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Kucinich won’t rally for Obama until he gets answers

By Joey Michalakes, The Hill

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has yet to officially endorse Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president and indicated he will not rally his liberal supporters this fall until he knows “what the party stands for.”

In an interview this week, Kucinich said it is too early to see which direction the Democratic Party is headed this election year. Pressed on when a formal endorsement of Obama would be announced, Kucinich replied, “[Obama and I] will be talking.”

Kucinich, who attracted a small but avid following when he ran for the White House in 2004 and this year, is not the only Democrat who has not endorsed Obama. But he is an anomaly because many of the other endorsement holdouts are conservative or centrist Democrats.

An unabashed liberal, Kucinich stumped for both Al Gore in 2000 and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) four years ago. The Ohio lawmaker told The Hill in June of 2004 that he was rallying the liberal base for Kerry, a role that he said at the time "could make all the difference" in the general election campaign.

Kucinich also spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, which featured addresses from all 10 of the candidates who vied for the nomination that year. He has yet to be asked to speak at this year’s event, and was unsure whether he eventually would be getting a spot in the program.

“That’s not up to me,” he said.

Asked if he will play a similar role in 2008 that he did in 2004, Kucinich replied, “That depends on what the party stands for. It all depends.”

He is not shy in criticizing his party, having consistently lambasted Democratic leaders in Congress for continuing to fund the Iraq war. More recently, he publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the compromise bill on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Kucinich refused to comment on Obama’s stance toward the FISA bill. Obama recently announced he would be supporting the measure but would try to remove its controversial provisions that offer immunity to telecommunications companies who had assisted in the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.

He described his relationship with the Illinois senator as "cordial," and mentioned that he had started to do organizing work on Obama’s behalf within his Northern Ohio district.

Some were led to believe that Kucinich would endorse Obama sooner because at the Iowa caucuses, the congressman called on his backers to make Obama their second-choice candidate.

Like Kucinich, many of the other non-endorsers did not elaborate on why they had not yet publicly backed Obama. Referring to the possibility of supporting Obama, a spokeswoman for Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) said, "That is a conversation we have not had yet." In response to the same question, the office of Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.), refused to comment. Both Solis and Pastor, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), who has not endorsed a candidate, has been critical of Obama, Clinton and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for skipping a May vote on an amendment to a flood insurance bill that would add coverage provisions for wind damage.

Taylor authored the measure, which may come up for debate again when the House and Senate meet to conference on the final bill this summer.

He explained that the stance the candidates take on his provision will influence who he supports. "The way they vote will affect how I vote."

The Obama campaign declined to comment.


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He is a politician with heroic courage, but still he is a politician. He will be under intense pressure to cave to the Democratic machine that tells us all what we should think and limits our choices to criminals and liars.

We can't expect too much of him. We can be grateful for what he has done and the courage and vision he has. Obama has none of it. He's just another corporate hack with a different skin color. I really don't care what color his skin is.

Well said, 4Peace, I could not agree more. Sick and damned tired of the Zionist's whores trying to shove more fucking lies down everyone's throat. If they cannot place their allegiance to America first, second and third before a foreign government, then such "politicians" need to be stripped of their citizenship and repatriated to Israel.

You're one sick puppy, apparition...

Who sent for you?

I worked for the military in southeast Asia long before your first year in third grade. I love my country. If you cannot be loyal to America then move your stupid fat ass to Israel.

Go back to your idiot box, tune in the Faux News Nutwork's adolescent tabloid trash and drop out with "Britney Spears". Geeez!

"Neocrud Republicans" are the worst excuse for human beings that I have ever seen, no respect for life or land, they try to rationalize bigotry, fear, hate, theft, lies, greed, gluttony and their proclivities to consume and destroy. No wonder Zionist Israeli elements like them so much, who else would be evil enough to ally with them?

You "worked for" the military in southeast Asia, apparition?

I'm 62 years old and I was *in* the Army in Vietnam in 1968, just to set the record straight, although I doubt it means anything to an foul-mouthed anti-Semite loser like yourself.

And why do I accuse you of anti-Semitism? Because you could have said 'if you can't be loyal to America then move to "Russia or Mexico or Japan" or any other country in the world but of course you chose Israel.

For people like you it's always the 'jooz' isn't it.

I took an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic, how about you? My father is dead (BM2 US Navy/Capt. US Army WWll), my brother is still dying from the Orange (Vietnam) and I lost a lot of precious friends in Cambodia (126Camron).

I did not take an oath to defend Republicans, Democrats, oil companys, foreign governments or evil men and neither did the young soldiers who have been betrayed by Bush in his Iraq Holocaust.

"Anti-Semitic" eh? Bush’s pornographic disregard for truth and objective facts reached a nauseating level when he praised successive Israeli governments for having tirelessly fought for peace while having to fight valiantly for freedom!!

The biased (Zionist owned) media never mentions anything about Israel's brutal military occupation of Palestine. Never. Israel is the only "State" on the planet with "racial colonies" surrounded with a "Apartheid Wall" that is not even on Israel's border. The victim's homes are demolished and bulldozed (daily) to be replaced with new homes/condos where only a "certain type of people" are allowed to live. Men, women and children are brutally murdered and the Israelis get away with it.

In real life, Palestine is being wiped off the map. Israel sets up "special rights" for "special people" and murders everyone else. The victims of this moral turpitude (Muslims and Christians) live on less than 2 dollars/week, they have no access to clean water, electricity, health care or food.

THAT is why people hate Israel and THAT is why people hate the United States for supporting it. They are not "jealous of our freedom", they hate us for murdering their children, stealing their land, stealing their resources, lying about it and glorifying the criminal "neoconservatives" who profit obscenely from it.

