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Tim Russert, Victim of Fatal Heart Attack

Tim Russert 58, died today of suddent, fatal heart attack. See CNN

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Love him. Hate him. Tim Russert was one of the best in his profession to come down the pike. A harder hitter there never was.

I for one will miss him on Sunday mornings. It was a pleasure to watch Tim sometimes make people on the show eat their own lying words. Tim was a master at doing that.


The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias which neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.

Russert's family - but with all the millions the guy must have amassed, they should be well taken care of, at least.

Gotcha politics was his forte. But, anyone who keeps up with the REAL NEWS could do what Russert did to the senile, corrupt guests that NBC (read, mass-murdering conspirator General Electric) allowed to be on the program. Peace activists were not featured on his short list - none of his lists, actually.

Sadly, Russert never lived to see the ultimate damage his complicity with the Washington war machine caused to the Iraqi people. Let history not forget that he was compicit in the Richard Cheney / Lewis Libby outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Oh well, the gods will sort it all out....

Who knows, maybe NBC will choose Keith Olbermann over Chris (HAH!) Matthews, who has his roots in the same internal, dark government as Russert had.

Reposting my comment because the same lies against a deceased person are repeated over and over and taking on a life of their own:

All reports about Russert's testimony are that Russert did NOT DISCUSS and did NOT LEAK Plame to Libby, according to Tim Russert's own testimony sworn under oath, and Russert's testimony in fact helped Fitzgerald as evidence to INDICT Scooter Libby with his perjury case! It was an obvious Bush Administration set-up. If anything, Russert is a reluctant hero, because NBC's lawyers tried to stop him from testifying , due to First Amendment right (Press uses this to protect their sources so that sources will not be reluctant to talk to Press).

Read this article, wiki and google other sources:

"Russert Resisted Testifying on Leak

By Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 10, 2006; Page A05

Lawyers for NBC News reporter Tim Russert suspected in the spring of 2004 that his testimony could snare Vice President Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, in a lie and Russert resisted testifying at the time about private conversations with Libby, according to court papers released yesterday.

Russert was aware that a special prosecutor probing the leak of a CIA operative's name knew of his summer 2003 telephone conversation with Libby, and that Libby had released him from any promise of confidentiality. But Russert, the Washington bureau chief for NBC News and host of "Meet the Press," and his attorneys argued in previously sealed court filings in June 2004 that he should not have to tell a grand jury about that conversation, because it would harm Russert's relationship with other sources.

Russert ultimately testified under oath about the conversation after a federal judge ordered him to do so in July 2004. The information Russert provided became important evidence that Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald used to indict Libby in October on five felony counts of lying to the FBI and a grand jury, and of obstruction of justice.

Fitzgerald accused Libby of lying to investigators when he said he believed he heard about Valerie Plame's CIA role from Russert in their July 2003 telephone conversation. Russert testified that they never discussed Plame.

U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan released the court papers involving Russert yesterday. They were sought by the New York Times.

It "appears that Mr. Russert's testimony is sought solely because the Special Prosecutor believes that his recollection of a telephone conversation with an Executive Branch official is inconsistent with that official's statements," they wrote."

"CIA leak scandal
In the Plame affair, Scooter Libby, convicted chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney, told special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that Russert was the first to tell him of the identity of Central Intelligence Agency officer Valerie Plame (Mrs. Joseph C. Wilson). Russert testified previously, and again in United States v. I. Lewis Libby, that he would neither testify whether he spoke with Libby nor would he describe the conversation.[11][12] Russert did say, however, that Plame's identity as a CIA operative was not leaked to him.[11]

Russert testified again in the trial on February 7, 2007.[13] At the trial, the prosecution asserted that a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent had called Russert regarding Russert's phone call with Libby, and that Russert had told the agent that the subject of Plame had not come up during his conversation with Libby.[13]

During the trial, another witness, former Cheney communications director Cathie Martin, testified that she "suggested we put the vice president on Meet the Press, which was a tactic we often used. It's our best format", allowing the administration to "control the message".[14][15]"



as much as I thought Tim Russert to be a 'nice guy', he also did many many "PRESS THE MEAT" sessions, essentially cheering on the
same folks who took this nation to war, based solely on 'lies' and 'deception' and never once asked a difficult question of any of the neocon filth he interviewed. I don't know if he knew he'd be 'fired' or otherwise 'sanctioned' for doing that, but he made a conscious choice NOT TO TELL THE TRUTH OR PUSH FOR IT, and therefore, my judgement of him is far harsher. It goes like this:


If you think your 'job' and 'livlihood' is more important than the well-being of the country as a whole, you are a SELFISH, SELF-SERVING BASTARD, and you should have great trouble shaving your face in the morning, because you shouldn't be able to look at it in the mirror without 'vomiting' for what you are.

