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Fox Attacks Peace Protesters


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What do you expect from Fox News?

Gullible Americans like Lt. Hegseth don't accept invading other countries, spying on US citizens, and even torturing prisoners because they're alerted to such atrocities by the one-way media. Quite the opposite. They're seduced by the ubiquitous media propaganda just like the Germans were a few decades ago. It works the same in any country.

Consider my two-minute YouTube a video response.

Fox News vs "the people" :

...and a couple of dunce caps for Ingraham and the other Bushco tool. These pro-illegal occupation propaganda shills keep talking about victory, but have yet to define it, and they have yet to tell anybody how we'll know when we've won. They keep saying we can't leave until Iraq is stable, but can't explain how Iraq can possibly be stabilized when 80% of the people just want us to get the hell out, and 60% think it's okay to kill Americans.

Ingraham suggests that the majority of Americans, even though they might agree with some of the goals, don't sign on to Code Pink's tactics "because they think it's rude."

Gee Laura, I wonder if any of the million-plus dead Iraqis would think it was "rude" of George W. Bush to launch the illegal invasion and occupation that killed them.

Oh, that's right. Can't ask them. They're dead.

How about some of the more than four million Iraqi refugees created by this disaster? Do you think they would think it was rude?

How about all the survivors (for now) and American troops who have been permanently poisoned with the illegal depleted uranium from our weapons? Or how about the babies of all these people who have been and will be born horribly disfigured by this poison?

Is THAT rude, Laura?

It sure would be nice if all it took to get Congress to do it's damn job was a single cordial email or phone call or fax. But the paralyzed cowards on Capitol Hill won't budge unless they feel like their greased palm existence in Washington is threatened by large numbers of pissed off constituents who vote.

The anti-war movement is trying to stop people from being needlessly killed and our country from being needlessly bankrupted by the illegal war games of the most corrupt and useless bunch of murderous traitors this country has ever seen.

Concerning ourselves with whether or not ignorant Bush water-carrying media whores like you think we're rude is not exactly a top priority.

Latest video commentary:
"Surging On With the Lies"


"SNL offers their take on this week's Senate hearings with Gen. Petraeus, skewering everything and anything, from Petraeus's obsequiousness, to John McCain's lack of knowledge on Iraq, to Hillary Clinton's attempts to spin her AUMF vote, to Code Pink protesters, to the cult of Obama that eclipses everything else in the room. A skit sure to get under everyone's skin, no matter whose camp you're in.

Thanks to crooksandliars: "



was offended by SNL characterization of Code Pink. Those that have met, joined and witnessed Code Pink work have a completely different take on their actions, including some congress people and their staff members.

The "Media" has their marching orders.

From FAQs

Am I a CODEPINK Member?
Without the regular trappings of dues, official induction or secret handshakes to learn, many people wonder how they know when they are members of CODEPINK. Just using the word member implies that there is an established organization and accepted code of behavior to which you have to pledge in order to be included as one of the privileged few. CODEPINK doesn't have members. We don't require official affiliation to speak, act, or protest with CODEPINK.

People* committed to creative protest against militarism and injustice are CODEPINK.

People who want to influence a shift in the focus of world society and governments from militarism to life-affirming endeavors are CODEPINK.

People who are not ashamed to wear a big pink button, and thereby encourage conversation are CODEPINK.

People who are not afraid to be unreasonable or to be called un-patriotic in the name of peace and social justice are CODEPINK.

People who realize that you must be the change you want to see in this world are CODEPINK.

*People includes all people regardless of their gender. Though initiated by women and composed primarily of women, CODEPINK does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sex, ethnicity, age, religion, or social-economic status. (This answer written by CODEPINK Orlando.)

I'm a man. Can I still be in CODEPINK?
Yes! There are many men in CODEPINK who are supportive and respectful of women taking on leadership roles.

and am a member of CodePink . I joined to get the official national and local emails, and to wear the pink "uniform" and boa on street corners, while holding pink signs of peaceful protest. If we were boring , SNL wouldn't give us a second thought. Medea's entire premise is too "out" the war criminals that have no clothes, while at the same time not taking ourselves so seriously.



officially as noted in "Who is code pink?"

What do you mean about not taking ourselves so seriously? I think we are life-affirming serious. Fun is fun and creative actions do get msm media attention every once in awhile. Certainly is getting Congress' attention.

I laughed out loud at some of the SNL antics but at codepink depiction, I did not, and wonder if you really are code pink. And apologize in advance if I am reading your comment wrong. I don't want to create another divisive thread, but you say you are codepink and you seem to claim to laugh at the squawking women in skit. Something is not right. Try not to bring up talk about issues not relating to impeachment, so please write me offsite at
CodePink helped me realize getting off the computer and to do things would be a better way to spend my time in this crazy country. I do both. Neither very well, but I try. Peace, Rain

Of course anyone who is for peace can join Codepink. Here is the information to sign up for Codepink local chapters:

We take our message very seriously, but not ourselves . Through her "emphasis on joy and humor", Medea has managed to gather so many women (and men) from all over the world for activism for peace because she has generated a lot of comradery and fun to attract more people to join Codepink's grassroot peace and social justice organization:



I was cranky. Better now. Have met fellow activists down on Code Pink tactics and I know they enjoyed the hell out of the skit. I take it personally. R.

Yanky IS cranky ;-D Frustration with these warmongers seems to come with the territory . We just gotta keep reminding ourselves that us Codepink gals are the good guys!

Peace and (((hugs))), yankhadenuf



Pete Hegseth needs to get out more and have discussions with people outside his narrow world. Pete Hegseth also would benefit enormously by realizing that, even though the "vast majority of Americans" are not participating in the particular activist way that an organization like CodePink is, they are very solidly behind the common goal of getting our troops out of Iraq, recognizing that there is going to be no such thing as a "win" for America, that America, as unbelivable as it is, actually made Iraq into a far worse place, both for women and for U.S. national security, than it ever was under the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. Pete Hegseth also needs to recognize that our leaders need to put more diplomacy into this situation they created, that their reliance on the U.S. military to simply eradicate any person who won't go along with the Bush/Cheney/Rice agenda is the wrong way to be going. Even Gen. Petraeus, in his excrutiatingly politically correct way, has made this very, very clear to all of us. Pete? Get with the program, buddy. Thanks for your service, but it's time to move on from trying to militarily "fix" the Middle East, to bring the perpetrators of this hoax on America and the rest of the world to justice, and for the small minority of Americans like you to recognize the futility in continuing to maintain a U.S. military presence that results in more senseless killing.

Fox news acts as if it's an accessory to crime

we are in a crisis

the anchor is utterly disgusting

in this country we know and respect dissenting opinions

this is like a horrible B-movie with no end

they are acting like this charade can go on forever

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