This is NOT about anti-Semitism bullshit. This is about murderous right wingnuts and Zionists who legitimate Jews are reviled by.

To claim that people who criticize Zionism only do so because they hate Jews is like saying that people who criticize the Nazis only do so because they hate Germans.

"Anti-Semitic"? Give me a fucking break!

Some of Zionist Israel's "Greatest Hits":

(IF you do some RESEARCH you might be astounded about who you are trying to defend)

1) The Israeli military deliberately attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, napalming the ship's deck (causing the sailor's skin to peel from their bones) then shot holes into the lifeboats so that witnesses who survived the ruthless attack could not escape. 34 dead, 171 wounded and over 821 holes in the ship's hull.

2) The Talmudic quote about gentiles: " Only the Jew is human. On contrast, all non-Jews are animals. They are beasts in human form. Anything is permitted against them. The Jews may lie to, cheat and steal from them. He may even rape and murder them". (Well known Jewish scholar Dibre David wrote of such hate speech, "If the Gentiles knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us".

3) The original Holocaust where Jewish parents threw their children into burning pits of fire as a way of worshipping their god, Moloch.

4) The bulldozing of peace activist Rachel Corrie by Israeli Defence Force tanks, crushing and mangling her to death in cold blood.

5) Dr. Baruch Goldstein walking into a solemn Arab mosque filled with worshippers, then assailing them as he opened fire with a military assault rifle. 29 were killed, including women and children.

6) The demonic Talmud, the root of Judaism, describing Jesus' mother as a common whore who conceived the Savior during menstruation.

7) Twenty Irgun terrorists (dressed as Arabs) storm trooping Jerusalem's King David Hotel and detonating 495 pounds of explosives. 91 innocent people were killed, many of them British soldiers.

8) The Alabama Church Burnings where three Jewish teenagers set fire to 9 Christian houses using specially designed thermite and incendiary magnesium to light the fires, thus satisfying their sick thirst for arson.

9) Ariel Sharon's appalling war crimes in which he commanded Lebanese soldiers to massacre over 1500 unarmed Palestinians in the Shattila and Sabra refugee camps.

10) The disgusting Balfour Declaration, written by Zionist Chaim Weizmann, which led to the slaughter of World War ll where tens of millions of people were killed, all so that Israel could be facilitated with their own "state". A situation that has resulted in constant Mid East strife ever since.

11) The Talmud characterizing Jesus as a sorcerer, a perverted sexual degenerate who fornicated with donkeys, and saying that he should be boiled in hot excrement.

12) The slaying of 13 year old Omam al-Hams, a teenage girl walking to school who was shot twice in the head at close range by a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force, who then emptied the entire magazine into the child's corpse.

13) The CIA's MK-ULTRA experiments, led by Jewish madman Sidney Gottlieb.

14) John F. Kennedy's brains being splattered over the back of his limousine, a ritualistic act of "killing the king" as a consequence of JFK's refusal to allow Israel's developments of nuclear weapons (the original Mid-East WMD's).

15) Jewish control of the international banking cabal and the establishment of our "Federal Reserve" system by Rothschild agent, Paul Warburg. (IRS, Income Tax, unratified 16th Amendment which has stolen trillions of dollars from Americans since 1913).

16) The Talmud's arrogant detestation of black people, whom they sneer at as being "sub-human". They also theorize that black people are the descendants of Ham: "Because you have abused me in the darkness of night, your children shall be born black and ugly"..."they shall have kinky hair"... and their "lips jested at my expense".

17) Jewish ownership and domination of America's mass media which has created a permeating atmosphere of Big Brother truth suppression at CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC plus mainstream newspapers and magazines. Charles Lindberg warned us decades ago, "The greatest danger to this country lies in the Jewish ownership and influence in our motion pictures, press, radio and government".

18) Amscel Rothschild (Jewish) paying Trotsky, Lenin an Stalin (all Jewish) to brutally murder over 20 million Russians while Stalin, Lolotov, Kaganovich and Yagoda (all Jewish) were responsible for the deaths of over nine million Ukrainians.

19) The repulsive Holocaust Hoax, which is such an exaggerated fairy tale that it's legs have now been kicked out from under it forever. The numbers are a lie, no homicidal gas chambers ever existed and the myths of human skin lampshades and bars of soap made from human fat are all admitted propaganda fabrications, even by the Jews.

(I was fooled by it too)

20) Zionist collaboration with Nazis during World War ll, including Adolf Eichmann meeting with Mossad emissary Bar-Gilead in Vienna, 1938.

21) The Talmudic promotion of pedophilia: "If a grown-up has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for having intercourse with a girl less than three years old is like putting a finger in the eye".

22) America's current Iraq Holocaust and Mid East threats, commonly referred to as "Israel's wars".

23) George Bush Sr's revealing quote about the reality of our world, "If people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched" (As relayed to reporter Sara McClendon in June, 1992).

24) The Lavon Affair, where Mossad agents dressed yet again as Arabs, carried out a number of terrorist bombings against American bases and installations in Egypt. This "false flag" operation actually caused so much commotion that Israel's government fell at the time.

25) The Talmud's misanthropic view of Gentiles, whom that categorize as being inherently beneath them. "The best of gentiles - kill them". "Gentiles are not human beings". Maimonides also instructed his followers that Christians should be exterminated (and this bullshit from a people who whine about the Holocaust, intolerance and compassion for six decades). Women, in case you're interested, were viewed as nothing more than "witches" and "sacks of excrement".

