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October 01, 2005
This is Ryan's family. I met them Saturday at the Peace Rally.

Aunt Kathleen and Aunt Ann

Uncle Fred, Brother Corey, and Aunt Rose

Ryan's aunt told me his story.

Ryan is a Marine serving in Iraq, but Friday September 23, 2005, Ryan was scheduled to return home to his family. He hopped on the plane leaving Iraq (yesterday), excited for his journey home and relieved that he was leaving Iraq in one piece and alive.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be changed Ryan's plans. As Ryan sat on the plane and waited to take off, an officer suddenly came on board. He called out three names.

Ryan's was one of them.

Ryan was told that he would have to stay in Iraq longer because there were not enough people to release him.

Saturday, Ryan's aunts, uncle, and brother marched in DC carrying the message to George Bush, "Bring Ryan home!"

Ryan has access to his email and so his family will email him this picture and your prayers.

Please post your wishes to Ryan and all our soldiers in this thread (click here) to let them know how much we love and appreciate their work.
Posted by Suz Krueger at October 1, 2005 10:24 PM



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It's a cruel act to pull someone off a plane to fill in when the Military knew days, weeks, before there was going to be a shortage and had time to fix the problem. There is something else in play beside a troop shortage and you should be covering your ass with Kevlar(TM) at all times.

Volunteer for anything, KP even, that keeps you off the street, because someone is gunning for you. Why else would YOU be pulled off the aircraft instead of someone that had served less time or had more skills?

Don't trust anything or anyone until you get out.

I thought they would have no weeks in advance and wondered why they did that.

Isn't Halliburton cooking, cleaning, laundering, all that stuff now?
Like Vietnam Vet says, volunteer for anything off the street, office stuff maybe? In the meantime, have all your aunts and uncles buy you that armor that Rummy won't and Godspeed.

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