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Appeal for Donations for Nixon Flooding Plan-Impeach Ad in Roll Call/Capitol Hill newspaper that Congress Will Read Tuesday

Help out now If you want Cheney or Bush Impeached

This is an Emergency Appeal for Donations for an Impeachment Ad in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper,
that Congress Will Read next Tuesday.

The Impeachment Group behind this effort to push Congress to adopt the 1973 Nixon Flooding Plan for impeaching Cheney is asking for your quick donation to help pay for an advertisement in Roll Call.

They want to run this Impeachment Ad on Tuesday April 29 in Roll Call, the Capital Hill Newspaper that ALL members of Congress
and their staffs read avidly.

The ad answers House Speaker Pelosi's argument- echoed by many House members (perhaps yours)- that President Bush and Vice President Cheney will be out of office by January 30, 2009 so why bother with impeachment.

If our Congressmen don't "bother" with impeachment, they are permitting all the "high-crime precedents" that Nixon and Bush and Cheney have put in place to be used by future Presidents.

And those "Presidential Precedents" will nullify Congress, overthrow the Constitution and our democracy-- and set up a "unitary executive" dictatorship.

Impeachment NOW will Stop These High-Crime Precedents-Cold!

This 1/4 page ad emphasizes "Presidential Precedents" to Congress.
But it will cost $ 3,715 to appear in Roll Call.

We desperately need contributions
Now to cover that cost so your Congressional Representative and all others will see it on Tuesday, April 29. We are part of the way to the goal.

Please Help Make This Happen. Your small donation matters.

Make your contribution through
to this Email Address:
for Credit Charge or Bank Account Transfers. If unable to use Paypal you can

give by check:

Make it Payable to Democracy For Oregon and mail to:
6428 SE 15th Ave. Portland, OR 97202

The Nixon flooding Plan is being advocated by the
"We The People" National Coalition For Impeachment:
Information is available here:

This 6 page White Paper by Barbara Ellis on the Nixon Plan

and this brief (1 page) document listing the reasons to follow this Flooding Plan prior to the November Election:

Please forward this appeal to anyone
you think might be able to help.

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