If you justify your 'silence' with the; "what good does it do if I speak out and lose my job" bullshit defense, you might as well be the one in the cockpit of the bomber or the fighter jet dropping the munitions on innocent civilians, for YOUR SILENCE ALLOWS THEM TO BE THERE DOING THESE CRIMES!


Tim Russert, if there is such a thing as 'hell' which I sincerely doubt, I hope you're there next to all the other SILENT AND COMPLICIT BASTARDS WHO DID NOTHING AND SAID NOTHING WHEN THEY HAD THEIR CHANCE TO STOP UNPRECEDENTED EVIL IN IT'S SLITHERING TRACKS. I hope you pay for your silence, Tim, in some way or another, because you got off too 'light' by simply croaking at your NBC desk, the corrupt scummy belly of the beast that you were all too content to work within.

SILENCE=COMPLICITY, it's that simple. That goes for every stinking cowardly bastard wherever you may be, who refuses to insist on the truth, refuses to prosecute these criminals, and refuses to admit YOUR GODDAMNED COMPLICITY BY YOUR SILENCE!

and that includes the Olbermanns and Chomskys of the world too. they act as steam-valves. as gatekeepers. you expect a guy like RUssert to NOT put things in proper perspective and stick to superficial crap that only scratches the surface, but the kind of lying by ommission that Chomsky and other bastions engage in is arguably more damaging.

Hey ANON, where were you in 2002? And more importantly , WHO ARE YOU? Not exactly Deep Throat.



what are you talking about? did i offend you by calling out Olbermann and Chomsky? way to prove my point. the both of them continually fail to put 2 and 2 together as far as PNAC,AIPAC,9/11 etc. go. gee, i wonder why?

All of us cannot be so lucky to be self-employed, or work for goody-two shoe Mom and Pop companies, or for "non-profit organizations" . Most of us work for "corporate whores", or as an alternative, sucky government jobs to get guaranteed health care insurance, or worse yet, the military.

Tim Russert did the best he could with the job given him. He did not own NBC, he did not run NBC, he did not have stock in GE's military industrial complex , to the best of my knowledge. He just worked for a company and followed their rules and authority to keep his salary and bennies for himself and family, he is NOT responsible for every evil the company has ever done. He only has to answer to God for initiating his own personal deeds and private thoughts of his own free will .

Trashing a dead man for all the evil deeds of corporate whores is ludicrous. Corporate whores were not built in a day, or in Tim Russert's lifetime. They were here before we were born and will be here after we are gone.

Did NBC and GE die with Tim? NO!!!

Tim Russert was a GOOD MAN, period.



you are such a tool, just like your boy RUssert. dead or not, we should be honest about the man. he was a first rate propagandist with an agenda of protecting the elite in our society. just because he died doesnt mean we should sugarcoate it. he was a willing participant in a media disinformation campaign. he was a brilliant propagandist who did a lot of real damage to this country. Tim ignored PNAC, Tim ignored AIPAC, Tim knew what NOT to talk and ask about. he was a spineless jellyfish who gladly took his huge paycheck while damaging this country. he more than just "followed G.E's rules", he was a first rate shill for the elite. you're ok with RUssert "just taking orders"? thats an excuse to you? the Nazis said the same thing you know. wake the hell up already.

you've been watching too much of the MSM coverage of Russert's death. its always sad when somebody dies, but in this case its a public figure who has damaged discourse in this country by limiting it with his "credibility". he has protected criminals and worse. i feel sorry for his family but thats about the best i can say about the man based on what i knew of him. i knew him to be a first rate propagandist. it should not be wrong to point that out just because hes dead now. facts are facts. the evidence shows his career was shameless like most(lets be honest,all. you dont get to the top by asking truly tough questions. Russert knew that...) MSM heavyweights.

He was in my home every Sunday, and considering that he worked for the MSM , he was one of the best. Blaming Tim for what MSM has become is just silly. You are blaming a cog in the wheel. That would be like blaming an American soldier for causing the illegal war , instead of Bush and Cheney. The hippies did that during the Vietnam War until they wised up (they called the soldiers "baby-killers" when they returned.) Tim Russert is being buried with lies. I cannot bring the man back to life, but I am trying to unbury LIES about him. Tim Russert is NOT responsible for the propagandization of the MSM.