26) The glorification of violence and mass murder that is celebrated every year via the Jewish "anti-holiday" of Purim (based on the book of Esther, the most vengeful tract of the Old Testament).

27) A culture that has imprisoned, deported, enslaved or killed via mass genocide in every single place they have ever lived throughout history because of their evil deeds; as well as a nation founded on a lie and perpetuated on terrorism since day one.

28) The Talmudic granting permission to Jews to cheat, lie, steal from and kill non-Jews. Specifically, Jews may use subterfuge (lies) to circumvent Gentiles. "We may lie to and cheat Gentiles. It is permitted for Jews to cheat Gentiles. All lies are good".

29) the Israeli/Mossad agents who publicly stated on Israeli television that they had traveled to New York in September of 2001 to "document the event".

The Zionist owned “Faux News Nutwork” is still trying to censor the 5 dancing Israelis story of 9/11/01. Their names are; Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari. On Israeli television they said they were sent to New York to “document the event”.

So, how does one “document an event” without having foreknowledge of the event? Upon apprehension, it was discovered that the five dancing Israelis were dressed as …Arabs! This fact is crucial because both the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty were supposed to be blamed on…you guessed it…Arabs!

When they were arrested, police found $4700 dollars in cash, Foreign Passports, Box Cutters, Maps of New York City with certain monuments highlighted and recently taken photos of the men celebrating as the Twin Towers imploded and innocent people horribly dying. They even had the temerity to hold a cigarette lighter in front of the camera like teenagers at a rock concert.

Who else was supposed to have “Box Cutters” that day?… THE HIJACKERS!

Much to the dismay of the arresting officers, their release from custody was ordered by then Attorney General, Michael Chertoff, who is a dual Israeli-American citizen.

Anyone who criticizes the aforementioned list of moral turpitude is typically slandered or referred to as "anti-Semitic".

There is only one government on this planet filthy enough to ally itself with Republican Neocrud murderous liars and commit the atrocities of "9/11". ISRAEL.

Zionists have nothing whatsoever to do with legitimate Judaism. Nothing. Zionists have less claim to Judaism than than the KKK has to Christianity. Both are racist, morally bankrupt elements which exploits someone else's religion as a shield for it's criminal ativities.

I am not "anti-Semitic", I am against the warped Jewish Supremacy of the Khazars. According to biblical scholars, it is the Palestinians who are the true descendants of Shem, making them the true Israelites, not the war mongering Zionists who occupy them and steal from everyone. This makes sense because they have always been victimized and brutally oppressed.

So, don't ever call me "anti-Semitic" again.

Ok, I won't since I don't care to engage deranged sick souls such as you any more than I have to.

Enjoy the asylum of your own hatred.

My Soul is not for sale.

There is always a troll like "MikeS" (pretends to be a veteran) who is so dense and stupid that no matter how much evidence, links, eyewitness testimony, affidavits, documentation, scientific empirical evidence or even common sense so obvious that "even a caveman could see it", such Zionist trolls will try to argue that 2 + 2 = 3.

Their purpose is COINTELPRO ( Counter Intelligence Programs) to attack anyone who gets too close to the truth. They always demonstrate predilections for trivialities and will use adolescent name calling to attack moronic trivial details that do not even pertain to the subject matter at hand which leads nowhere. Which is of course, their intention. Their agenda is always the same, to distract with as much noise, drama and chaos as possible until the subject matter is forgotten.

Sound familiar? COINTELPRO is their oldest tactic of DESPERATION, been around since the 1960s. You'll find them all over the Internet, blogs and chat rooms attempting to discredit truth by spreading slander, disinformation and creating "noise". Such Zionist bottom feeders are very stupid and they are to be IGNORED. The very fact that they have become so desperate shows how scared they are of us.


Don't waste time with them, it would be easier to explain math to a fruit fly. IGNORE/BLOCK them.

Bush cut Veteran's benefits, health care for disabled Veterans, $30 dollar/month combat duty pay (because it was too extravagant), gives trillion dollar/yr tax cuts to super wealthy multi- millionaires and tax cuts for greedy oil companies.

What BushCo's epic lies has done is illegal, treasonous, unethical, immoral, evil and we will fight them.

I must say, you are the first lunatic crazy I've seen uncritical enough to blather that he's not a Jew Hater while spewing out such gems as: "The demonic Talmud, the root of Judaism...", and "Jewish parents threw their children into burning pits of fire....".

Jeezus Christ the idea of a MoonBat like you ever having carried a weapon is truly horrifying. You are One Certifiably Crazy Fuck, "apparition", and need to seek professional psychiatric care immediately.

For now, seeing as how you're clearly neglecting your meds, then at least you can do this for us, Troop:

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida
(Where it's insane hot these days - but still nowhere near as crazy as you, "apparition" you Sick Pup!)

Can you not read or comprehend?

Talk about a stupidly sick puppy! I don't waste time with moronic little crackheads.

Instead of resorting to moronic spam, get off your uneducated fat butt, put down the MSG cheeseburger, turn off the idiot box and DO SOME RESEARCH before making a stupid little fool out of yourself.

I am not smart enough to know everything but I am certainly not stupid enough to PRETEND that I do.

If you're too fat/cowardly to enlist then take your ADHD MEDICATION, learn to grow up and get a life! I am not your "mommy" or "daddy" (Thank God!).

Part of me would actually like to see McCain get elected so that stupid little shits like you get drafted. Geeez!

