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No Trumped Up Reasons for War With Iran! San Francisco Supports Peace with Iran - Rally on Tuesday, July 8th, 3 PM

When: Tuesday, July 8, 3 PM

Where: San Francisco Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Ave (near civic center BART) Map
San Francisco, CA 94102


Did you know Iran claims to have the third largest oil reserves in the world? Think that makes them a target for Bush-Cheney military intervention?

While the speeches of the Presidential candidates received most of the media attention at this year's AIPAC Policy Conference, the focus was mostly on "taking action on Iran". When AIPAC urges action, that usually means military action. So it is not surprising that it is urging the President to effectively place a naval embargo on Iran. An act of war. A crime against peace.

Excerpt from Resolution supported by AIPAC:

...demands that the President initiate an international effort to immediately and dramatically increase the economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on Iran to verifiably suspend its nuclear enrichment activities by, inter alia, prohibiting the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products; imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran...

Such a blockade imposed without United Nations authority (which the resolution does not call for) would be seen as an act of war. Congressional sources say the House will likely vote on the resolution, H.Con.Res. 362 (see full resolution here), probably after the 4th of July recess (House votes resumes the 9th) . As of June 27, it already has 220 cosponsors in the House. Current list of cosponsors here. Click here for latest status.

Congressional leaders seem to have assumed that there would be little opposition to this punitive measure against Iran, and they have put it on a fast track to passage. But due to the threat of war, many organizations and reasonable Members of Congress are working overtime to stop this bill.

Please join Stop AIPAC and go to the Just Foreign Policy website and tell your Representative to oppose this dangerous path that could lead directly to war with Iran. Go Now. This may be the most important action alert of the year. This is the centerpiece of AIPAC's current political action. Can it be defeated?

From the Iran Nuclear Watch blogspot:

According to the House leadership, this resolution is going to “pass like a hot knife through butter” before the end of June [Editors note: Now seems to be on track to pass after 4th of July recess] on what is called suspension - meaning no amendments can be introduced during the 20-minute maximum debate. It also means it is assumed the bill will pass by a 2/3 majority and is non-controversial. As of June 18, the bill already has 169 co-sponsors. If and when the bill is voted on suspension, there will be a roll call vote and AIPAC will use how member’s voted on the resolution in the lead up to the elections.

Congress is taking the path to war and is rejecting a rational approach to nuclear weapons proliferation on this fragile planet. Off the table is ending once and for all nuclear weapons possession by all nations, as was the supposed intent of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Off the table is making the Middle East a nuclear-weapons free zone. Off the table is the fact that Israel itself is in possession of a massive nuclear arsenal, and that the US looks the other way. Indeed, if the US were to officially acknowledge Israel's stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, it would be required to end military aid to Israel or violate its own laws banning funding of states that proliferate nuclear weapons.

In short, what is being rejected is a realistic plan for humanity to survive and finally end the scourge of nuclear weapons. The use of military action to deter the possession of nuclear weapons (or using that as a pretext for military action, even if that is not the actual reason) is the greatest incentive to possess nuclear weapons. It leads only to a deadly spiral of violence.

How long will the US Congress continue down this insane path of promoting war? How long will Congress listen to the war lobby, and instead listen to voices of reason?

Say NO to this insanity. Say No to a Lobby for war.

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Surely it is evident that these people voted to office of USA are
in the game of treason against the People. They are loyal to the
Empire. Look at their faces as they speak and note the scripted words
used created for them by the menions of the Empire. They say one
thing but do not mean it. If tested by reverse speech we'd see a
truer picture of what they are really meaning.Wexler, Conyers,
etc all say one thing but go just so far. Have they acted on any
of the facts they have gathered in these oversight meetings?

They cant; they are all "controlled" and have handlers.

We the People have to ACT and exercise our power over the
government non violently thru massive action and other ways
of group effort and spiritual effort. They are really afraid of
our innate collective power.

peace on earth. alcyone

Does anyone still beleive peacefull assemble will have any effect on the outcome? It's had no effect on the Iraqi situation what so ever. People assemble, words are exchanged, nothing changes. Not ever. Assembling, is only a feel good tactic. Somebody will say afterward, "i went out today and protested the possibillity of an expanded war into IRAN, i feel soo good about that".

One day soon, we'll all wake up, turn on the news, and discover there is a massive attack begun on Iran.
Then the feel good will be gone.

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