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Momentum Building For Bugliosi's Case Against George W. Bush For Murder

by Linda Milazzo

For Vincent Bugliosi, one of America's foremost prosecutors and authors, George W. Bush's purposeful crime of misleading America into war is a vile, despicable and prosecutable act. It angers Bugliosi deeply. So much so that he's written a new book, "The Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder."

To be clear, this is not a partisan effort. Not Republican v. Democrat or an assault on political ideology. It's a legally binding and provable case for murder, that Bugliosi - an American patriot - would bring against any president regardless of any and all affiliation.

In Vincent Bugliosi's own words:

"I want to state that in writing this book my motivation was not political. Whether I'm giving a final summation to the jury or writing one of my true crime books, credibility has always meant everything to me. Therefore, my only master - my only mistress - are the facts and objectivity. And this is why I can give you a 100% guarantee that if a Democratic president had done what George W. Bush did, I would have written the same exact book."

It was obvious from his heartfelt delivery and palpable anger, that Bugliosi was telling the truth. The actions of George W. Bush have enraged him. Were Bush a Democrat, Bugliosi's wrath would have been the same. First and foremost Bugliosi is a patriot, seeking justice for his nation - which will come in the form of a conviction.

Bugliosi's presentation blew the roof off the venue at the Los Angeles' Great Mind series, hosted by Progressive Democrats of America, and co-sponsored by CODEPINK, and several grassroots groups. Bugliosi held the audience spellbound as he guided it down the twisted path of Bush's hedonism and criminality. In true prosecutorial style, this master of law made his audience believe - and understand - that George Bush was guilty of murder. True, the audience was principally progressive and already on Bugliosi's side. Nonetheless, the evidence was overwhelming that Bush took this nation to war knowing there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And despite the thousands upon thousands of deaths that he caused, George Bush wasn't bothered in the least. In fact, while young Americans and Iraqis were dying, George Bush was having fun.

Bugliosi describes it this way:

"There's no way to dispute it. The evidence is overwhelming that throughout the hell on earth that George Bush created in Iraq with over 100,000 people dying horrible, violent deaths and hundreds of thousands of their survivors crying out hysterically and having nightmares over what happened to their loved ones, George Bush smiled - smiled through it all. In fact you can look at a photograph of George Bush with 6 or 7 people in it smiling. And who's got the biggest smile on his face? George Bush!

The evidence is very clear that while young American soldiers - 18 and 19 year old kids - who never had a chance to live out their dreams - were being blown to pieces by road side bombs in Iraq, George Bush was having a lot of fun and enjoying life to the fullest. I'm talking about running, bicycling, joking with friends, slapping backs, dancing and swirling his hips like Elvis... almost always seeming to be in the very best of spirits.

Oh I know the White House press people say he takes the loss of American lives hard and he suffers - but that's just pure moonshine!... Suffering on one hand and having fun, joking around and enjoying life on the other, ARE SIMPLY INCOMPATIBLE."

The audience, mainly comprised of American patriots angry at Congress for not impeaching Bush, erupted in a thunderous, albeit bittersweet response -messaging to Bugliosi that his observations were shared.

Seated in the audience were many attorneys - each in possession of a newly purchased book that they fanned furiously from footnote to text as they followed Bugliosi along. To say this audience was riveted is an understatement. In a nation demoralized by an unconstrained President and a spineless constrained Congress, Vincent Bugliosi offers the promise and potential for the justice that Congress failed to provide. The momentum is building.

Two weeks ago when I interviewed Bugliosi at his home in California, he told me he'd just gotten off the phone with an unnamed State Attorney General who'd called to inquire about the basis for his case against Bush. Interest from the legal and government communities had begun. Since that time, it has grown significantly stronger.

In the following clip, Vince describes his recent conversation with an unnamed conservative Republican Congressman, who after listening to the audio of Vince's book, tells Vince he has come to believe that Congress was misled into war:

In the next clip, we witness an exchange between Vince and an audience member in which Vince reveals his recent conversation with Congressman John Conyers and Conyers' support for Vince.

For the record, Congressman Conyers, we all support what Vince is doing!! We wish we could say the same for you!

