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I'm not made out of money but I hope all of you are...because...

...the House Democrats just voted on and are trying to pass a bill that WILL GIVE ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES "6 "ADDITIONAL" WEEKS OF "PAID" "PARENTAL" CARE LEAVE" over and above 30 days paid annual leave, 10+ days paid sick leave, plus all 11 paid holidays off the job. The bill is going up for a third reading as I type.

This bill, if it passes in the house and is not killed in the Senate, will cost private sector U S Citizen workers that DO NOT have nearly the benefits federal employees have even now, private sector citizens already suffering all the other multiple adverse effects created all across the board by inept irresponsible government representatives, in aggregate, BILLIONS more dollars taken out of their paychecks each year.

At a time when noone in the United States can buy gasoline for under $4.00 a gallon, where even buying the most modest foods is becoming cost prohibitive, and those that need them, paying the outrageous cost of medicines and and paying outrageous utility bills...the citizens don't need more NEW tax burdens place on them to enhance the lives of federal employees that are already riding a gravy train.

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and I support this move. There is a lot to be learned from more civilized societies. It is not much, but it is something. Would much rather be watching an impeachment hearing.

wanted me to tell you hi. They also were asking if you could let them know what that organization is that you sit on the board of that has 3 million vets in it. Because they remember you talking abou them sooo often, but they never could find the link.

You know, the group that sent you to DC to represent them? They'll be over later to ask you themselves. kind of like an old homecoming.

Only they don't seem to think you are a democrat or even "dead on center"...

they'll ask you about it later.

You are an absolute blow hard and a fool. All noise like a magpie.

I wouldn't disgrace myself by joining, or any other formal democrat/liberal organization anywhere...and if you see my name someone as smallminded as you, if it isn't you, is using my name.

Do note that this is a Nonpartisan blog.

But you go ahead and blow your mouth off on me all you want cuz it gets you off everybody else's back for awhile.

Just a hint I'd watch stalking people around and slandering them before you wind up behind bars and get your tail sued off.

for comments on a blog? Wow! that's funny.

You told me your name in a comment, Indy. You made that name public here. Tom Pearson. You made that info public. You also stated where you were from, a specific town in Texas.

Well, Indy, someone from the same town you said you lived in also blogs under a name in under the name of Tom Pearson.

here is his blog

Now THAT Tom Pearson, from your same town, gets into regular arguments with people there, dismissing all of their ideas and generally being unpleasant to be around.

But he also, as coincidence would have it, mentions the Viet Nam (sic) Era Veterans Advisory Council several times to the other bloggers there as proof that Hillary does or does not have support of the military.

And, believe it or not, when someone there asked him to site a link to this group, just like what I did here Indy, this same Tom Pearson linked to Google listing that showed a Penn. group with a similar name, but has no national affiliations, and certainly NOT 3 million members.

So, Indy... this same blogger causing discord their is you.

No question at all. And please, file your lawsuit, because not only do I have screen shots of all of what I am talking about, but so do others over at Like I said, they are VERY interested in chatting with you again.

You see, they seem to think you only came there to disrupt the threads. And now that you deny that you were a member there, in the face of all of this evidence,well, I can only summize that that is your purpose here as well.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

threatening lawsuits over a blog. jesus. what a weenie. You're busted troll, accept it. you opened your mouth about 3 million vets once too often.

that's exactly what you are doing and its a wee bit against the law.

And I don't blog on nor is there anyone I know that blogs on that website. And your screenshots mean zilch unless you can prove anything you copied came directly from my I P address.

But please keep it up feed fuel to your on sick minded fire. And little man you are very definitely a sicko.

And speaking of arguing...bit of a kettle calling the pot black coming from you...tough guy on women...that's your speed willy Matthew Matty. I doubt if you would have the nerve to call a woman a bitch or cunt to her face like you've done here in this blog.

get me thrown in jail.

we are in a chat room. and this is the only chat room i would even think to speak with you.

I do not follow you around.

i disagree with your approach and your language and, quite frankly, some unsuppported claims you have made about representing veterans.

and, you have done it before. People can go to the link and see for themselves.

I have nothing to fear, Indy. But apparenly you do. To be threatening lawsuits and jail time and using language like that, it's rather pathetic, actually.

But I stand by what i have written. You were "One Staunch Independent Voter" at and they ran you out of that place, if they didn't ban you altogether once they found out you were just a troll there to offend people and disrupt threads.

now I have found you out and that makes you sick, apparently. but that is what you are.

and anyone here can check that for themselves.

and no, i am not matty mat or what ever you said. That guy just happens to be from florida too. I don't need to hide behind other made up names to support my case. others just support it because sometimes I am right. other times they don't

your gig is up here, Indy. you opened your mouth once too often and exposed yourself.

go back to troll headquarters and create a new name for yourself. quite frankly, you bore me.

There are plenty of approaches and language and opinions I don't agree with too but I don't attack people individually the way you do unless someone like you attacks me out of nowhere and provokes me to anger or are you going to deny you attack people too.

Don't you think by now David Swanson or some moderator would have said something or done something to myself or you and some others by now if they wanted to. All anyone of those folks could stop it with a simple click and kick anyone they choose to out of the blog.

Little man I'm not interested in another thing you say so just do your worst...attack me on everything I write I simply don't give a damn anymore.

