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Condi Avoids Denying DSM Facts

Watch her wiggle:




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Conyers: Rice Lets the Truth Slip. * Does Not Intend to Bring Troops Home
Edited on Sun Jun-19-05 10:50 AM by paineinthearse

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

"A Generational Commitment"??!!
Secretary Rice Lets the Truth Slip
The President Does Not Intend to Bring Our Troops Home

I find this truly astounding. As there is a growing bipartisan consensus in Congress that we need to get out of Iraq, and do so very very soon, this Administration appears to be heading in exactly the opposite direction. As Republican Senators publicly proclaim that the situation if Iraq is eroding, we learn that there is no "exit strategy" because no exit is planned. How out of touch with the reality on the ground and the reality here at home is this?

Blogged by JC on 06.19.05 @ 01:42 PM ET

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked if “the Bush administration fairly be criticized for failing to level with the American people about how long and difficult this commitment will be?

I truly enjoy listening to the neocon response that, no matter what the reason we gave for going to war, isn't everybody better off that saddam is gone. After that answer follows the diatribe like condi's about mass graves etc. This of course ignores the response any informed person would make, namely that the same people currently running the war were responsible for supporting saddam before the first gulf war, indeed the worst attrocities (gassing the Kurds) he is being charged with at his war crimes trial were carried out while we supported him. That of course explains why we are quick to insist that he not be allowed to testify at his own war crimes trial, because he would probably tell the world that th US gave him the gas he used on the Kurds. Our support of him therefore destroys the "were better off without saddam" argument because he could of been gotten rid of 15-20 years ago by us not supporting him, or by us not imposing the economic sanctions post the first gulf war (because the sanctions only hurt the mass citizenry and further connected them to Saddam by forcing them to rely on him for survival, without those sanctions a popular revolution would have likely occured creating regime change w/o 1700 dead americans)

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