Of course, Vince did have his share of challenges last night as fellow attorneys took him on. Several lively exchanges occurred - but in each situation the challenging attorney publicly committed to working with Vince to move Bush's prosecution along.

Here's a clip of Los Angeles attorney Peter Thottam engaging in a little lawyerly love. I've titled it: "Pinocchio Revealed." You'll figure it out, I'm sure...

Thankfully, as you will see, Vince and Peter have a meeting of minds - and Pinocchio- I mean Peter - graciously agrees to come on board. Thank you, Peter!! And thank you, Vince, for showing what a great prosecutor you are and for being so gentle with Peter!

Finally, as I reported in my first article on Vince Bugliosi's new book, The Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder, (, corporate media - which Vince refers to as mainstream or national media - has completely blacked out the book. There is a bright side however, in that Vince believes a major newspaper may soon feature an article stating the book should not be blacked out! In any event, the patriotic blogosphere continues to push Vince's book up the list just as it did with Jeremy Scahill's "Blackwater." As Vince says in the following clip, the book is now at #12 on the New York Times Bestseller list - thanks to all of YOU!

Here's the clip of Vince describing his experience with a frightened, spineless - in his words, "mainstream media.":

We're on our way to #1. Buy the book. Justice is on the way!! Thanks to you Vincent Bugliosi - and to your fabulous wife and partner, Gail!!

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Dennis Whipple for allowing me to take his beautifully shot full length video, cut it into little clips, and rebroadcast it in much poorer quality. Dennis - you're a patriot and a hero!!

(This Vincent Bugliosi event - which is part of the Great Mind series in Los Angeles - will be televised on CSPAN. Watch your CSPAN schedule for when it will air.)

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don't leave it to one location, spread it out

George W. Guilty of Murder?
A prominent lawyer lays out a compelling case in THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER. Staggering evidence is collected against the president in a startling new book. The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder: Vincent Bugliosi: Books

"The preferable venue for the prosecution of George W. Bush for murder and conspiracy to commit murder would be in the nation's capital, with the prosecutor being the Attorney General of the United States acting through his Department of Justice. This book, however, establishes jurisdiction for any state attorney general (or any district attorney in any county of a state) to bring murder and conspiracy charges against Bush for any soldiers from that state or county who lost their lives fighting Bush's war, which as you can see applies to every state in this nation", excerpt taken from renowned prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's stunning, best selling true crime book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder".

Thank you, Vincent Bugliosi, for your wonderful mind, your courageous heart, and your dogged determination to pursue this homicidal maniac to the ends of the earth. George W. Bush is sick in the head, and sick in the heart -- but NOTHING, and NO ONE, can ever excuse him for so deceptively and maliciously leading this nation, and our Congress, and us, into this awful, unlawful, unconscionable war on the innocent people of Iraq.

And now he plans to do the same thing to Iran.

Mr. Bugliosi has said that Bush can only be brought to trial for murder AFTER HE LEAVES OFFICE.

God grant that we may somehow find a way to stop him from attacking Iran before he goes. I urge everyone to press for impeachment NOW. TODAY. Ask your Representative in the House to co-sign BOTH impeachment bills (against both Bush and Cheney) that have been introduced by Dennis Kucinich, and that currently lie unacted-upon in the House Judiciary Committee. Chairman John Conyers is a good and honorable man, who has been hamstrung by the House leadership -- and threatened by Pelosi with having his Chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee taken away. The news that Mr. Conyers supports the efforts of Mr. Bugliosi is absolutely convincing evidence of Conyers's deep desire to bring Bush (and Cheney, and others) to the bar of justice. Let us all lend a helping hand to Chairman Conyers, by letting him know that we want him to start the impeachment hearings as quickly as possible.

Impeachment offers our best hope -- and perhaps our only hope -- of stopping Bush before he attacks Iran.

THEN he can be gotten for murder.

Thank you again, Mr. Bugliosi. And thank you all.

The reign of Sauron/Bush is about to end.

You're so right. Impeachment is critically important. Mr. Bugliosi believes impeachment should happen - as do you - as do I. Bush must be stopped at all costs from attacking Iran. Impeachment would help - as would the opposition of a Congress with a spine.

