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Dems' Strategy on Iraq: Hit the Gas When You Can See the Cliff Up Ahead

Huffington Post
By David Sirota

The Washington Post reports that Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), one of the most outspoken Democrats pushing the Iraq War, is now setting up a Political Action Committee (PAC) to help Democratic candidates "hone the party's message on defense-related matters." Hang on a sec...sorry, let me stop laughing uncontrollably...

Ok. Let's repeat that, just because its so snarf-your-drink-through-your-nose hilarious: the same congresswoman who, as a ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, helped emasculate the party's ability to speak credibly on the most pressing national security issue of our time is now setting up an organization to "help" Democrats "hone" their message on defense issues.

This is just more proof that when it comes to Iraq, Democrats' strategy seems to be put your head down and hit the gas even as the cliff up ahead quickly approaches.

Think of the equivalent. Imagine Michael Dukakis or George McGovern setting up an organization to teach Democrats how to run successful presidential election campaigns. Or how about Dan Rostenkowski setting up a school to teach Democrats about ethics? What about FEMA's Mike Brown after Hurricane Katrina flloating his name for promotion to head the entire Department of Homeland Security?

The fact is, Harman's efforts will likely be nothing but another veiled attempt by the insulated Democratic "Strategic Class" in Washington to continue perpetuating the worst right-wing lies about progressives on foreign policy. You know the lies: progressives are unpatriotic because they opposed blindly invading Iraq on the basis of what we knew were clearly fabrications; because progressives advocate for a more multilateral, cooperative foreign policy, they are weak; And because progressives want our military to actually focus on the real enemies in the War on Terror (ie. al Qaeda and the 9/11 bombers rather than Iraq and Saddam Hussein), they are not tough.

These lies, mind you, haven't gained real traction without the help of self-destructive Democrats themselves. People like Harman, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) have all openly reinforced these "Democrats-are-weak-on-national-security" lies in order to get themselves headlines. It is the political equivalent of saying "Thank you sir, may I have another?" instead of simply calling out the right-wing spin on progressives' defense positions for what it is: a bunch of steaming horse manure.

And remember - America knows it is horse manure. The public opposes the war, wants an exit strategy, believes the conflict is damaging U.S. national security, and thinks the war is hurting the effort to win the War on Terror. It seems the only people who are unwilling to say that the "weak-on-national-security" line is a lie are Democrats themselves - the very people being smeared with the lie in the first place.

Instead, Democrats have refused to support legislation forcing the President to outline an exit strategy from Iraq, and have sent their top leaders out to telling the public that the party simply doesn't need a coherent position on the War Just see profile-in-courage Rahm Emanuel's embarrassingly inane verbal acrobatics on Meet the Press this last week. Then, read the links below where here and here his cadre of D.C. Democratic operative friends kissing his ass for the performance and praising him as a saint as American troops are left in a violent quagmire (hmm...wonder if anyone is jonesing for a nice fat DCCC consulting contract?).

True, we shouldn't be surprised by the "Strategic Class's" behavior. Harman and the elitist cadre of foreign policy "experts" in D.C. are by and large people who never have to actually experience the bloody, life-and-death real-world consequences of their complicity in the neocon's pro-war agenda. These people, who have paralyzed the party from taking an official and coherent position on the war, are the personification of the thumb-in-the-wind political prevarication that the public disdains.

But even these morally bankrupt souls have to be able to see the obvious, right? Even if they are willing to sell out America's national security in order to feel "tough" and "strong," at the very least shouldn't they still respond to their own selfish electoral prospects? Can they not understand that ignoring Iraq is not only hideously heartless and woefully weak, but also politically precarious as the 2006 elections approach?


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Why has no major democrat come forward to lead the majority of democrats in what they actually believe and support. It appears that if polling is correct, it is also the majority of Americans. I am terribly confused. Perhaps, and maybe this is just wild thinking, perhaps Paul Hackett, the Democratic Iraq war vet, should instead be drafted to run for President.
Should instead; be drafted, to run for President.

Paul Hacket for President.

President Hacket today announced tax increases for the wealthiest 20%. "We can no longer support the Defunding of Democracy," President Hacket said, "wild unimmaginable spending increases and wild tax transfers to the wealthiest few, are intended to make our great nation weak. It is Just- that those that profited from the destruction of America's ability to repond to crisis, destroyed America's civic and industrial infrastructure, destroyed American jobs, must do their part to restore America's greatness. The greatness of our schools, our factories, our Universities and our capacity for compassion."

