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Hold Bush, Cheney And Congress Accountable

Bush had a press conference last Tuesday. The lying son of a bitch actually had the temerity to blame high gas prices on the "Democrats" (who just appropriated another $170 billion dollars for Bush's Iraq Holocaust/Black Hole and Domestic Espionage). He also proposes to permanently contaminate America's coastal waters and Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge with toxic waste just to enrich his oil robber baron cronies. And the tragically ill informed American sheeple are still naive enough to believe that "savings" from this will be passed on to them at the gas pumps.

Humans are part of the same food chain as ANWR's diverse wildlife. So, what happens to ANWR will eventually happen to people. And the toxic waste deposited into America's already unhealthy coastal shelves will devastate the fishing industry and marine wildlife.

In real life, the harvested oil will not be refined for at least 10 years and it would be consumed in less than 6 months, assuming that the current rate of consumption (7.56 billion barrels/year) does not increase from population growth.

Of course the real reason for high oil prices is because of Bush himself. Oil prices have increased by over 700% during his "tenure" because Bush deregulated oil and energy speculations in the stock markets (Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force Meetings/Enron Scandals) to enrich himself and his oil cronies.{2673C102-68E0-41D9-9C9A-10EE2E723948}&dist=msr_13

The other reason for high gas prices is because Bush's 5 + trillion dollar Iraq Holocaust has de-valued the dollar. Bush cut Veteran's benefits, health care for disabled Veterans, $30 dollar/month combat duty pay and gives trillion dollar/yr tax cuts to super wealthy multi- millionaires.

In the meantime, Bush still brags and jokes about what a good ole' time he is havin'. Imagine the nightmarish shock of your family member's or friend's remains inside of a sealed box being too grotesque to be viewed and that spoiled, arrogant, swaggering son of a bitch is havin' a good ole' time enjoying over two and a half years of vacation during his disastrous seven and a half year "tenure".

Before he was governor of Texas this misbegotten man child of a oil millionaire incompetently ran his oil company, Arbusto Oil (Bush in Spanish) into the ground, was bailed out by the BIN LADEN family and the unaccountable George W Bush got away with illegal short selling of stocks. The American public has yet to be informed about his financial connections to a host of shady Saudi characters involved in drug cartels, gun smuggling, and terrorist networks.

Since the House Judiciary Committee's Chairman Conyers has failed to act appropriately or in a reasonable timely fashion to Rep Dennis Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment for over a year, constituents and activists have been summarily ignored by their Representatives in Congress for over a year and "off the table" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to deliberately obstruct justice, has signed off on torture and only follows orders from a foreign government, we are now encouraging a campaign to address these issues to the International Criminal Court for investigations of war crimes, torture, crimes against humanity, election frauds and over 100,000 counts of first degree mass murder on the grounds of "implied malice" and the unwillingness of members of Congress to pursue impeachment hearings. Even if we could get these thugs into a domestic federal court, the jurisdiction would be limited to the murder of 4,100 + American soldiers. The "Bush Administration's" epic corruption has contaminated the rule of law so badly that the domestic court's ability to conduct a fair trial cannot be trusted.

Bush and Cheney are actively threatening another war of aggression (Another War Crime) against Iran's nuclear facilities based on the same old Iraq lies. Please remember, the Center for Public Integrity has recently documented over 935 lies from Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell and Rumsfeld before America was defrauded into invading Iraq. The resultant radioactive fallout from their reckless bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities would be a threat to the biospheres of Asia Minor and Eurasia which would include several parties/sovereign nation members of the Hague's International Criminal Court. This fact alone could bring these issues within the Hague's jurisdiction. The Hague's jurisdiction could also apply here at home because Congress refuses to act on impeachment hearings and our other two branches of government have become all but null and void.

Russia's military has made it clear that any assault against Iran will be interpreted as an assault against Russia, the retaliation from which will be epic for everyone. The phonetically challenged president cannot comprehend the fact that Iran is not Iraq. Our broken military's logistics will certainly be cut off from the Straights of Hormuz with dire consequences for our overburdened soldiers and oil prices will certainly exceed $200 dollars/barrel overnight.

$10 + dollar/gal gas anyone?

Our Republic has been destroyed by a cabal of wretched, self enriching criminals. Bush has referred to our Constitution as just a "goddamned piece of paper" and it too has been all but destroyed. They have stolen our money, freedom, exploited our military for Israel's nefarious agendas of Mid East conquest and corporate oil, brutally invaded 2 countries that had nothing whatsoever to do with "9/11" or threatened us in any way, murdered over 1.2 million innocent people, destroyed the lives of over 5 million more innocent people, murdered over 4,100 US soldiers by "implied malice" and profit obscenely from it. They have put us into unbelievable debt, alienated our allies and friends, deregulated the protections of our living environments and they are actively threatening/slandering more sovereign nations with hostile invasions. They lie constantly about their bogus "war on terror", while deliberately leaving our borders wide open for criminals and bio hazards to cross with impunity, millions of cargo containers are not inspected, Border Patrol Officers are harassed and innocent Americans who travel by air or cross our borders legitimately are groped, humiliated and harassed.

So, who are the real "terrorists"? Indeed, the bizarre behavior demonstrated by the "Bush Administration" could easily be compared to the modus operandi of the true perpetrators of the ruthless September 11th, 2001 attacks. Their behavior demonstrates that they are capable of anything.

This is one of the most important chapters in American history that I know of, because its when the wealthy few attempted to steal the country from the people, they committed treason plain and simple, the only time since the nation's infancy where our country would be taken from us, and they're getting away with it. They stole it, they did what no outside force could do and destroyed our democratic republic. But it can be undone.

Now is the time for everyone to forget about being good Republicans or Democrats and start focusing on being good Americans before America is completely destroyed by the most arrogant criminal regime in United States history.

Valiant efforts have been made here at plus many more organizations by a lot of good Americans but the efforts of millions continues to be ignored. Protesting this illegitimate "government" has accomplished nothing but the data mining (spying) of Patriots and Nazi style police state harassment. Writing letters and calling the House Judiciary Committee yields similar results. Perhaps another approach is necessary. I implore every concerned Patriot who is aware of what is happening and reads this to join me by citing these issues in a letter or email to the International Criminal Court. These murderous criminals need to be given a fair trial for the entire civilized world to see.


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