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Good job, Tim, you did your best! RIP

We can use Tim Russert's passing in a GOOD WAY, as an impetus to influence all the rank and file journalists, bloggers, and free-lance journalists to RISE UP and STAND UP for impeachment , because of the way Tim Russert lived his life. Russert was sold a phoney bill of goods like so many good people in 2002 , but then Tim Russert rose to the occasion and "outted" the Neocons. How many journalists can we implore to BE LIKE TIM, in honor of his MEMORY?

Chris Matthews was not disrespectful at all of Tim, Chris was showing that Bush/Cheney are so evil that they could trick "everyman", and could even fool "the Patriot" in Tim Russert. Matthews was displaying his rage at the Neocons for using his friend that way:

Russert gives Cheney the low down:

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