There's just one small area where you and I differ. I agree that John Conyers is inherently a good man. But he's not an honorable man. He can't be. From your own observation, Conyers' commitment is more to his seat of honor on the Judiciary Committee than to the nation he was elected to serve. Something tells me you're an activist and a person who doesn't back down from a fight. My instincts tell me YOU would NEVER sell your nation for a "CHAIR."

During the RNC in 2004, when I was in New York City participating with CODEPINK, I was on the street when dozens of young protestors were arrested and carted off in paddy wagons. I wasn't arrested. I turned to my left and leaning against a building was Congressman John Conyers and another man. He was in town to speak at the Library - I believe the next morning. He had his jacket thrown over his shoulder and was his typical "dapper" self. He was watching the arrests as they happened. I walked over to him and said, "Congressman Conyers - what do you think?" He shook his head and said it was terrible.

And it was trerrible. It tore me apart. It should have torn Conyers apart, too. For me, nearly 55 years old at the time, and younger than Conyers, to see the youth of my country have to fight the same fight I'd fought at their age, was devastating. I FELT THAT I - WHO HAD COME BEFORE THEM - HAD FAILED THEM! And I had. Conyers should have felt that same culpability.

I was interviewed just moments later. Medea Benjamin sent me the quote:

Linda Milazo, a writer from Los Angeles and a member of the women?s antiwar group called Code Pink, said of the day?s events: "It's what happens when there is a nation at risk because of a president who shouldn't be in office. It's what happens when a nation begins to hate each other and to fall apart from within because it?s not getting any love from the people that are running it. And it is being turned against itself as the rest of the world gets together to gang up on us because they hate us too. So we're hating each other and we're being hated. This is what George Bush has given us. No love, no support. Just a lot of dysfunction."

Admittedly that wasn't a particularly eloquent statement. But my point is that John Conyers was right there in the mix as young Americans were on the street giving up their freedom right before his eyes to battle for their democracy. Surely, if others are fearless enough to risk their freedom - Mr. Conyers can risk his DAMN FREAKING SEAT - and maybe save some lives in the process.

With utmost respect, Anonymous - I'm certain YOU'VE shown more valor than I've seen from Mr. Conyers. Why expect less of him than you expect of yourself??

To YOU, Anonymous - for the great work that YOU do!!

Dear Ms. Milazzo,

Thank you for your kindness in making several affirmative assumptions about my character.

After reading both of your beautifully-written pieces about Mr. Bugliosi, I had gained a pretty positive impression of you, as well.

But I'm compelled to take issue with several observations you make in "Dear Anonymous...":

"From your own observation," you say to me, "Conyers' committment is more to his ['DAMN FREAKING SEAT'] of honor on the Judiciary Committee than to the nation he was elected to serve."

I wish you would not put your own thoughts in my mind, and your words in my mouth. You have completely misrepresented what I thought, what I meant to say, and what I said.

I mentioned Pelosi's reported threat because I thought it might be an aid to understanding why -- in spite of his YEARS of support for the impeachments of Bush and Cheney -- he has not proceeded with hearings. Consider this point, please: If Conyers initiated hearings, and Pelosi immediately removed him from the Chairman's seat -- and perhaps from the Committee as well -- how much less powerful would he be to affect the conduct, and the outcome, of the hearings? Is it possible that if you were in his shoes, you would NOT feel yourself on the horns of an almost impossible dilemma? Between a really hard rock, and a really hard place?

With respect to your experience with Conyers in NYC:

You say you were outside the RNC in 2006. You say "dozens of young protesters were arrested and carted off in paddy wagons." You say that you, at age 55, were not arrested. You say you saw Conyers, and asked him what he thought (about the situation): "He shook his head and said it was terrible."

In "Dear Anonymous...", you agree that it was terrible, and say that it tore you apart. And then you say "It should have torn Conyers apart too" -- implying that in your view, it DIDN'T tear him apart. And you seem to resent him for the fact that, although he was older than you, he didn't jump in and get himself arrested.

