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We're Going to Hire Mainstream Pollsters...for Impeachment!

We're Going to Hire Mainstream Pollsters...for Impeachment!
by The Bulldog Manifesto [Subscribe]
Sun Oct 2nd, 2005 at 02:40:53 PDT
You might recall back on September 22, 2005, when I told you about how Impeach Bush Coalition member Luke Ryland of the blog Wot is it Good 4 had finally managed to get Zogby International to admit that it would not poll the national public on impeachment related issues again unless simebody hired Zogby to do so (or unless Congress raised the impeachment idea again)

(If you don't recall, see the Recommended Daily Kos story HERE)

Well finally, the IBC has joined up with Luke and to raise money so that we can pool donations together to hire at least one mainstream pollster to go out and survey the public on impeachment related questions.

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The IBC needs you right HERE and right NOW! IBC member Luke Ryland a.k.a. "Lukery" of the blog Wot is it Good 4 has teamed up with the people at AfterDowningStreet.Org to spearhead a fundraising effort to collect donations for the purpose of pooling money together to hire the mainstream pollsters to conduct nationwide surveys on matters of impeaching George W. Bush.

We need to come together and make our donations so that we can find out how America feels about impeachment NOW.

Does the public favor an investigation into grounds for impeachment? Does a majority of the public want impeachment right away? What are the most popular reasons for wanting Bush impeached? What does the public think about various other proposals to hold accountable the architects of this war?

We have no way of knowing, because the pollsters aren't asking. One pollster did ask about impeachment in June. This Zogby Poll from June 30, 2005, found that a remarkable 42 percent of Americans favored impeachment if Bush lied about the reasons for the war.

How does America feel about impeachment NOW?!?!



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We can use any of the pollsters and we still have the same problem, Congress will not impeach George w Bush. I would hope that they would but I really don't think they will. Even so, I donated to the cause..maybe, just maybe we can achieve our goal. Lets keep fighting until congress takes notice of what the people want. This blank check business that congress gives Bush has to stop...NOW

"Daily Kos story HERE" Not working

Look what they're saying on the blogs right now..we can HOPE can't we !!! :

Please use the thousands that marched on Sept. 24, 05. It is way past time to choose the handful of men and women in congress and step up the pressure with irritation and support. My option is the "37 Cent Solution". Simple example.

100,000 people (Sept. 24, 05) x 1 letter/week x $1.00 = $100,000/week
$100,000 x 52 weeks = $5,200,000.00
At $5.00 per letter thats $26 Million a year to work for George Bush's impeachment!

If this support is given to Rep. John Conyers to continue his great courageous work not only would Rep. Conyers get the money he needs, receive the physical proof THE POLL from every letter sent, the 100,000 plus people are directly involved from their homes, is absolutely affordable and websites such as AfterDowningStreet and Rep. John Conyers website will prove to the people involved that their numbers are growing, working and supporting the people in congress that have the courage to demand George Bush's impeachment. You have the means at you disposal, use it! VoteToImpeach already has over 600,000 hits on that sight alone calling for impeachment. Why are you not committing those good people to this tangile involvement that we all can see growing EVERY WEEK. Please do this TODAY!

Thomas Vacanti
3967 Cumberland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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