President Hacket today met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to go over the passage of the Enviromental Renewal Law. President Hacket today signed the Louisiana Restoration Act.

Caption- "The picture above shows celebrations at the newly refurbished auto plant where new XLE (eXtreme Low Emmission) cars are flying off the plant floor, still unable to meet showroom demand. The incredible renewal of the American auto industry was unforseen even two years ago."

The entire purpose of the last few Republcan administrations has been to destroy hope. To destroy the citizens belief in America's democratic greatness, the greatness of it's democracy. That it is coupled everywhere with an increase in the use of the military is not surprising - it is complimentary.

The response in New Orleans is not an accident in this view, but part of the belief that democracy itself, it's ability to respond, the common expectation that any good can from our democracy, these feelings are everywhere discounted.

When it comes to the problem of Iraq, the Bush-Lite democrats must be part of the problem, too stupid to realize there's a problem or too cowardly to face the problem. Most voters think in terms of the two parties. Some are into third parties that may make them feel good but third parties can only stand on the outside and throw rocks. Getting rid of Bush and the Republiwarmongers will accomplish nothing if the results are Bush-Lite democrats. The solution is obvious, the Demowarmongers have to go also. If the democrats won't come to the revolution, then the revolution must go to the democrats. Waiting until the election of 2006 is too late. The opening salvo must come in the upcoming Democratic primaries. Progressive Democrats (and third party types) must not only contend against the Republican menace but must hold accountable and oppose the Bushocrats.

This is a Democracy and as such real choices should be offered. If the people choose warmongers (of any party) then they will have to live with the consequences. If credible choices aren't offered then we have only ourselves to blame.

I remember that line from Butch to Sundance just before the a decision to "jump" was imminent. Butch and Sundance are tracking the posse that is tracking them. Butch turns to Sundance and asks "who are those guys?"

So... Who are those guys? Who are these Jane Harmon demokrats? And, what makes them run?

Do you think that any of these Jewish senators or representatives would support ending the proxy war for Israel in Iraq and possibly soon in Iran?????

Jewish senators by state are: 1. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif). 2. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif). 3. Norm Coleman (R.Minn). 4. Russel Feingold (D.Wisc). 5. Herb Kohl (D Wisc.) 6. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J). 7. Carl Levin (D-Mich). 8. Joseph Lieberman (D Con.) 9. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) 10. Alsen Spector (R-Pa) 11. Ron Wyden (D-Ore).

Jewish Congressmen by state are: 1. Gary Akerman (D- N.Y.) 2. Eliot Engle (D- N.Y.) 3. Steve Israel (D- N.Y.) 4. Nita Lowey (D- N.Y.) 5. Jerry Nadler (D- N.Y.) 6. Anthony Weiner (D- N.Y.) 7. Shelley Berkley (D- Nev.) 8. Howard Berman (D- Calif.) 9. Susan Davis (D- Calif.) 10. Bob Filner (D- Calif.) 11. Jane Harman (D- Calif.) 12. Tomas Lantos (D-Calif.) 13. Adam Schiff (D- Calif.) 14. Brad Sherman (D- Calif.) 15. Howard Waxman (D- Calif.) 16. Eric Cantor (R- Va.) 17. Ben Cardin (D- Md.) 18. Peter Deutsch (D- Fla.) 19. Robert Wexler (D- Fla.) 20. Rahm Emanuel (D- Ill.) 21. Jan Schakowsky (D- Ill.) 22. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) 23. Martin Frost (D-Texas) 24. Sander Levin (D- Mich.) 25. Steve Rothman (D- N.J.) 26. Steve Sanders (Ind- Vt.)

And their allies in the media won’t help end the proxy war either.Wake up, it's PNAC!!!!!!!!!

Barney Frank has signed on to a lot of anti-war resolutions of inquiry, in spite of the AIPAC . Mixed loyalties that are split between Israel & America should not exist in an American seat for Congress, President and VP, I quite agree. But we gotta give him credit where credit is due.

To make matters worse, the DEMOCRATS seem to be as CRAZY as he is. Fellow Americans, this is a very very dangerous situation. Congress is not responsive to it's citizenry. Taxation without any representation. I believe the Constitution says something about this Government being "of the people,for the people and by the people". IT'S BEEN HIGHJACKED AND WE HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK.

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