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We don’t need no stinking impeachment!

Dennis Kucinich is a courageous statesman but he is spinning his wheels because...

We don’t need no stinking impeachment!

Because it ain’t gonna happen! The Daddy Warbucks of the corporate owned news media sez ‘fuggetaboutit’ my money sez zip it! Madam Pelosi sez impeachment is ‘off the table’ because Dubya talked me into going to the Torture Party now I’m sitting toooo close to the fire. It is getting so embarrassing for the wimpy Dems because Conyers and Waxman the House gorillas in charge of the action committees are aggressively beating their chests but doing nothing, afraid of the boss lady. Congressional wheeler dealers from both sides of the aisle are walking a high wire and testing the winds. They have faith that money talks but are prepared to change but not until the rabble start storming the White House. The increasingly vocal underground patriots of the internet keep up the yada, yada, yada, but time is running out and many are tiring of treading water.

But wait, not to worry! Here comes our hero entering stage left in the nick of time with the answer to our dilemma. It’s the renowned lawyer who was made famous for putting away Charles Manson for keeps, Vincent Bugliosi. In his new book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, Mr. Bugliosi has presented irrefutable evidence how and why George W. Bush can and will be prosecuted for the murder of over 4000 American soldiers. This is not a pipe dream. Mr. Bugliosi has successfully convicted 22 murderers without a single loss and he swears on his reputation that George W. Bush will be convicted for murder and he will not stop until it happens. Since he is retired and not legally able to indict he is seeking a prosecuting attorney that will represent any one of the murdered victims. A career move as this would have an historical significance for the PA that is willing to accept the job and Mr. Bugliosi promises to assist in any way that he is needed.

Now, like I said, we don’t need no stinking impeachment! George Bush is a murderer and we might as well get on with it. To hell with all this yada, yada, yada, let’s find a hundred Prosecuting Attorneys to represent 100 of our fallen soldiers. Doing this will cause this nation’s boil to erupt in many ways. It will not only stop George Bush but will ‘suspend’ (thanks Hilliary) any action from his complicit administration. It will stop the Iraq War and prevent one with Iran most agreeably when The Honorable Robert C. Byrd - President Pro Tempore of the Senate is elevated to the Presidency (the not-so Honorable Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House may not be available). It will start the evacuation of our troops with the blessing of the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran (and probably the terrorists too). It will torpedo any hope for McCain to be president. It will eliminate the need for Obama to publically announce a decision to impeach Bush (which he would not). It would provide a clean slate for Obama to do the work of the people. It will cause many in the Republican Party to leave their sinking Titanic for a safer (more profitable?) refuge and would help to demoralize the opposition if there is any left.

Don't be 'low-info' player, you can get The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder from

and read it!


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