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Strategic Nonviolent Action can get the goods!

We the People of this country have a choice to make, and it shouldn't be very difficult. Our country is heading into fascism at the worst, or at the least, continuing the current fortification of the corporate police state with the government's precedents of uncharged and unpunished criminal acts, which are more likely to be committed by every succeeding new unilateralist executive.

The choice we have to make is whether we are going to continue our present course of actions in trying to prevent this fascistic takeover, or if we are willing to admit that it is time to think outside the box of conventional nonviolent action.

I know there is a vast storehouse of experience, skills, and willingness to serve in nonviolent struggle in this country. We see it every day in the actions of progressive activists. But the abilities and intentions of activists are not what I am talking about.

I am talking about the intentional and strategically coordinated convergence of what are now currently numerous smaller movements working on a diverse range of issues, into a real peoples movement based on a common objective and sharing a common grand strategy to obtain that objective through numerous smaller campaigns. At this point, any coming together by more than just a few groups has not materialized. We lack any coherent strategy to create any long term change. And you can be certain that our fascist opponents have extensively planned their strategy to be used against us. It is time for us to think strategically!

I have been writing about this for a while now, but admittedly, I am not always the best communicator. I have a petition online to arrest Bush and his co-conspirators. Only 156 signatures in the couple of months it has been posted. I've signed it. David Swanson signed it. But oddly and sadly, not many others.

I have offering what I feel is a sound strategy for long term progressive change in this country. But I tend to come off as someone who has realized something others may not have, and that throws many people immediately on the defensive, which then eliminates any chance of them actually considering my message. I realize I do this, I am working on becoming a better communicator, and I apologize for any toes I have stepped on.

I will not change my message however, because this is too important, and I haven't yet seen an alternative presented that comes close to the potential of what I am talking about. Only a handful of people in this country are even mentioning it.

Here is what I propose.

First of all, we need to develop a grand strategy for long term progressive change in this country, even if we don't feel the specific objective is achievable in the short term. Consider having a Peoples Constitutional Convention that will bring powerful Peoples Amendments to the Constitution, altering the fundamental nature of our society, and by effect making real solutions for our other problems possible. The authority for the people to do this is in the Declaration of Independence. Suggestions for such a Convention are talked about briefly at the end of this post.

After we plan and develop our grand strategy, we then need to plan and implement a phased series of campaigns that seek smaller objectives that all lead to and strengthen the goal of the grand strategy, the People's Constitutional Convention.

Possible strategies for successful campaigns to achieve smaller goals, that all keep in mind the grand strategy and serve to bolster it's chances of success, might include the following. Keep in mind that for any of this to be successful, absolute nonviolence (not passivity) must be accepted and adhered to.

Town Hall meetings (both online and local) - to discuss issues of the Constitution, sovereignty and community self sufficiency. These can be used as starting points for beginning talks with local law enforcement in our communities about their intentions and feelings toward the people they serve, their Oaths of Office, as well as getting assurances from them on their response to any federal government use of martial law or other repressive sanctions. We need to be building bridges with our police and sheriffs, not doing things that will alienate them.

Political pressure campaign on key officials to Impeach - we need to effectively remind Pelosi, Conyers, Nadler, and others, that their actions to block Impeachment constitute felony obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the American people, and conspiracy to overthrow our Constitutional form of government. These are arrestable crimes for all Congress members.

If the Congress members respond positively, which is unlikely, then great. We keep the pressure up through the entire process, including the criminal prosecutions to follow successful Impeachment. But this result is unlikely.

Depending on the response to the Town Hall and law enforcement bridge building efforts, we then get the police to honor their Oaths to the people by assisting us in the next phase, which is following through on the Citizens Arrest campaign.

In the event the police and sheriffs don't feel compelled to serve the people, then depending on the level of popular support from the greater grievance group (general population) as well as third parties, we begin our previously planned campaign of noncooperation with authority, while attempting to carry out the Citizens Arrest Campaign on a limited basis that will escalate as support increases.

Citizens Arrests - this campaign will use the previously drafted and signed Peoples Warrants, preferably but not necessarily with official law enforcement assistance, to take into custody wanted war criminals, hold them in detention until such time as they can appear before a lawful magistrate.

All of this will take immense planning, but we must do it. We the people need to come together, decide on a common objective that will become the objective of the grand strategy for the entire movement. We must put aside our partisan differences, as well as shifting our focus as much as possible away from our current activities, come together as one unified front, and plan our futures. Now.

This involves compiling a realistic strategic estimate of not only the War Criminals, et al., but of ourselves as well. With this estimate, we can plan the tactics and methods for a variety of scenarios in the campaign strategies, and have the resources necessary to effectively develop our grand strategy.

I mentioned before the idea of a Peoples Constitutional Convention as the objective of the grand strategy. A Convention has the raw authority and capability of amending the Constitution which I feel is our only long term solution to that which ails this country, and by extension, the rest of the world.

Imagine if you will, a series of Peoples Amendments such as:

-the removal of the unalienable rights of personhood from business entities, i.e. corporations, etc.. These rights are only for the flesh and blood people. Commerce must operate under the public trust, and if violated, must lose it's corporal status.

-the banning of all political contributions. This includes lobbyists, perks, kickbacks, and campaign contributions. Public officials must only receive a public salary which is capped and indexed to the average citizens earnings. This is made possible by the next Amendment.

-the reform of media. Media will have to operate under the public trust. Free and equal time will be required for all campaign ads and for all candidates. Private money cannot be used to procure an advantage. These are not publicly financed elections and will not cost the people. This will be required on the part of media as their royalty payment to the people for the use of the public mediums for profit.

-and my personal favorite, a solid mechanism to enforce the Sworn Oath of Office on all government officials, regardless of elected or appointed status, and regardless of office. It must be outside the three branches of government, fully accessible to all the people, as well as have the authority to remove and indict if necessary.

-and if we really want to solve our energy problems, we must lift all prohibitions on the hemp plant, cannabis sativa. The federal classification of this plant as a controlled and banned substance, was done at the behest of the original oil cartel in our country, as well as timber barons. But the fact remains, as a biofuel crop, hemp delivers more biomass per acre, with no fertilizers, than any other plant on Earth.

Paul Fisher
We the People Network

Sign the Peoples Warrant to arrest Bush, Cheney, et al

Read this link to another of my posts for information on the peoples authority, as well as relevant caselaw.

For more information on the use of strategy in nonviolent campaigns, please read Waging Nonviolent Struggle in the 21st Century, by Gene Sharp, On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict, by Robert Helvey, and Strategic Nonviolent Conflict: The Dynamics of People Power in the Twentieth Century, Dr. Peter Ackerman and Dr. Christopher Kruegler.

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We have solutions. But time is quickly running out.
Read the above post and comment on it.

Paul Fisher
We the People Network
But please don't roll over like sheeple, because we are the We in We the People!
Support the Peoples Constitutional Convention!
Sign the Peoples Warrant to Arrest Bush, Cheney, et al.,

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