I grew up in Miami, this is not unique to just Zionist whores, Cuban exiles used to do the same thing, apparition... "go die for our Cuba, go die for our land , go die to kick Castro out, Guantanamera .... bla bla bla" , all they wanted to do was suck up Cuban Refugee Act benefits that no American could get, and send OUR SOLDIERS over to THEIR COUNTRY to die FOR THEM.



I'm sure that you remember Herby Bush's Bay of Pigs scandal and the two ships that were involved, the "Barbara" and "Zapata". Isn't it interesting that his misbegotten drunken child is plagiarizing it?

One thing which may help clear out the haze here of folks labeling the rejection of AIPAC, and Israeli Mossad infiltration as anti-semitic is a simple reminder that our main US problem now which prevents IMPEACHMENT is exactly Israel with its constant meddling into US affairs since before the JFK Assassination. Israel has at times constantly been in court here in US with the FBI over their constant spying.

It should be no offense to the good patriotic Jewish Americans that the sovereignty of the United States is above and before the interests of any foreign nation or any set of foreign spies, so this is not an issue of anti-semitism.

In order that all you folks understand that, yes, it is Israel who is fronting our US Troops to fight their anti-Arab wars please get a copy of Michael Collins Piper's "The High Priests of War" which also will straighten you out some on the structure of US government, the ADL included. Those of you who don't already know this information are completely in the dark on who is controlling the 'Pentagrom', media, public opinions,politicians, etc..

Knowledgeable patriotic Jewish Americans already know much or most of this stuff and I don't think they necessarily approve of what is taking place with our government right now.

This Israeli problem is a serious threat to the National Security of The U.S., but this is not a racist, nor anti-semitic issue. Thanks, joe martin

Readers, be advised: "joemartin" has "Good" Days and "Bad" Days.

Above, he seems to be having a pretty good one - sounds quite reasonable - except the book he cites is undoubtedly garbage, plus his paradigm of Global Intrigue contains a veritable torrent of other hallucinations and untruths - though I will grant you, none as bad as his "receiving more frequencies" from the CIA, lo these months ago.

"joe"'s pattern - much like that of his soulmate, "apparition" - is to open up with something not particularly nutzo - maybe even intelligent - and then, once engaged, to lay on the most lunatic crap imagineable. Which can achieve either of two desired results: 1) To troll up a fierce, irrational - and mostly irrelevant - argument; or 2) shift and simultaneously discredit the entire thread as Certifiably Internet Wacko.

Holy Shit, but you loosers have got to be sent here from CIA - or someone(s) of the same, shit-slinging ilk - for the sole purpose of discrediting this site. And frankly, I think Mr. Swanson is foolish to let you persist in your sabotage.

Meanwhile, "joe", increasing the weight of tinfoil inside your hat will more effectively block those doses of radio-frequency radiation. (Of course, it could also set up a standing magnetic field spinning your Positronic Brain in unpredictable directions - though none, chances are, so Fucking Moon-Bat as where you are already going.)

And please, "joe", when you finally do find a good Psychiatric Team, be sure and GIVE "apparition" THEIR FUCKING NUMBER, too! (LMAO)

If anyone wants to sanely debate the relevance of AIPAC - which begins with the word "AMERICAN" - to impeachment, I would welcome and support it.

But as for you subversive jerkoffs, go back to Langley and pull the legs off a spider. We're not going to be divided - Jews against Muslims, Muslims against Christians, Christians against Jews, etc., etc. - today.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida
(Where those too poor to buy Viagra just go and stand under the power lines, for a hardon that won't quit! LOL)

Michael Collins Piper's book is factual. Even some suggested reading, but your kind are too lazy to get to the real stuff.

As far as frequencies are concerned, you'll become a believer when you get one that stops and ruins your wristwatch like others have been attacked with.

Hey dipstick..."SHRIMPER FRY"

The little punk is too hopelessly stupid and apathetic to become educated. He doesn't know who the Khazars are, too dumb to differentiate anti-Semitism from anti-Zionism and he doesn't even care about United States sovereignty. I doubt that he could even find The United States, Israel or Iran on a map.

It's ironic that as the Zionists guide their disgusting puppets, BushCo, into invading Iran the results from such a war crime will be most epic for the ignorant fools. They will expect Bush to save them but will only learn when it's too late that Bush could not care less about them and who in the world would want to want to help the likes of them?

Racist Republicans like "Matty" are the worst excuse for human beings that I have ever seen, no respect for life or land, they try to rationalize bigotry, fear, hate, theft, lies, greed, gluttony, laziness, stupidity, ugliness, disgusting torture fetishes and their proclivity to recklessly consume and destroy.

No wonder Zionist Israel (Hate State) embraces them. Who else would ally with them?

As long as they are too cowardly to acknowledge or confront their ugliness they rapidly age and die without being missed.

Look boy, I have no time for you but for your own good, shut off the idiot box, put down the MSG fatburger, put down the crack pipe, get some exercise/oxygen to your brain and do some research. Until then, it is not humanly possible for me to care less about or waste time on trailer trash like you.


BACK IN 1982, i was at a location, in the U.S., WHERE I OBSERVED ALOT OF ARABS. ALOT!!! Durring this time, i was a die hard supporter of ISREAl!(im not jewish)
I wanted to strike a blow, on behalf of ISREAL. I sewed an ISREALI flag over my heart, on a BDU JACKET (VIET NAM LEAF PATTEARN CAMO) AND WALKED AROUND WHERE ALL THESE ARABS HUNG OUT. I had a serious injury to my rt shoulder, and was wearing an AC SPLINT, so i only had one good arm, at the time. My intent was, alright, here i am, all you s__d n_____s, bring it on! You want some Isreali as, come git it. NO TAKERS. I did this for three weeks. I was 6', 200 lbs. I got alot of dirty looks, but no takers. Sure, it was stupid. But then, i was in alighnment with Isreal. (ISREAL WILL LIVE!) I WANTED TO KICK SOME ASS OFF FOR THE UNDER-DOGS.