Nice attempt at phishing there, dog-squeeze. Now (and please, everyone else also) take a read of the complaint I just dropped to ADS:

"Hi David and Jonathan,

I am concerned about a rather malign intruder at AfterDowningStreet calling himself "IndependentAsItGets"; who has (along with another newcomer supporting him) already posted extensive reference to their personal use of firearms and other weaponry, and has now openly baited a participant, with pledge to kill him:

In the same thread he goes on to threaten to physically hunt down his detractor:


I have saved a screen shot of the above thread; please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance (e.g., in witnessing this, etc.).


(Matty in Florida)
ADS LogIn ID: 'Matty'"

Let's see if we can't get this VILE (and that was indeed the perfect word for him, "WillyLoMan"!) and hateful ass thrown off this forum. A little sweet justice, if you will...

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

Wow. I guess I really got him going when I pointed out that he was doing this same thing at till they threw him out in Nov. last year.

Did you see the link for that I put up? It's in that thread.

He mentioned the Viet Nam(sic) Era Veterans Advisory Council to them to, and they asked for a link to prove the 3 million vets he was speaking for, and again he could do it.

So you see, exposing Mr. Pearson's previous trolling haunts brings death threats I suppose.

Also threats about getting hackers to break into my computer is also pretty color, don't you think?

I mean, now we know where he comes from, and what he is really doing here, don't you think AfterDowningStreet is better off just banning him?

I hadn't seen the death threats one or the hacking one, and I have to admit, they are way out of line. I will be filing an official complaint here tomorrow as well.

Didn't David say he would get rid of threats of violence and selling stuff?

Does a threat of violence against a member like me count?

thanks Matty, I appriciate you pointing this out. I am really surprised it is still up.

I have to ask that the comments made by Independentasitgets that matty links to be removed.

I hadn't seen the death threats and the threats to have someone infiltrate my computer on the net.

Didn't you once say that the only thing removed here were sales pitches and threats of violence?

Look, I made my point about him, he is a troll that has a history of this behavior at other sites. Specifically under the name of "One Stuanch Independent Voter". That is pretty obvious. From reading the site, they got pretty sick of him.

if people here want to leave him in the mix, it's not my call, but you specifically said threats of violence would be removed.

I am asking you to do that, please. Thanks you, David.

thanks again man, I can't believe that is still up. How long has that been there?

threats have been deleted

Still think parental leave is a good thing and glad Willy and Indy have calmed down. Looking now for ways McLellan testimony can help our cause. Impeachment was brought up a few times, though Scott not for it. The people are.

Still think parental leave is a good thing and glad Willy and Indy have calmed down. Looking now for ways McLellan testimony can help our cause. Impeachment was brought up a few times, though Scott not for it. The people are.

I appriciate that.

WillyLOWMAN stole the word "vile" from me, as that is how I described HIM when I took a sabbatical from ADS, due to LOWMAN'S VILE WAYS. Lowman is "clever" (in a bad way) , but not THAT smart. And NO, ADS does NOT stand for "American Dating Service". Cheers!



Click your peaceful ignore button on them... it will release you from a lot of vile hateful lying "clever" SNEAKY back-stabbing bullying crap.

THE DEFENDENTS: Two steaming piles of crap

MOM EXHIBIT A : Notice how they turn on the charm like a light switch... they are both "clever" Eddie Haskel-types (Willy IS "better" at this than Matty, as Matty is more obvious, and besides, Matty really has a thing for me , he's not faking that). You are old enuf to know what I mean. "Good Evening, Mr. Clever, my you are looking very lovely tonite, Mr. Clever"

MOM EXHIBIT B : ... then they turn into their real sneaky selves and start JUST ENUF bullying and stalking to provoke the THE BEAV into trouble (NOT themselves.)

MOM EXHIBIT C : Only MOMS can detect this phenomenom (because we have hidden "bully" radar antenna and eyes in the back of our heads)

VERDICT: Willy and Matty were never spanked as children, and allowed to get away with the sneakiest of cruel acts towards other children FOR YEARS while they were growing up.

SENTENCE: There is an old saying, what goes around , comes around. MOMS love this saying (because its true). Maybe not in this lifetime, but then, there's always eternity ;-)

CONCLUSION: Ignore the little shits.



death-threat wielding, "c"-word using, ranting Indy?

Why is it SOOO important to you Yank, to attack me constantly, while ignoring the fact that this individual threatens me physically and with having "hackers" go after my system?

He says the most vile and hateful things imaginable...

When all I did was point out that he used to do the same kind of disruption on another site?

Now who is "the bully"?

Is keeping this disruptive influence here so important to you? And if that is true, why?

Is it so important that people here not see a pattern in his rhetoric? That he has done this before on other sites? Is it important to you for some reason? Why would that be, you think?

Anyway, everyone here knows exactly what Indy is now. They have clicked on the links and read his same vile attacks over at under the name of "one Staunch Independent Voter" and they can judge for themselves what Indy is doing here.

Lying about me and attacking me won't change that Yank. The truth is out there.

about WillyLOWMAN, just IGNORE him

FUNCTION: Click peaceful ignore button on LOWMAN

RESULT: Pure Nirvana, TEE-HEE



Or there will be NO federal govt. employees. Then essentially, there will be no bureucracies that in the end DO serve the people (minus corruption , graft, kickbacks, etc.) But seriously, there HAS to be a federal govt. that is NOT privatized, or we will end up paying our tax dollars for PRIVATE CONTRACTORS INSTEAD (which would be our tax dollars for pure FASCISM). This "package deal" will attract and retain ACTUAL federal govt employees for an ACTUAL federal government.

In my humble opinion, Indy, this "package" for federal govt employees is not a bad thing.



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