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Lets get hungry for impeachment

I think it is very fair to say that a substantially significant portion of America wishes congress to not only bring, but also actually vote on Articles of Impeachment for President Bush, and Vice President Richard Cheney.

So far, congress has been hilariously inept on this issue of immediate importance. Petitions have been signed, protests have been organized, and the people are hungry. They are hungry to see these two war criminals tried for their horrendous lack of regard for the will of the people they swore on God to represent.

I believe more drastic measures need to be tried to get something done. As the people, we hold more power than anyone dares to realize. When people suffer, someone is sure to listen. I propose that, as well as any other willing collaborative, to call upon the people to go on a hunger strike beginning May 8th of this year (On May 8th, 1933, Gandhi began a 21-day fast of self-purification to help the Harijan movement).

We will pledge to collectively fast until congress will bring to the table, and have a decisive vote, on whether or not to impeach Bush and Cheney. With congressional approval at twenty-seven percent, teetering on a moral revolution, this act will not go unheard. I believe this would speak volumes to the rest of the American people, as well as our representatives.

I believe something more drastic than on line petitions needs to be done in order make headway on the front of our liberation from this totalitarian administration. I believe if nothing is done, their war crimes will go unanswered for. Without impeachment hearings the great majority of the American people will never know what injustice was carried out in the name of freedom, patriotism, and the American people themselves.

Thank you for time, as well as your stupendous work in getting the message out that the placid demeanor of a nation in bond will never lead to independence and will most assuredly never restore our stolen civil rights, and liberties. You are patriotic in my book. However, if my proposal can be efficiently carried out, it will surely make you heroes.

Best wishes and regards,

J.F.W. Diefenbach


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