That was back in 1982. Since then, I have seen manny manny incidents of ISREALI impropriety here in the US, and in their region. Incidents that an ally should not be doing. I got nothing personal againt JEWS, OR ISREAL. I think, after being victorious, to the extent they have been, it's time for ISREAL to demonstrate some compassion for the PALISTINIANS. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE 1972 OLYMPICS, OR ENNTEBY. (sp)
I havent forgotten anything. But this apparent lack of compassion, it's not right. Isreal is in the position to show compassion, but they don't.

The way i see it, this dispute between ISREAL AND IRAN, it's an ISREALI problem. It's not my problem, nor anyone else living here. If ISREAL WANTS TO NUKE IRAN, THEN GO AHEAD WITH IT. Again, it's not my problem. Let Isreal face accountibillity for the action taken by ISREAL. Im not willing, nor will i sit by, passivly, and allow this country to go down on behalf if ISREAL!
HEY! we all got to take our chances, and ultimatly, face accountibillity for our actions, INCLUDING ISREAL.

OK MATTY,,,,,,come on and bring on your insults. Let me close with the following. It's easy to spew out venomious hatred, and insults, there in the relitive saftey of where-ever you are. That is the usual conduct of little men. I can assure you, that if you were face to face with ME, you would be humble.


I went to Tech School at Chanute AFB in Champaign, Illinois (51st Squadron) before it was shut down. Worst Mess Hall I ever tasted but good memories.

I agree. I grew up with Jewish neighbors in the early 60s. Trust me, legitimate Jews are disgusted and horrified when they learn about what the lying Zionists have done and they want nothing whatsoever to do with them. I too was once fooled by Zionist propaganda and trained my Squadron Tae Kwon Do assault techniques. If Israel is stupid enough to invade Iran then let Israel face the responsibility and deal with the consequences of it alone. Have our young brothers and sisters in the military community not already shed enough blood for AIPAC and Israel's lies?

We have already given them over $360 + Billion Dollars in "foreign aid" but what has America ever seen in return? Now, Here we are on the brink of economic and transportation collapse and Bush has just allocated another $30 Billion Dollars in "foreign aid" for Israel in the next 10 years.

Now is the time to forget about being good Republicans or Democrats and start focusing on being good Americans before what is left of America is completely destroyed by the most arrogant criminal regime in United States history. We cannot afford to be distracted by "stupid noise". Lets ignore it OK?

If you'll notice, it's when you or I or another blogger gets close to the real root of the problem that Matty steps up out of his stupor and starts injecting the venom to distract the discussion- even puts up some images, etc., to help his "argument from intimidation" as Ayn Rand would say.

Seems he gets testy when it's broadcasted that the F.B.I., for example, is either muzzled, or part of a conspiracy and cannot allow the real truth of 911 Attacks to come out.

If Matty has all this information on AIPAC, where did he get all his (insider?) knowledge?
Thanks, apparition, for pointing out that anti-Semitism is not necessarily anti-Zionism. It is those who scream anti-Semitism when defending US Sovereignty who are the problem, like Matty.

They hope to instill fear and/or guilt in the discussion to stop it completely by playing the bigotry card.
Except for providing a few photos of alleged perps I don't think Matty has contributed much else except lots of insults and attempted intimidation.

There now. Matty has succeeded in using up some of my day and time, after all. Just like he wanted. Thanks apparition.

Batty matty sounds like a diseased Zionist troll who is trying to distract. Just wasted another minute on him but he is on Iggy.

probably even a MOSSAD payroll boy, too! way too many of those fuckers in this country...


I do know this. I know right from wrong. And some of the conduct i've observed the last ten years or so, by ISREAL, is not consistant with conduct from a trusted ally. I got eyes. i've seen them caught up in dirty tricks. I can't say for sure whether or not ISREAL was involved in 9-11. It wouldn't suprise me non-the-less. not at all.

Until recently , neither did I but I am open minded to critical thinking.

The past 7 nightmarish years of Bush's hideous lies prompted me to re-examine a lot of things that many of us over the age of 50 took for granted as being true.

It did not make sense that the true descendants of such a horrible thing as the Holocaust would be insensitive enough to inflict another Holocaust against a people who had nothing whatsoever to do with it. So I did some research. What I found was very disturbing but verifiable through overwhelming empirical evidence.

We have been lied to.

What really happened on 9/11 is crucial because it is their foundation for fascist treachery. Since the "Bush administration's" version of what happened on 9/11 is clearly a ridiculous lie, he obstructs meaningful investigations of it, the Solomon Brothers Building did not implode by itself and evidence from the crime scene was deliberately destroyed, I did some research.

Who had the motive, means, opportunity and who has benefited?

There is only one government on this planet with access (through spying) to the protocols, logistics and moles necessary to infiltrate the most restricted airspace/air defense network systems in the world for over 2 hours with complete impunity, filthy enough to ally itself with Republican Neocrud murderous liars and commit the atrocities of "9/11". ISRAEL.

They're modus operandi demonstrates that they will do anything to protect Cheney/Bush from accountability of the Iraq Holocaust and their ruthless, sloppy criminality is perfectly consistent with the ruthless, sloppy attacks of 9/11.

It became clear to me that the only things that Neocruds truly care about is Exxon, embryos and dead soldiers.

I do not subscribe to superstitions but it is interesting to note that the Zionist Star of David has six sides, six angles and six points, "666".

