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There's still room for opposition voices

From Annie Nichols
Baxter Bulletin (Arkansas)

Peaceful demonstration has been a part of our nation from before its inception until W took office. Seems W doesn't like to hear what the people have to say when they aren't kow-towing him. In the 9/20 edition, a letter was printed that denigrated protesters of the illegal-immoral-unethical occupation of Iraq. The writer mentioned that the majority of the House and Senate voted for the invasion of Iraq. What the writer did not note was that the House and Senate were unaware that they were being lied to by W and his administration. That for more than a year prior to 9/11 W had his sights on the oil in Iraq, as we found out with the "Downing Street Memo."

Another thing mentioned by the writer was "everyone had better be thankful that America still has those of us old and young that still believe in her and are willing to stand in harm's way to protect the freedom of Democracy here and abroad." Sir, I ask you to explain how fighting a third-world country that never threatened us in the first place has protected us or made us more free? With the enactment of the "Patriot Act" we have lost a great many civil liberties. No more are we protected by Amendment IV of the Constitution, instead your home can be searched without you being notified in any way.

No more does the government have to abide by Amendment XIV of our hard-fought Constitution, now you can be picked up and detained as long as the government wishes with no access to an attorney.

The freedom of speech is one of our most precious gifts. But to W, Cheney and others it is a hindrance to their trampling of the middle class and the poor.

All we have to do is look at the aftermath of Katrina to know where the poor rank on W's list of priorities. Even in the wake of governmental bungling of the rescue of the hurricane victims the cronyism continues with Halliburton being awarded rebuilding contracts.

So, despite the writer's opinion of protesters, I will continue to raise my voice for the truth until I am no longer able to do so! In my opinion if you want to support our Armed Forces then insist that they be brought home and that an international coalition oversee the rebuilding efforts in Iraq. Our presence is only making the region more unstable. Bring our troops home, now.




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