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Now Here's Something Interesting

Found this on Yahoo! News this morning (21 April 2008) showing the current and former presidential candidates // notice please that RON PAUL is still shown as active:;_ylt=ArSn3_ZVhUXuiw7I7VVOc...

Granted the delegate count doesn't look none too promising for the guy, but he's still hanging in there against the odds. I would offer that he's still there because many people across this land we call the United States of America are simply not happy with the THREE CHOICES (MCCAIN, OBAMA, HBILLARY) that the powers to be have given us to choose from. I personally don't consider any of the THREE one of my choices.

Now RON PAUL and/or DENNIS KUCINICH -- friends to each other -- Yes, entirely another matter. Either of them is someone I could vote for; someone I could put my sincere hope and trust and faith in, and expect something favorable in return. Mainly our country being taken back from the gangster control as we have come to know it and (who knows?) maybe even restoring order and justice and our U.S. Constitution in the process.

Hang in there RON PAUL you're a sight better for this country than any of the THREE they would force down our throat as POTUS.

I post this here because RON PAUL has promised among 'his issues' to bring our troops home fast, to end our invasion of Iraq and our present incumbent's stretching desires to take this war to other nations; and to end the IRS as we know it. Hey -- I'd vote for that in a heart beat; for any of those reasons.

As I said in the subject line -- Interesting to see the guy is still in the race. Won't hear it in the media (TV) but seems he's still trying. Good.


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