That is weird! Ah, for the record, I don't except any of the official explaination ref 9-11. And another new situation, I absolutely don't except the official USAF explaination as to how, why those six nuclear tipped advance cruise missles were removed from that bunker in MINOT AFB and flown to BARKSDALE AFB.

Yeah, and that government you mentioned who could infiltrate us also sits on top of and listens in to almost all the main telecom companies. I give you, for example, 'Cryptoberry' when the Blackberries all went down. Several sources immediately began blaming Israel or their Mossad.
The problem is, whenever certain of us buy telephone service, a group of guys just comes over nearby and taps into the line underground. Then they begin spying on your transmission. If there is a warrant we might usually never see it and it might only be some general phony Homeland Security Patriot Act rule.
You folks who have regular hardline telephone service should filter not only your electricity for computer and accessories through a UPS battery back up, but also your telephone line before plugging it into a phone. The perps-cons at, my guess is NSA and FBI, can blast a blurp sound through the line and I think possibly damage a listeners brain or ear system. Several persons have suffered strokes at or about the time they were on the phone. The blurp may consist of an ultrasonically prepared sound signal which is amplified on the line, etc..
I'm not joking about this. It can be dangerous.
Belkin makes a line of UPS battery back ups which come on if your power goes out. Get one of the larger capacity ones even if a little more bucks. Your newer solid state circuitry like inside your puters, vcrs, dvd players, tvs, etc., are more vulnerable to a drop in power than they are to a surge in power. A low surge as opposed to a high surge damages them quicker.
Thanks, joe martin

Yikes folks,

Whenever there's a argument about some quasi-religious/political nonesense, somebody always starts with the 'not taking your meds' accusation. Can't say that's too tactful in a debate.

Any way, regarding Israel and US policy:

One thing strikes me as certain: As a 'jew' speaking, Jews may have had they sympathy for their suffering, well deserved, but illegally settling lands at the expense of the indigenous population is a crime, and no law of any land can support that. I further don't get why and how Jews get to have this hyper-militarized relgious state plunked down in the middle of foreign lands out of the blue.

Judaism is an ancient, defunct religion, they were kicked out of there millenia ago, as were many. Jews would seem to have no more right to ressurect their ancient stomping grounds than the Sumerians or Etruscans. Judaism, like most ancient cults, is obsolete as an ideology, it's tenets of highly questionable value to anyone. Orthodox are as mysogenistic with their women in wigs walking behind, as any Arab (or Hajji, as our brave troops like to call them, as they once called all Asians Gooks, etc-- brave troops indeed! God bless the Amerigoons).

It simply akes no sense for people to willfully addict themselves to any religious cult, and those who do so canot be considered rational, and simply no place anywere near secular society nor government. Just because the founders happened to be Christias, does NOT mean this was organized as a Christian state. But then it's only natural for US citizens to admire biblical cults as they thrive on them here, trying to make us all believe that whatever born-again cult-du-jour their president wants to mandate prayer to, is some how more appropriate than the backward cults of other nations.

Israelis are mandatory conscriptees, i.e. trained killers. Militarism is perhaps the most dangerous cult of irrational extremism ever devised. As peole love to blow things up in video games, so they thrive on the battle-field bloodshed of warfare, and once trained, clearly itch to re-enlist and go back for tour after tour (Certainly they don't fight for national security, since Iraq was of no threat to the USA, nor do they fight for national interests-- as in OIL-- because your fine president was careful to point out the invasion and occupation had nothing to do with oil..) You want to see what military training does to the mental health of an individual, look only to My Lai, Kent State, Blackwater, and the atrocity after atrocity committed by the US military in it's endless string of useless, illegal deployments since ww2.

Meet any Israeli, and you can be pretty much certain he's blown the head off a 12-year old guilty of throwing rocks, driven a tank over a car with people in it, or bludgeoned unarmed protesters. They are trained gangsters, killers, armed to the teeth. Be very wary of Zionist militaristic israelis, they are simply not safe nor sane as a rule. Be not fooled by the soulful eyes-- And to be sure, as with jihdists, their problem is NOT genetic, it's cultural. So complaining about the militaristic arrogance of israelis is NOT anti-semitic. It's a fair assessment of the facts of their learned cultural rascist, aparthied behavior. To be 'AntiSemitic' you would have to subscribe to some absourd notion that there are genetic differences between ethnicities, a concept long since debunked by the human genome project.

And certainly Israeilis are not the first syndicate to adopt culturally corrupt, violent militarism in it's hyper-nationalistic behavior! But to be modern is to try to identify and weed out antiquated destructive nationalistic militarism-- did we not learn from the Nazis, Mussolini, Hirohito? Or is the fact that our own militaristic maniacs like Kissinger are still floating around free indicate that we are of the same ilk as our own worst enemies?

The question remains, exactly WHAT is it about Israel that's so germain to US national 'security' or 'interests'?? Do the floridian retirees of AIPAC really have so much money by now that they can buy McBomb and now even Obama, and funnel our hard-earned money and technology to some tribe of miscreants intent on dominating some war-torn region of blood-soaked horrors untold and untellable? The problems Israels faces are regional, not global, and have absolutely nothing to do with te USA. There is no reason whatsoever for the US to be throwing our debt-drawn dollars at them far in excess of the starving, war-ridden Africa who could really have used that support. If you want to support Israel, go down there, join a Kibbutz and try to work to build a democratic Palestine, NOT a warmongering colony at the expense of Palestinians. Worried Judaism will be wiped out? Practice it in the closet where all these obsolete religious fanaticism belongs, and leave it far away from politics.