Do you HONESTLY think that George W Bush , Dick Cheney, Karl Rove , Scooter Libby, et al would sit down with one of us for an interview for one New York minute at ? That would be like inviting them to a pool of sharks without the cage! No, we would have to do the Deep Throat thing, just wait and hope that we get lucky and that a Washington insider will come to us in some dark garage. Tim Russert brought enuf civility, protocol and yes, fairness, into the Meet the Press room that he could get these people ON CAMERA IN FRONT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE , at the VERY least. Do you and I have the talent and wherewithal to do that?
I admired Tim Russert for getting these hoodlums to merely SHOW UP !!!

MSM are supposed to be watchdogs true, but they still have protocol and liability issues, or they will be sued and shut down. MSM also has to worry about FCC and the lousy Telecommunications Act of 1996 (which is your REAL culprit). Telecommunications Act of 1996 replaced Fairness Doctrine after nearly 65 years. Fairness Doctrine was NOT dictating that reporting had to be "balanced and fair", which is what many incorrectly think it was about. No, Fairness Doctrine, in a nutshell, stated that MSM could not be a monopoly. In other words, it REGULATED the purchase power of corporations, and how many news, radio, tv, etc. outlets they could buy. Anything after that the feds considered a monopoly. Now what does BIG BUSINESS hate more than LABOR UNIONS? Big Business hates REGULATION more. And the Neocons managed to start making their changes to America back in 1996, when the Fairness Doctrine was abolished, and Telecommunications Act of 1996 came in and DEREGULATED corporate mainstream media. And there you have it, corporate America was allowed to buy up every news outlet without as much (if any) regulation. And then ABC could buy Disney. GE could buy NBC. And on and on, until there were monopolies within monopolies.

And the people who have worked in MSM for years got caught up in this monopoly purchase power. The powers that be in the MSM became MORE POWERFUL, and could DICTATE AND EDIT more news to the American people, because MSM became monopolies WITH LESS COMPETITION. And reporters now know they tow the line, they listen to their producers or "the man" or the power elite , or whatever you want to call it, or they don't get to work in this business that they trained for in college at all, unless they free-lance and live hand to mouth, because there is almost NO COMPETITION IN MSM ANYMORE. They have to eat and feed their families like we do , put a roof over their heads, and advance their careers so that they can send their kids to college so that they don't have to worry about them joining the military.

It's easy to over-simplify this and make it seem like its all one man's fault that the MSM has become more propagandized, but you would not be telling the truth, not at all.



first let me say, this is one of the last websites i think would engage in selective censorship. my last comments didnt show up. fuck this website, they act like they wanna fight back but then pull this selective censorship bullshit. fuck you moderator, for not allowing my comments. what a fucking crock. Russert was a propagandist.

If you want your comments to go up right away, register and get an account. Otherwise you will have to wait in the anonymous poster queue with all the other anonymous posts (and the daily avalanche of spam) until a volunteer can get to your post.

my apologies. i just get so sick of all the "comment moderation" thats rampant on most political sites nowadays. many websites really do seem to censor certain points of view now and i lash out sometimes. guess its the libertarian streak in me. thats no excuse though, i was rude and i apologize.

no, you didn't offend me. you hit the nail on the head. Noam Chomsky and Keith Olbermann are both heavily involved in naysaying the truth that has emerged re: Sept. 11, 2001.

so no, I think you're right about them. the comment someone else made about "pushing others to stick their necks out" or somesuch crap, is what "offends" me.

people who do absolutely NOTHING to voice their opinions about the lies and the excuses used to attack Iraq, occupy it, and send troops to Afghanistan, under the ruse of 'fighting the terror war' are the problem, because their 'silence' is giving these sleazy s.o.b.'s the impression they can not only get away with the FALSE FLAG attack they staged on Sept. 11, 2001, murdering many citizens of this country using elements of our own military and goverment, but also, 'cover' for the next FALSE FLAG that no doubt will be the 'excuse' for MARTIAL LAW being declared by dictator boy and his puppet-master, Cheney.
This whole Sept. 11th. FALSE FLAG gig was designed and operated to destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and end all charades about DEMOCRACY in the U.S., once and for fucking all. It had nothing to do with the CIA boy, Bin Laden (used as a patsy for blame laying) and it certainly had nothing to do with protecting America either. It always was about bringing about a DICTATORSHIP.

any alleged news person (there is no longer any news on the airwaves) who is denying the U.S. Government had anything to do with Sept. 11, 2001, is either an 'israeli mossad plant' or someone connected to the Military Industrial Complex in some fashion or another, or 'both' of those.

