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"You" are the Americans who can get us Impeachment Hearings before the election

Want to stop the Iraq War. Want the Democrats in Congress to stop the funding for the war? Want accountability.

Our group firmly believes the war will go on for years regardless of which party wins the White House. We also believe that the Democrats will after the election do absolutely nothing about accountability.

FACT: The Democrats will win majorities in the House and Senate regardless of what any activists do or don't do.

The public is so disgusted with what the Republicans have done to our Country that indeed a donkey could get elected simply because the beast is Not a Republican.

So quit worrying about the House or Senate going Republican again. That is not going to happen.

Instead, Worry about having a President in the near future who commits much worse crimes against the Constitution.
It will probably be too late at that point to protect the Constitution and our rights.

If you and I do not rein in future Presidents by forcing Congress to deal with the Cheney/Bush crimes now by holding Impeachment Hearings prior to the Election we run a huge risk that the pattern of Presidential crimes against our Constitution will be beyond the voter's control.

Once the Establishment bends the Constitution far enough away from what the Founders intended, it will take a second civil war to get it back. Given the wealth and political power of Corporate America, common Americans will lose that war. So fight the easy war now. Put ruthless pressure on selected individual Democrats in close races to honor their oath and hold impeachment hearings, Now!

The Battle To Save Our Constitution must be fought and won this summer.
Otherwise, get ready for more wars fought soley for the benefit of huge Corporations. And fewer liberties and rights for you and I.

To have Impeachment Hearings BEFORE NOVEMBER,

WE have to create Fear In The Minds Of

Individual Democratic Congressmen that They themselves may Not Be re-elected and may not be a part of that historic change.

They are only concerned with they themselves getting re-elected or (as in the case of our Colorado Rep. Udall) getting elected to the Senate).

The fact that they are ignoring the well known Cheney/Bush crimes and are ignoring the voters begging them to stop funding the Iraq War is evidence of that. Democratic Congressmen are gambling that the Party will win such complete and overwhelming majorities that they individually will not have to take any political risks in the near future.

To make impeachment hearings happen WE have to create doubt that They Will be part of the next Congress.

WE also have to create doubt in the minds of the voters in their districts that they are honest (if they didn't intend to honor their oath, they aren't). Voters have an inherent distrust in all politicians and believe that politicians as a class are not to be trusted. The common knowledge that Congressmen may have lied when they took their oath is easy to work with.

This method of getting the attention of Congressmen seems to be working in Colorado.

We know we are creating doubt in the minds of the voters about Udall here in Colorado, and we know that the Campaign is worried about it.

We have had feedback from them asking us to back off. If we can get a just few more Coloradoans across Colorado to join us and protest Udall at his every public appearance, We Can Change the Outcome Of Colorado's Senatorial Race. If Udall wants to ignore us and take the chance of losing by a few votes, that is his problem not ours. The Democrats will still win control of the Senate, but Udall won't be with them.

It does not take many people to disrupt Democratic campaign events and create doubt in the minds of voters about any Democratic candidates.

It does not take very many people writing negative comments on newspaper articles about Candidates to create doubt. We, you and I just need to step up and do it every day until the election.

Congress has had positive poll ratings of as low as 11% so voters are receptive to reasoned criticism.

Keeping the criticism focused only on the one topic that even uneducated voters can identify with will strengthen our negative campaigns. Every worker believes "keeping your word" is basic.

The theme to be used is simply the failure of our Congressmen to keep their word, they took an oath, they are breaking their word. All voters, even the most dense can identify with that fact.

If Congressmen lied when they took their oath to defend Our Constitution, they will lie about anything to keep their job. If they are vague about support for single payer healthcare, their version looks more like a huge subsidy for the health care industry and you know they lied about their oath, are they lying about health care?

Our Congressman Udall now says his refusing to even discuss holding impeachment hearings is just an "honest difference of opinion". That is Baloney!! The Constitution says "shall" impeach. His opinion is pure arrogance.

Udall cannot avoid at least holding impeachment hearings if he knows the people Know that Cheney and Bush broke Federal Laws, Treaties, and Our Constitution, No congressman can. The fact that they are all pretending they can doesn't change that fact. They lied when they took the oath or they have since decided to disregard their oath, or they have decided to subvert Our Constitution.

The public knows what Cheney and Bush did and they want accountability and they know the Democrats Will Do Nothing After The Election. No investigations, no trials in the US, no war crimes trials in the Hague. Nothing! Period!

Oppose them now, Or Lose All. It is Your choice.

John H Kennedy, Denver CO,

43 year Democratic voter and organizer of the

Impeach Colorado Coalition

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