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June 16 Rally Speech By Reg Keys


I have journeyed here today from England to offer a hand across the water. A hand of friendship and support to form a bond of unity with America, like ours a proud nation.

For as well as great pride in our countries we have deep concern over the conduct of our country’s leaders. Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush have both acted dishonorably and brought the integrity of our proud nations into disrepute. Taking us to war on a falsehood.

They have both knowingly mislead Parliament and Congress, our people, and worst of all our brave troops who have put their lives at risk, many returning home in coffins, the result of this unnecessary war with Iraq. We have been thrown into conflicts on the basis of fabricated intelligence reports and deceit over Iraq’s WMD capability.

Our brave troops have had their oath of allegiance betrayed and their patriotism exploited.

I ask you today to hold your President to account as organizations are doing so in Britain with our Prime Minister. These leaders cannot walk through such a catastrophic political blunder with impunity. The Downing Street Minutes is an explosive dossier of deceit by both parties. The leaked classified memo in the Sunday Times May 1, 2005 confirms that the American President was committed to war as early as June, 2002 as stated in his meeting with the Prime Minister, despite contrary claims to Westminster and Congress. Other manipulative intelligence data to justify the war is as follows:

I quote:

Dick Cheney – “The regime possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons, we also believe nuclear weapons.


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It seems to me that many people of this country have been fooled by a man we call our "President". For whatever Bush and his administrations reason(s) to do such a thing so sporadically, I'm afraid we will never know but what I do know is that whats done is done and if we as TRUE AMERICANS don't take action and bring justice where it is sought than I believe
our nation is going to fall. When this country was born it was created with the greatest most sincere intentions and thankfully we have been very fortunate since then but as we all know it only takes one man to change the world as we saw in WWII. If Bush wants to leave a legacy so one day people will look back and say " yes he was a great president" I'm afraid it's too late, truth always comes out of the shadows. It won't be easy to fix what has been broken but if the right people the TRUE AMERICANS(especially those in higher power) stand up than we will succeed. The past may already be gone but there is still a tomorrow, a tomorrow far ahead of us in which we are long in the past but we will live with contentment and die with it knowing the America of tomorrow will be even better than it is today. Lets not only do it for ourselves but for those whose lives have been sacrificed, they fought and died for us now lets us pay back the favor.

The greatest thing that can do, in my opinion, is to join with the British and Australian people in their mutual struggle to bring an end to this illegal war and hold government accountable for the lies, the deceit, the conspiracy to commit an illegal war of aggression, the fraud, and the death tolls. All illegal, all immoral, and all, until now, unchecked by the media and the public. There are some tremendous people and organizations that need to come in to ADS -- Australia's No To War, The World Tribunal on Iraq, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Goldsmith was very worried about this group), Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, and the whistleblowers who have paid the price of speaking out the truth about this war and the criminals who arranged it.

Hidden innocence

Finding guilt is no problem but I find it difficult to find anything that Bush and his supporters have done that was done in innocence.
The media, corporate thugs and bureaucrats who have supported him in his crime spree are at least guilty of aiding and abetting if not more. So we must forgive most of their sins if they help us put the big thugs away.
Congress people who say, "I didn't know I voted for it anyway" really don't belong in such a critical to America job.
It's far past time for American politicians to take responsibility for the things they do and be forced to face the consequences of the results of things they do and the lies they tell.
I supported Bush in 2000 but immediately after 9/11 I smelled a rat so I started crashing around the web while comparing what he said to what he did and got an education. I've been trying to tell someone, anyone, what's going on since then. NOW, maybe there's a big enlightenment under way and his evil ways are coming to an end. His corporate regime is the most dangerous group this earth has ever seen, believe it. He and they have to be stopped else the world, not just America, is in serious trouble.

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