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Reconstitution Convention

Given the disenfranchisement of our constitution, and that of any credible legal repute of our supreme court, a new light is cast upon the difficult nature it carries [as an 18th century document] of it's many linquistic and hence legal ambiguities necessitating such supreme court interpretation that it is as nearly a rorshach legal document as we might devise, that is to say there no longer is prudent reason not to fix it. One ought not fix that which is broken, and until these times that applied. These are times calling for such repair, but the system is already not as it once was, and checks and balances are gone. On alternet today there is a piece by Bill Moyers, and excerpt from his book, 'Moyers on Democracy', where he asserts 'For all of America's shortcomings, we keep telling ourselves, "The system works." Now all bets are off.' and I agree that it has been patently demonstated 'all bets are off'. One may say the system 'works' and we just don't like having a fascist phase to our democracy or a totalitarian phase or an authoritarian phase or any other undemocratic aspect to 'democracy', for in truth, 'all bets are off' then as well. Freedom does indeed mean the freedom to commit suicide or nationcide in this case if you will. Democracy must have that too, and then suffer the proposal of reconstituting...

Especially now, given this. This, here. This small remaining window of time of the net.

I propose we self-govern. Again, recent alternet carries a piece by Howard Zinn on anarchy not being a dirty word...

35 years ago, Sen. Wm. J. Fulbright wrote a book called 'The Crippled Giant'. It's last pages were on our empty system of power. A magnificent book altogether but if even it were only it's last chapter, it would still stand tall.

The Empty System Of Power

I propose a reconstitutional convention already as I do. I can imagine it may take long. Maybe too long, but I sorely would wish every notion possible presented. My own would be of or at least strongly include telegovernance.

I wrote Kevin Kelly on this with a brief question and he replied as briefly;

Subject Re: selfgovernance proposition

>In a succinctly terse and blunt nutshell of brevity, I ask
>are we not in a time of most need and greatest opportunity
>to selfgovern en masse?

-- KK
Kevin Kelly *
Senior Maverick for Wired * Author of The Technium
+1 XXX XXX XXXX vox * XXX XXXXXXX XXX, Pacifica, CA 94044 USA
My Lifestreams Blog =

....And so on.

I exhort two things here, two ideas, but if anything what I truly exhort are ideas themselves. Proactivity. We are at a blank canvas.

What use is it to say 'passivity enables what conformity supports' without such going further? What good is it to impeach an entire corrupted system without discourse upon any followup? etc...

One can scoff at my proposals, myself included, but the call for ideas, and the principle, holds -in my humble opinion. My hope here is that it's furthered, and with better ideas than mine, good as they may or may not be (and certainly not fleshed out for that matter).

Time is a factor it would seem to me...

John Farwell
Oklahoma City, OK

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I agree with you on the need for a new Peoples Constitutional Convention. This is exactly what I have been advocating for almost two years now! Please take a moment to check out the We the People Network website, and please get involved.

Paul Fisher
We the People Network
Support the Peoples Constitutional Convention!
Sign the Peoples Warrant to Arrest Bush, Cheney, et al.!

I don't quite understand what these posts mean but if there were a Constitional Convention nowadays, the billionaires and huge corporations through their lobbiests would construct a document that would put us all in a lot worse place than we now find ourselves.


Since posting this, it has indeed seemed a few folks are thinking similarly. I tried your link but could not connect to your server. It's 7pm now here locally so perhaps there's net congestion. I'll try again later this evening.

I am heartened that others such as yourself have gone forward on this. It may be farfetched with slim chances of happening but then given our present situation, perhaps not. The fiasco of these years then may have that silver lining of enabling opportunity for a national rebirth we wouldn't have had otherwise.

There's another reply beneath yours expressing concerns, reasonably valid concerns, that such an endeavor would be commandeered and perverted by the very powers who have delegated we citizens to the position of passive observers. I can well imagine such concerns are addressed on your site, even tangentally. I'll be interested to see your material as soon as I can connect.



Good morning. Just awoke. Tried the link again, connected licketysplit, and Wow. Now That's What I'm Talkin' About! Yes! What a beautiful site to my waking eyes. I'll be there. And definitely adding you to my blogroll. And posting about the site. I am pleased beyond words to put it mildly. I don't know why your site has not come up in my searches and travels but it has here now. I am glad I joined up here on ADS and posted my piece and had your reply. Thank you ADS.


Please let me know what you think of my posting on our forum:

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