Isreal is one of the largest arms exportes of the world, Not only are they all grown up by now, but they are not in the least bit innocent of war-crimes themselves.

The people who are behind the support of Israel are usually these Hagee-ite Dispesationalists, who through some deranged interpretation of scripture, see Isrealites as biblical pawns for their own 'salvation' while the earth is clenased by fire. Those of you who complain about these demonic Jihadists who blow themselves up in markets (insufferable terrorists, no argument there), better look carefully at the born-again bible-belted Dispensationalist cultists of their own country, the USA. There is nothing less deranged about dispensationalists than the Jihadists with their figs and virgins. They, the Zionists, the Radical Islamists, are all bona-fide cultists, and need to have their ideologies purged from politics so the rest of us can live in peace and not have to read about the ridiculous Middle East religious wars any more!

Now nobody can in good faith say supprting Isreal has some beneficence nor appropriate political motivation for the USA. If anyone would claim it is indeed to support the main democracy in the region, then somehow they have forgotten that it was the USA and its ever-meddling, hyper-militaristic CIA who overthrew the MODEL DEMOCRACY in the region, Mossadeq's Iran, in order to install one of it's dictators, the Shah, which brought in this revolution of extremists who are the cause of so much ire for the the current oil-hungry US admin.

No right-wing war-mongering religious-fanatic red-stated CONservative self-hypnotized Neocon EVER has anything to say about the USA's overthrow of Mossadeq, nor do they have any comment about the CIA's overthrow of democratically elected governments in Latin America. All they say, it seems, is that to dissent the blatantly illegal acts of a US Military Industrial Mania, which OUR hard-earned taxes are paying for, often with no accountability from the military, is that we are somehow 'unamerican', and should 'move'.

Have the conservatives in their 40-year Reaganomic self-hypnosis that the USA and it's postwar interventions are 'good' and that we are some sort of innocent 'leave it to beaver' myth so thoroughly deceived themselves in their absurd sickness of greed, god, and guns, that they actually BELIEVE that Billo is 'no spin' and 'li'l ball-o hate' Hannity hates hate and loves what the USA does, good or bad?

Sorry to report to all you who aide the foreign policy of the USA good or bad, wrong or right, is that DISSENT is the most American of institutions. How do you think all that tea got throuwn overboard? Dissent is as American as Bible-belted bubbas bagging bambi with bazookas.

Postwar US foreign policy, especially regarding the middle east is a hideous cesspool of war-criminal behavior. None of its intervetions have anything to do with national defense, and everything to do with

NEVER forget that it was the USA who turned back the Jewish refugees to die in the camps, (and failed to bomb the tracks to the camps). Never forget that the USA built itself on the backs of stolen slaves and ethnic-cleansing of native Americans. Never forget that the USA propagated the whole hideous war-criminal invasion of Vietnam for Gulf of Tonkin lies, just as Condi lied us into Iraq.

Before people get too patriotic and proud about the American way of life, and its democracy, never forget the cost to the world that this lifestyle came at, and illegal war-criminal atrocities it inflicts on oter nations of no threat to the USA.

Why anyone would wat to live on Israel's blood-soaked patch of ill-gotten desert at this point is beypnd my cmprehension. America is indeed the beautiful, it's just the USA that sucks!

Happy 4rth.

"The Arc of the Moral universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards justice" ~MLK. "John Conyers and his Committee Needs to Align With The Friggin' Moral Arc Here!" ~io


All the talk, all the prostletyzing - all the blaming other countries - does nothing but siphon off and squander grass roots energy, and time - HERE IS A PETITION - and action - you should sign onto; the 9/11 IMPEACHMENT STRIKE Action.

I'm glad someone is reading Articles of Impeachment into the record - finally - it had to be done. But by now Kucinich must know absolutely that it won't result in any action - and furthermore, WHY IS HE STILL WITH THE COMPLICIT DEMOCRAT PARTY, after all that we've seen from them!?!!

The 9/11 IMPEACH-OR-WE-STRIKE Action HAS MASSIVE UNION SUPPORT - as well as the endorsement of many others, including CANDIDATE CYNTHIA MCKINNEY (scroll down to left at PledgeToImpeach website for the list/links). Kucinich was specifically invited to coordinate his efforts - and refused; instead launching his own "unions support me" campaign, in just about 100% direct competition!

Even so, the PledgeToImpeach/Union people already broke through the MSM Wall of Silence on May First - and, tellingly, garnered extensive MSM lying, in an attempt to deflect their impact - when they conducted their End The War Ports ShutDown Strike.

Yeah, we - The AMERICAN PEOPLE - we know who we are, Dennis. We're the People who won't take shit but only so long before we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - DON'T FUCKING TREAD ON ME - recognize that from anywhere in American History?

This - the 9/11 IMPEACH-OR-WE-STRIKE Action is one which can actually work; please READ it, SIGN it and BE READY TO DO IT!

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

HEY MATTY, This morning, i wrote something to you like what im going to say here, and now. I did,'t realize i was not signed in, so my words will have to pass through the moderation. so ther'll be a second statement like what i say here. No one must be moderating today at ADS. anyway.

This effort your pushing for national strike, I think is brilliant. This has been an effective tactic for the French. I also feel it is wise to devote lots of effort into getting labor behind it, especially the semi truck drivers. Don't overlook the union as well as non-union airline employees, and the railroad employees.

If commerence can be effectively halted, this will have the greatest effect. Stop the movement of goods and service, and people, and then prepare to write your own terms for the surrender of the opposing force, whom-ever that ultimatly may be.