Olbermann gets his paycheck signed by military industrial complex scum, and Chomsky, I think he's just an old incompetent fart who has a hard time with laws of physics and obvious evidence of demoliton at WTC-7, and both of the Twin Towers of the WTC.

anyway, no anger directed at you, just have no use for people who buy into this Russert was a nice man bullshit. It's their opinion, but they obviously are a few cans short of a six pack, a day late, a dollar short, several bricks short of a load, etc. or 'utterly clueless', and hence 'brainwashed',take your pick!

right on brother. you speak the truth, i just thought you were directing your comments at me. Russert may have been a "nice guy" but he did a huge amount of damage while he was alive.

I'm not writing Noam Chomsky and Keith Olbermann any excuse notes for their style or their actions. I'm just stating for the record that every single swinging dick and opposite body part member of the press who cheerlead this goddamned war has a shitload of blood on their hands.

and, as it hit your achille's tendon obviously, where the fuck where you when this war was ramping up? I was spitting up blood in the urgent care center in my city, from a lung infection I got while working in an asbestos rich environment, and then got punished by the right wing asshole triage nurse for standing in front of the waiting room monitor, with three other vietnam vets, and said; "that Colin Powell is a goddamned liar"..

I didn't get treated that night, got ushered out for having insulted that right wing bitch triage nurse's way out of touch with reality sensibilities.

I also have spent countless hours raising all sorts of hell with every bit of the chain of command all the way to the office of the illegitimate dictator. I've spent countless hours with a sign in my hand, protesting this bullshit.

don't give me that shit about "where the fuck were you" here.

I know where the fuck I was. In the last cluster fuck called Vietnam, I 'joined' rather than wait till my draft notice, which did in-fact, arrive, got to me. Where was your ass then?

Fuckjobs like Tim Russert have been enabling this war mongering and lying for far too long, and any alleged american citizen who sits on his her ass and does nothing, in my well qualified opinion, is aiding and abetting it. There is no excuse, period, end of goddamned story.

there is no excuse for silence. never was, and never will be.

Did you help out in NYC? Are you part of that can link you up with others in your area, or are you aleady lined up with others? Just wondering what others are doing. peace, Rain

yes, I am pretty involved, but I won't have anything further to do with DEMOCRAPS.CON, because the DEM party, as far as I am concerned, is one and the SAME with the fascist bastard GOP filthy scum. I do, however, like Kucinich, and McKinney, they are the exceptions to that rule. Throw in Wexler, too!

but yes, I am fairly well connected, working on fighting these turds on many levels. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and persistence, but I have given up on the ballot box, won't be voting ever again, least not for a DEM or in my wildest nightmares, ANY GOP SCUM. They're joined at the hip, both have destroyed this country. Both are destroying it now.

as I had said; "if you are SILENT, you are COMPLICIT", and there are no excuses for either SILENCE or COMPLICITY unless you want to turn this nation into a charnel house, as so many of the right wing brain dead, and yellowdog DEMOCONSPIRATORS are doing.

all yank cares about is her silly rigged elections coming up in Nov. She'll be sitting around blaming democrats when McCain "wins", believing all the lies that russert would be spouting, if he weren't dead, because she just doesn't see what's going on around here yet.

But she will. Or she will just blame Nader, or Hillary, or whatever Russert's replacement tells her to believe.

You keep it up Anon.

Hey look Yank! A Vietnam vet that knows how to spell Vietnam. Maybe he knows something about Indy's organization. Why don't you ask him.,9171,834806,00.html?promoid=...

And as far as Obama getting elected is concerned, God I hope its rigged, who needs your McBush third term again?

You are quite the wiseguy , aren't ya? You won't think you're such a smart alec if you don't do everything possible to influence people to vote for the one who WON'T draft your butt overseas.



here's Google maps with one word spelling

here Wiki listing, one word spelling...

and here is the Official tourist guide info from the Vietnam tourism site with one word spelling...

and the CIA spells it with one word...

and so does the English dictionary...

In their language it is spelled with two words, but we don't speak their language.

To further make my point, the article you provide, uses the term "Vietnamese". Now. according to you, that should be "Viet Namese", but it is ONE WORD Vietnamese.

And I am not a "smart alec", I am just smart enough to know that Obama will not save this country, we have to.

Impeachment is the best way to curb the corruption we are facing.

You used to think so, Yank. But now you buy into the theory that impeachment will put McCain in the White House, and you don't seem to see that the people that planted that in your head, did so because they WANT McCain in the White House.

Come Nov. when the elction is over, then you will know and just like so many others, you will rather blame Nader or Hillary rather than accept the blame for yourself because you had a chance to change things, and you just blew it.

That's what I know. I don't vote just to keep from being drafted. I vote for the person best suited for the job.

one word strictly.

it gets cut to 'nam during conversations, but nobody who served in that war uses two words.

anyone who tells you different is a wannabe, a fraud, and not real.

and that's the truth

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