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Is the VA Bush’s Next Target?

by jpol

There certainly hasn’t been much written about it in the mainstream media, but an article posted on Military.Com’s web site suggests that the Bush Administration is charging full speed ahead with plans to dismantle the Veteran’s administration.

"What VA?


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The "noble cause" is unmasked in this posting. PRIVATIZE, PRIVATIZE, PRIVATIZE!

How can our rich contributors get even richer at the expense of the poor and rapidly vanishing middle class. What is remarkable is that so many middle class types vote for this Bu$h!

Our veterans deserve more than yellow magnets and black MIA flags. The country needs a democratic leadership with some balls and the fortitude to go public and oppose everything Bu$h pushes, including his nominees for the Supreme Court, ESPECIALLY his nominees for the Supreme Court!

I am left to only conclude that the "leading" dems are nothing more than Repugnant wannabees, getting their campaign money from the same sources as the darlings of the neocons.

Come on Hillary, John, Joes (Leiberman & Biden) and Howard Dean, you all should have been out front and visible on Saturday the 24th of September participating in the march. Your combined failure to show tells we who were there that you do not want our support.

Our support is there for the taking but you are declining the gifts we offer by remaining silent. You believe that we will turn to you because we despise Bu$h and his cabal so much that you take us for granted. NO MORE!

I have been a Democrat my whole life and since Reagan, I pull the straight lever everytime. I've said it before on this website and I'm saying it again, Republicans can notbe trusted with power. Now I am not so sure Democrats can be trusted with power either.

Maybe the calls on this site for a peoples' "revolution" have merit. Of course this does not mean armed revolt as most of the neocons will claim this post is calling for. They have no concept of democracy. They only know and crave power and control.

If you are (or were) middle class I urge you to think about what has happened to your life in the last 5 years. Then go back and think about your life going back 15 years, then 20 then 25, 30. This pretty much takes me through my entire adulthood. All I can sayis I'm glad I am not 13 now as I was in 1970. 18 year olds today certainly can not envision the same things I did as an American when I started college in 1970. It saddens me to see how the promise of the American dream has been turned into a nightmare by Bu$h.

One highlight of the 24th march for me was the vast number of young college age people who participated. This gives me encouragement but I am still troubled because there is no WASHINGTON POST in the same sense as existed in the Watergate time. The media today takes great pains to promote the Bu$h agenda as it is profitable for them. All you need to know is to have been at the march and then see the media completely ignore the presence of 100's of thousands in DC that day. That tells me more than I really needed to know.

Where to go from here? I keep reading one Bu$h atrocity after another and this VA one struck a chord for me as I have a client who is service related 100% disabled and in accordance with regulations the student loans taken out for his daughter should be paid off. Continual complications in the processing of the pay-off applications are frustrating him and now he keeps getting threats from collection agencies. This is how Bu$h honors our disabled veterans? And now this Bushit!

One last rant. Where are all the "Christians"? The Christ I learned about doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would be very tolerant of this type of governmental conduct. So, "Christians" what's it going to be? Follow Christ's teachings or follow Bu$h.

ESPECIALLY THE HIERARCHY? The elite and the powerful of the Church? Where are they? Why their silence? Is Blood for Oil part of their Just War Tradition? :

The Church leaders' silence is outlandish and appalling considering Bushco's revealed fascist imperialistic approach to confiscating a sovereign nation's raw resources by feigning the "spreading of democracy".
This is cavemen crap! This is PNAC bs! Why isn't the Church outraged by Bush's Neanderthal Neocon uncivilized is plain that it's Un-Christian!

When will these people figure out that they have failed at everything they do, and just give it up? I guess they'll be happy when martial law is instated and everyone has a GPS radio ID implanted in their spine, capable of detecting impure thoughts. God save us all from BushCo.

HERE IS THE FULL ARTICLE on the Military.Com website.

Please copy the url and send it to every email address you have. Especially all the "we need to support the troops and the president" morons.

Tell them that whenever the "president" talks about supporting the troops and their "noble cause" he's lying through his fucking teeth.

And prove it with this article.

We cannot wait for the ignorant puppet to sink himself. Leave the waiting for the spineless democrats in Washington.

We must keep hammering these evil neocon bastards with the truth until they disappear completely in disgrace, and we can replace them with legitimate government.

John Perry

Right now , Doug Wallace has filed a lawsuit against Bush, Cheney, et al for violating the Constitution .

He has given every citizen an opportunity to sign a letter of support for an INJUNCTION to STOP Bushco from continuing to implement PNAC against the Constitution. Can you imagine if millions of us signed this letter of support for an injunction against Bushco?
That would be phenomenal !

Dush lied did he? John Kerry then too lied as he said there were WMDs in Iraq. Wnat to know who the real lying President is? That would be you're very own Democrat Bill (slick willie) Clinton. Here is Clinton's lying quote; "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN." That damn lying Clinton. Democrats, clean up you're own back years before digging into the republicans and do it before 2008, or you're out again in a land slide.And do your selves a favor and throw that cold blooded murdering Ted Kennedy out of you're Party

Um...Anon...Bush sent his manufactured evidence to Kerry saying "they have weapons of mass destruction." However Kerry wasn't the person who had access to ALL the CIA and FBI evidence. Why not? Why didn't he just look? Well, he didn't because Bush shut down ALL the information that every senator could see, and called it a "national security threat" and thus hand-picked his own evidence to present.

Clinton lied nobody DIED. Can't say that's true of Bush.

Ted kenedy when a young man had a car accident so did Laura Bush. Should we call Laura Bush a cold blooded murderer too?

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