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In the Spirit of Ghandi and MLK...

September 26, 2005
In the Spirit of Ghandi and MLK...
Today's activities for democracy are two: I've got the easier one: I'm speaking with my Congressmember (and then flying home.) But a new friend of ours is going for the gusto! She will be participating in today's civil disobedience. The following letter is from her, describing her thoughts about today's actions:

We've got Stephanie's back...

Craziness! Just 3 days ago I was back home in Buffalo not knowing where I'd be staying while in DC let alone if I'd participate in the civil disobedience.
Fortunately I connected with Karen through the UFPJ website, who then connected me with Marcia (both Buffalo natives). My apprehensions about staying with strangers were quickly relieved; everyone has been super kind and I felt part of the gang before no time.
So we rallied on the Ellipse and we marched the streets of DC and it was all amazing! The streets were literally jammed pack with people...but that's another story.
Now it's almost midnight on Sunday night and my thoughts are focused on tomorrow. Marcy is going to drop me off at the church around 9 tomorrow morning then it's show time, part 2: The Civil Disobedience!
The plan is to leave the church around 11 and head toward the Ellipse where we will meet the rest of the group (including my support, Miso). Around noon the group will be split in two; one group marching east on Constitution, one marching west. We'll then meet at Lafayette Park across from the White House. Once there, a select group of military parents and clergy will approach the guard house and request a meeting with President Bush. If a meeting is denied, they will kneel and pray at the "picture perfect zone" where the rest of us (about 400) risking arrest will join them.
My thoughts are running at a mile a minute! On one hand I'm nervous. Yeah I attended the legal briefing and have an idea of what to expect, but it's been said to expect the unexpected...Yikes! That could mean being held for more than overnight, bail being more than 50 bucks, people I work for freaking out when they hear why I won't there if I'm held more than goes on and on
But on the other hand, the upper hand I'm extremely excited. Marching the streets of our nation's capitol with 300,000 plus people with a common cause was incredibly motivating and uplifting! Everything has just been a dream since I've been here! I've met some great people who bring out a part of me that I don't get to bring out very often and feel comfortable doing so. I feel more less alienated and more like myself here than I do back home- where I was born and raised!
Regardless of the outcome; whether I'm arrested and held for weeks or not arrested at all, this will be a life changing event that I look forward to telling my grandkids about (by the way I'm 25 and don't even have kids yet).
Thanks to all my new friends in DC and the few supporters back home! Say a prayer for me! -Stephanie
We plan to have updates on Stephanie during the day, and Miso tells us he will have video clips as well.

Keep checking back!

STEPHANIE RETURNS--rain and all!




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