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At least 873 Iraqis killed in violence this month. That excludes "suspected insurgents".

11 American Contractor Deaths

1 State Department Employee

At least 174 soldiers seriously wounded

Coalition Deaths:
49 US
3 Brits

This is where they were from:

Pennsylvania 8 15.4%
California 6 11.5%
Texas 4 7.7%
Florida 4 7.7%
New York 4 7.7%
Georgia 3 5.8%
England 3 5.8%
Alaska 2 3.8%
Arizona 2 3.8%
Kentucky 2 3.8%
Washington 2 3.8%
Wisconsin 2 3.8%
Ohio 2 3.8%
Massachusetts 1 1.9%
Montana 1 1.9%
New Jersey 1 1.9%
Illinois 1 1.9%
North Carolina 1 1.9%
Vermont 1 1.9%
South Carolina 1 1.9%
Tennessee 1 1.9%
Total 52

By Age
Age Group Total Percentage
18-20 8 15.4%
21-30 24 46.2%
31-40 18 34.6%
41-50 2 3.8%
Total 52

Average age - 28

Branch of Service Total Percentage
U.S. Army National Guard 24 46.2%
U.S. Army 17 32.7%
British Army 3 5.8%
U.S. Navy 2 3.8%
U.S. Army Reserve 2 3.8%
U.S. Marine 2 3.8%
U.S. Marine Reserve 1 1.9%
U.S. Air Force 1 1.9%
Total 52

Sergeant 17 32.7%
Specialist 11 21.2%
Staff Sergeant 9 17.3%
Sergeant 1st Class 3 5.8%
Fusilier 2 3.8%
Hospitalman 1 1.9%
Lance Corporal 1 1.9%
Major 1 1.9%
Master Sergeant 1 1.9%
Private 1 1.9%
Private 1st Class 1 1.9%
Seaman Apprentice 1 1.9%
1st Lieutenant 1 1.9%
1st Sergeant 1 1.9%
Airman 1st Class 1 1.9%
Total 52

Cause of Death
Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack 40 76.9%
Non-hostile - vehicle accident 4 7.7%
Hostile - hostile fire 2 3.8%
Hostile - hostile fire - mortar attack 2 3.8%
Hostile - hostile fire - sniper 1 1.9%
Non-hostile - lost at sea 1 1.9%
Non-hostile - unspecified accident 1 1.9%
Non-hostile - weapon discharge 1 1.9%
Total 52 /


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The Draft

Few efforts of human behavior modification are more remarkable or more effective than that of the socio-military institution known as the draft. A primary purpose of a draft or other such institution is to instill, by intimidation in the young males of the society the uncritical conviction that the government is omnipotent. He is soon taught that a prayer is slow to reverse what a bullet can do in an instant. Thus, a man trained in a religious environment for eighteen years of his life can, by this instrument of the government, be broken down, be purged of his fantasies and delusions in a matter of mere months. Once that conviction is instilled, all else becomes easy to instill.
EVEN MORE INTERESTING IS THE PROCESS BY WHICH A YOUNG MAN'S PARENTS, WHO PURPOTREDLY LOVE HIM, CAN BE INDUCED TO SEND HIM OFF TO WAR TO HIS DEATH... The draft (selective service, etc.) is an institution of compulsory and collective sacrifice and SLAVERY, devised by the middle aged and the elderly for the purpose of pressing the young into doing the public dirty work...It is marked and SOLD TO THE PUBLIC UNDER THE LABEL OF "PATRIOTIC = NATIONAL" SERVICE.
-- Excerpt from ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ found in William Cooper's book "Behold A Pale Horse"

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Speaking Events

January 29: David Swanson speaking in Arlington, Va.

February David Swanson debating a war supporter in Boston, Mass.

April 7-9: Huntsville, Alabama: 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest

June: UNAC's annual conference in Richmond, Va. April 29: possible multi-issue protest in DC.

August 2-6: Democracy Convention in Minneapolis.

Find more events here.


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