Millions of us, I'm sure, share your obvious frustrations, disappointment, and anger over the fact that Conyers has not opened hearings. But my feeling is that instead of trashing him, we might improve the odds of getting these two murderous megalomaniacs impeached if we would EXPRESS OUR SUPPORT for impeachment to Conyers and our Representatives -- keeping in mind that Pelosi, Bush/Cheney's impending attack on Iran, issues of presidential succession, and a great number of other considerations have complicated the situation immeasurably.

I am trying to give Conyers, a demonstrably decent man, the benefit of the doubt -- hoping, and believing, that when he judges that the time and conditions are right, he will act.

Thank you for making contact, and thank you especially for helping to carry the news of Mr. Bugliosi's mission throughout the land.

All the best.


PS: Let me assure you that I am NOWHERE NEAR John Conyers's league when it comes to valor in service to the United States of America. I wish I had one-tenth as much courage and dedication to the causes of liberty and justice as he has demonstrated, consistently, over many decades. Doesn't mean I'm not occasionally disappointed. But then I learned long ago not to expect perfection in ANY human being. Especially me.




Plenty of claimants for this felony:
90,000 seriously injured
hundreds of thousands with brain damage and PTSD

Guess the injured could also bring manslaughter charges.

Those injured from insufficient body or vehicle armor or insufficient number of troops due to Bush and Cheney's criminal negligence could prosecute for "involuntary manslaughter" as Mr. Bugliosi mentions during the interview.

I was at the event too, and it was a serious standing-room-only crowd. Thanks for putting this together so quickly!

What was NOT a surprise is that the book has risen to the top of the best seller lists WHILE being blacked out by the corporate media that has operated in collusion with this president and his criminal regime. People are outraged! At least, those who are conscious.

What is truly frightening is the total ignorance of SO MANY people. For a while I attributed this to their economic circumstances and their need to work so much of the time to support themselves and their families. And, I expect this is part of it. But, when will they awaken?

I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to law school for years and years...... then get a job as an ada and get years of experience so that I could try him myself. Since there are already soooo many professionals out there now. When are they going to get started............ or do I still have time?

I have to say David I AM impressed with Vince Bugliosi's work here along with his entire lifetime of acheivment for that matter . This is very good news but me personaly I'm not counting my chickens yet.

You know .........they say the kids of today no longer have any great american heros left to look up to anymore. Well I think that there are..........our greatest american heros are here........ today..........all around us. They just don't know it yet.

The debates and comments by the audience members are FANTASTIC!!! This is an enlightened age we are fast approaching when so many citizens can discuss LAW and articulate in a genuinely informed capacity with legal minds. We got millions of us now, compared to Bush's few idiotic minions who are still stupid enuf to LIE for him, but hopefully NOT in a court of law. Honor amongst thieves will be a MYTH after January 20th, 2009!!!



>...this master of law made his audience believe - and understand - that George Bush was guilty of murder.

I'm sure that was hard to do with that audience.


Like impeachment itself, this dream of arresting and putting on trial Bush, Cheney, Rove or anybody else is just wishful thinking.

Who is the officer of the court that's going to do this? And you do know that former presidents have Secret Service protection and won't let Cindy or Dennis or VinceB or any private citizen anywhere near GWB when he's left office.

I personally prefer to live in the real world but if your sweet fantasy helps you get through another day and gives you reason to live it's fine with me.


Who taught you to express your opinions in
public, on subjects you know nothing about?

If you'd made an effort to read Bugliosi's
book, you might have learned:

1. That after Bush's term ends, he and some
others could be prosecuted by the Attorney
General of the United States (presumably a
new Democratic AG, under a new Democratic
President). In that case, Federal officers
under the AG (probably the FBI) would make
the arrests -- not "private citizens."

2. If prosecuted under the laws of a State,
State Police or other state officers would
do the arresting -- not "private citizens."

3. Since the arrests would involve charges of
First- or Second-Degree Murder -- felonies --
you could probably expect the Secret Service
not to interfere. They have a duty to protect
a former president. They have a higher duty
to enforce the laws.

Instead of trying to rain on everybody else's
parade, why don't you spend some time educating
yourself about the issues you're interested in.

That way, when you express yourself on a given
subject, you won't look like such an ignoramus.

Thank you.

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