Focus on commerence, and less on Burger King, wallmart, Kmart, and Albertsons, BECAUSE THEY ALL WILL COLAPSE WHEN, AND UPON, THE HALTING OF COMMERENCE HAS BEEN SUCESSFULL.

I can't believe you're still here with the 'Khazar' myth!

It's like a broken record. Maybe it's time to boycott this talk rather than get goaded into the Israel Palestine debate, if your whole tack is going to be tis Khazar myth.

Ashkenazi Jews are some of the most mixed-breeds around. I am a blond jew, my bro is dark (gess that means I'm the wite Devil and he the good semite?). Clearly there's a lot of middle-east ethnicity, and clearly there's a lot eastern European as well (don't forget how many jewish women were raped by Poles, russians, etc.)

My suggestion for you, rather than addict yourself to this whole Khazar myth, take this same time you invest bleating on about some ancient tribe of Mongols rampaging among the Steppe slaughtering at will from whence zionism evolved, do a Genome comparison:

Get samples from the closest thing you can find to a modern-day 'Khazar' and compare the sequence to modern-day Ashkenzics.

It's been recently shown, for example that the brits and the Irish are exactly the same tribe, and for their fighting, there is no difference between them genetically whatsoever.

Besides, if we really were Kazars, wouldn't we have stolen land from somewhere in the Urals or the Caucases than from the Palestinians? Thik about it!

What any modern human must realize, is that there is now proof that the section of our genome that defines our physical characteristics and ethnicity is miniscule, and that there is simply NO difference whatsoever etween ethnic types in any other regard.

Your absurd theory which has you punching the keyboard every post possible, that somehow ethnicity impacts behavior, and that this impact is genetic, is simply poppycock.

Show me the science, or failing that you must never, ever claim some sort of quasi-science about ethnicity and behavior (or ethnicity and intelligence for that matter, another thoroughly debunked idea) again! he Nazi's tried that, is that who you want to emulate?

Nazism is out of style. We're all the same. Jews and Zionists did not invent horrific, militaristic, violent, hyper-nationalistic behavior!

"The Arc of the Moral universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards justice" ~MLK. "John Conyers and his Committee Needs to Align With The Friggin' Moral Arc Here!" ~io

Yes, not only "still here with the Khazar myth", but "apparition" is also actually slinging the full-blown, Mein Kampf World Jewish Conspiracy monkeyshit. Ergo my assessment that he's (at least) off his meds.

As for your point about genetics, the origins of the Ashkenazis and the fate of the Khazars, according to WikiPedia the research has already been done.

The result: Rational Thinkers, one; Neo-Nazi Crazy Fucks, zero...

And again - for the record - my beef with "apparition" and his ilk is less about his being a fucking post-modern Nazi Hate Monger, and actually more about his being PROFOUNDLY IRRESPONSIBLE AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TO REFORM efforts, with his profoundly deflecting (and hypocritical) insistence on blaming a foreign entity for the USA's CORRUPTION. (Indeed, an Israeli would have a far better case for arguing exactly the opposite.)

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

I do not use drugs, I do not like people who do, I do not like you, when I post something it is not for you, no one is impressed by you and I ignore you. Not humanly possible for me to care less about YOU or YOUR drug/mental problems OK?

Thank you.

There. Just wasted 15 seconds on him. Geeez!

Your insightful and thoughtful post is well appreciated.

Some of us are open minded enough to listen and share knowledge with each other without being bothered by cowardly adolescent attacks from stupid undesirables. We know what they are and we have nothing to prove to them.

This is the most critical time in US history that I know of, Bush has managed to do what no enemy has done in 232 years, the destruction of our Republic by the most insidious methods imaginable and their desperate methods of divide and conquer speaks for itself. Even Zionist trolls have resorted to sycophantic behavior. Such knuckle dragging fools are to be ignored, "batty matty" is no exception.

The Zionists have failed. Like cockroaches, they panic and try to hide when the limelight is shined on them. Their downfall was their belief that repeating the same thing over and again would eventually lead to a different result. It does not. Albert Einstein referred to such thinking as insanity. It is.

These so called Jews are nothing whatsoever of the sort and they're repeating the same sick game that they used in Germany. Indeed, the eastern European Jews were originally Khazars, a war like tribe that lived in Asia. They were so war mongering that the Asiatics ran them out of Asia and into eastern Europe. Long before the Ottoman Empire, The 800,000 + square mile Khazar Kingdom was so vast that when other Monarchs went to war the Khazars sold mercenaries to them. Even today, They are still phallic worshippers. Their barbarism became so disgusting (even for them) that they decided to exploit someone else's religion for convenient window dressing.

They chose Judaism.

These Mongoloids (Mongol Empire) never had anything whatsoever to do with legitimate Judaism, they never have and they are the cause of virtually EVERY misery that has befallen the planet up to the present time. Today we are suffering the same exploitation from them that the Germans suffered when the same Zionsts sold them out in the early 20th century. They nearly took over Germany in 1917. They represented less than 1/2 of 1% of Germany's population but owned nearly everything and they wanted to steal Palestine so badly that they managed to blackmail Germany and England with the wretched "Belfour Document" which became the "State of Israel". The Mid East has been a powder keg of violence ever since and they have now infiltrated our country.

They are the ones who shoved Bush's misbegotten parasitical man child down our throats (AIPAC) in the Y2K coup d'etat. They are the ones behind "9-11". Through insidious lies and deceit they have caused us nothing but misery ever since and they are the ones who have and will do anything to protect Bush and try to establish their subhuman "New World Order" scam.

Being distracted, more on this later.

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