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Andy Rooney Rails Against Iraq War & Military Spending

Andy Rooney Rails Against Iraq War & Military Spending
Guest blogged by David Edwards

In a moment of true clarity on CBS's 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney says what many Americans are thinking about the Iraq war and the threat of the military-industrial complex.



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That took a lot of guts and I never thought I would hear anyone in the MS broadcast media tell it like it is.

He deserves a lot of credit. I just wonder if he plans on being on much longer.

Finally, a taste of what is so pathetically lacking in the mainstream media - a simple assessment of facts, devoid of political correctness and neocon spin, that tells the real story. We need more people like Andy Rooney.

Of course, the Bushanistas will denounce Andy's "anti-Americanism", say he is denegrating and demoralizing the troops, and try to paint him as an irrational old coot that should be taken off the air "for the good of the country".

Free speech is fine with these fascist bastards (the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the O'Reillys, etc and their blind kool-aid soaked followers) as long as its THEIR free speech. They're also okay with the truth, because their "moral superiority" allows them to decide which truth is "valid" and which isn't.

How unfortunate for this arrogant, pompous, self-serving band of Bush sychophants that the majority of Americans are wise to their ignorance.

John Perry

To denounce Andy is to denounce Ike !

Contrary to what John says I do not find that the majority of Americans see thru the Bush lies. Any twist or any spin seems to be swallowed by far too many. Rove has made any opposition to current lies as simply bad partisanship.

Thanks Louise -

I think the majority can see the truth, but far to many of these people are reluctant to admit it and speak out about it. Part of it is the inability of so many to swallow pride and admit mistakes.

I'd say there are millions who are now painfully sorry that they voted for this evil bastard and just don't want to talk about it. I think the way we make up for that is keep hammering with the truth until enough of these people can no longer ignore it.

John Perry

For those of you who would like to view President Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1961 Farewell Address in its entirety, including his ominous warning of "the Military Industrial Complex" , please view it on following link:

Wish I could quote the source, but I remember reading that Ike's original speech fingured the "military industrial congressional complex" as being a grave threat to the nation, the congressional part was left out of final speech, guess the great allied commander did not want to step on too many toes, always the politician right Ike.

The original speech is obviously spot on accurate as the military and defense industry are powerless without there lap dogs in congress.

Honest, disgusted Republicans should re-register right now, en masse. Make a statement! Register as Independents or as Greens. Then if you want to reform the Republican Party and get rid of the idiots, you could always re-register as a Republican closer to election time.

These evil people call themselves conservative. $7 trillion in debt is not conservative. Republicans instituted the National Park System. These criminals are suggesting selling off some of the land to support their oil/war addiction. It's time the true conservative republicans took back their party.

We have too many people feeding at the trough of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex. Congress and the Bush Administration are part of the problem too because they get huge campaign contributions from this complex. The result is that it is self-perpetuating & self-promoting. We unnecessarily attack countries like Vietnam or Iraq to prove we need this huge boondoggle & create a negative opinion of the United States all over the world. We must sweep the corrupt Republicans out of office and get our nation back on track.



Our gratefulness to you for having the decency, courage, and integrity to say it as it is -- the war is wrong -- let's get out of Iraq NOW!
We had tears in our eyes when you spoke the words that need to be spoken and listened by all the Americans in the United States. We waited so long to hear a journalist who has the GUTS to speak the truth! It is embarrassing and disgraceful to see our military budget at 450 billion dollars while our American people continue to be shortchanged in the long run. Is this democracy or a failed administration that cannot see past imperialism?

Thank you CBS 60 minutes for allowing Andy to speak the truth!!

As a weekly ritual, I sat deadpan watching 60 Minutes last night, hoping against hope someone would expose BushCo and protest the war. While the show is good, it leaves out way too much on the truth of this Administration, the lies we are told to swallow, the home-grown threats to our security, watching in horror all the killing in Iraq, and not least -- seeing our hard earned tax dollars going to the crooks.

When Andy spoke, it was like death coming alive again. At first, I couldn't believe my ears. MSM telling it like it is??!!! I cried tears of joy last night as he gave the commentary that will go down in history ask a key to bringing this rotten empire down.

Absolutely perfect!!

I love you, Andy Rooney!!!

Andy Rooney comes from the fast-disappearing generation which knew how to speak plainly. We have far too many slick "pros" now who sold this country out a long time ago. In 2000, the stacked court gave us the 1st Bush Presidency & in 2004 Ohio's well-heeled billionaires made sure he'd have a 2nd term. They have so much power & momentum now that I fear nothing short of a "revolution" could stop them (and they have all the guns)! Why do you think they spend $455 billion on the military anyway? We had a silent coup in 2000 and they mean to silence any Americans who dare to stand up to them. The so-called "people" would NOT win a new revolution. It's already too late! Get out now if you can, because it's going to get uglier than it already is.

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