State Penitentiary in
Denmark where he will remain for the next couple of months. A Danish
group of protestors are organizing an event to bring Grevil into the
Guiness book of World Records by sending him files! They hope that he
will be the prisoner to receive most files by mail. More info can be
found in Danish at

The event is organized under the slogan "Send a file for Grevil. grind down the lies and set the truth free."

Frank Grevils address is, until he's released
Frank Grevil
postbox 532
3000 Helsinore


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Political imprisonment, for blowing the whistle on false intelligence for use towards war crimes, violates human rights. It sounds like Frank Grevil is the Danish equivalent of our Retired Lt. Karen Kwiatkowski.



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