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Group Raises $6,300 to Pay for Impeachment Poll

After pollsters say they won't raise impeachment, group to pay for poll

The group of activists who pushed for an inquiry into the Downing Street documents has raised $6,300 to pay pollsters to raise a question on impeaching President Bush, RAW STORY has learned.

Pollster John Zogby, who found that 42 percent of Americans would support impeaching the President were it proven he did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to go to war in Iraq, recently told RAW STORY he did not plan future polls.

Zogby said he felt pollsters should be a barometer of public opinion, and shouldn't poll on issues that aren't currently on the political agenda. He did, however, say he would consider doing the poll if he were paid.

David Swanson, who is leading the charge, says an impeachment poll shouldn't been dependent on action in Congress.

"We don't believe that the media's agenda should be completely controlled by Congress," Swanson said. "In this case, the media (specifically the polling arm of the media) is ignoring impeachment and claiming to be doing so because there is no action in Congress, even from progressives. That's true. There isn't."

"But if Congress is failing to represent the public's concerns, and our public discourse is determined by that failure, then majority opinions can be marginalized," he added.

Zogby told RAW STORY last month he opted not to poll on impeachment again after the Downing Street documents lost traction. The documents showed that the Bush and Blair Administrations were aggressively pursuing their case for war despite knowing there was scant evidence of Iraq weapons programs. In one document, the chief of British intelligence is quoted as saying that officials were trying to “fix


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If Zogby thinks he renders an issue "political" (or, by inference, "creates" an event where one wasn't before) by asking about it in a random poll...then that logic would apply to any subject he puts on a polling questionnaire.

If the above is the case, all polling is biased and, therefore, invalid at any level.

Mr. Zogby speaks with a "forked tongue"!

Please, stop with this paper polling lion. Use the thousands that marched on Sept. 24, 05. It is way past time to choose the handful of men and women in congress and step up the pressure with irritation and support. This is the poll and this involves the people of America that demand George Bush's impeachment. My option is the "37 Cent Solution". Simple example.

100,000 people (Sept. 24, 05) x 1 letter/week x $1.00 = $100,000/week
$100,000 x 52 weeks = $5,200,000.00
At $5.00 per letter thats $26 Million a year to work for George Bush's impeachment!

If this support is given to Rep. John Conyers to continue his great courageous work not only would Rep. Conyers get the money he needs, receive the physical proof THE POLL from every letter sent, the 100,000 plus people are directly involved from their homes, is absolutely affordable and websites such as AfterDowningStreet and Rep. John Conyers website will prove to the people involved that their numbers are growing, working and supporting the people in congress that have the courage to demand George Bush's impeachment. You have the means at you disposal, use it! VoteToImpeach already has over 600,000 hits on that site alone calling for impeachment. Why are you not committing those good people to this tangible involvement that we all can see growing EVERY WEEK. Please do this TODAY!

Thomas Vacanti
3967 Cumberland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Zogby was hired by Republicans quite a bit.

Your bullshit stonewalling is not needed, and now that the stonewall is crumbling, we are going to BE POLLING ON IMPEACHMENT whether you like it or not sonny boy!!!!!

Its time for an IMPEACHMENT poll, and its time for us to FORCE IT OUT INTO THE PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug Eldritch

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