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Bush: "A Police State, If You Can Keep It"

Our Ward-Time President wants to protect you. All he asks is that you give up your civil liberties:


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Nick Langewis and David Edwards
Published: Wednesday July 9, 2008

The legislation is a "catastrophe," Feingold lamented, and it "needs to be fixed at some point."

"This is a sad moment," he said. "It really is a black mark, not only on the Democrats, but on the Congress and really the history of our country.

And the same thing, Rachel, happened with regard to the PATRIOT Act, when we tried to fix it after it had been passed in a flawed way. There was this period of strength where Democrats held firm, and then they collapsed; and the same thing happened again here.

This administration, despite its weakness, somehow is able to raise the specter of being, as they say, 'soft on terrorism,' and unfortunately, Democrats, who can be so strong on domestic issues, somehow collapse.

And that's exactly what happened. This is a terrible piece of legislation. It's one of the greatest assaults on the Constitution, I think, in the history of our country. We are going to have to fix it, but it is a dark hour for the Constitution."

This is a study from Sonoma State University that I got from a fellow Green.

Knew some of it but some news to me. This report may help in advance of demos at conventions, and should be sent out to more. Peace, Rain

Closed down in 1950, Navy sending ships and Seals. What does South America have that the US wants?

Scroll down past recent headlines (five or so) to reach article. Missed this completely until today. Doesn't sound good.

July 15, 2008

A victory for the Bush Police State

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good, but, in this case, or, rather, with these cases, the bad, which is truly awful, far outweighs the good, a qualified good at most.

George W. Bush and his administration of Constitution-shredding warmongers are, as you should know, turning the United States into a police state. How they are doing this has been a matter of great discussion among critics of what they have done: domestic surveillance, extra-legal detentions, the consolidation of executive power over the legislative and the judicial, the creation and exploitation of a culture of fear, the vilification of the Other, etc.

And they won a major victory today, with the judiciary backing the executive (which was supported by submissive legislature). As a result, the United States is even more of a police state today than it was yesterday. The NYT has the details:

"This decision means the president can pick up any person in the country -- citizen or legal resident -- and lock them up for years without the most basic safeguard in the Constitution, the right to a criminal trial."

Welcome to the Bush Police State, the new America.

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