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Rep. Wexler Asks Gen Petraeus What "Victory" Would Mean


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Please excuse my bluntness but General Petraeus is a fucking liar and a war profiteer enriching himself w/ every day of this liiegal occupation. He sat in that chair over a year ago and said the surge would take six months and that we should trust him and his judgement, well it's more than 14 months later and we should now give him untill September and again trust him and his gudgement, bullshit!!! Tomorrow is the four year anniversary of the death of my son's best friend Adolpho Carballo ,a 20 year old father who died in my son's arms on a street in Baghdad , next month (5/4/04) is the four year anniversary of the death of James Marshall a 19 year old friend of my son, these politicians & generals are not paying a price close to this , they are in fact profitting so again excuse me but I say fuck them!!! I've had more than enough death of Americans and Iraqis and I'm tired but I will not stop fighting to end this nightmare, Carballo & Marshall deserve nothing less.

What sickens me most of all is how every damn Congressman, regardless of party, had to suck up to these two with praises and thanks for their "service" when EVERY GODDAMN ONE OF THEM KNEW that the gen lied last time, just to keep our soldiers in harms way, for the good of companies making profit.

Hell in THIS video, the third reason he gives for our staying there is the "global economy".

Could you imagine losing your child to prop up the stock market in a global economy?

It's fucking disgusting and the good general should be shown the door, then his personal holding records should be audited, and if he made one dollar off of this accupation over and above his salary, he should be tried for treason.

Every member of Congress should be treated the same way.

I am sorry for your son's loss. You are right; Petraeus is a fucking liar.

it is not easy to express such distain for our "leaders", I come from a family of 14 combat veterans and every one of them thinks war is a last resort and that war for profit is treason, dissent is patriotic and we are right. Thank you again.

If you saw the MSM's coverage of the hearings, did you notice that our current Presidential wannabes didn't have the balls to openly confront Petraeus about the necessity of ending the war and getting our troops out of Iraq?

Hillary Clinton and John McCain did everything but kiss the General's ass during the hearings, while Barack Obama managed to sidestep the issue of withdrawing troops from Iraq by engaging in some verbal sleight-of-mouth which was all photo-op and no substance. Then, to add insult to injury, all three of them fawned over Amb. Crocker like he was some sort of tragic/heroic figure, when he's anything but that.

And these are the people who want to become our next President, and who will allow America's children to die in the name of Big Oil and a "global economy" which is collapsing at an even faster rate than it did during FDR's Great Depression era?

That's right... though McCain played "kissy ass" the whole 7 minutes he had, our democratic hopefuls weren't much better.

Clinton went further out on the limb with her opening statements, because she is trailing and her people figured she HAD to... but niehter of them really went after either the man nor the occupation itself.

And there is good reason; because they WONT end the illegal occupation. That's why the DLC and the DNC let them stay in the race when real progressive candidates, who call everyday to end the funding and bring our troops home, got rail-roaded out of the race.

Soon this country will divide into two groups; the globalists and the humanists.

Check out the video on Monsanto on my site. We humanists will be in good company all over the world.

The globalists sycophants and apologists? Well, they'll still have their MSM jobs.

Since the beginning of this ugly war, all we hear year after year are excuses to stay.
So we will be there in that far,far land untill there is a PUPPET regime who represents OUR interest not Their interest.
The soviets couldn't do it and they had borders with afganistan.

This war will never end because we are OCCUPIERS!

Did he mention we went there FOR OIL?

That is faux pas these days. Socially unacceptable on the Hill and in the MSM these days. Now, all they can do is talk about the humanitarian reasons we have to stay, don't you know. We have to stay there to save the Iraqi people and to keep al Qaeda from resurfacing; you know... the phantom menace?

And What is this "we" shit.\
All you ever do is mope on the couch and complain.
No wonder Islam wants to kill America.
You are the Fat, Ugly Stupid, Embarrasing Cow we're fighting for?

No wonder you'd have us give up/
and by the way, people have given their LIVES for you..
You seem to be a God damned ingrate. Saboteur/ Hanoi Jane/ Shame.
Shape Up.
Be an American or at least pretend

Are we going to play the "I have more veterans in my family so you don't get to speak" game? Well I have 14 combat veterans in my immediate family , do I win? The 12 families I know personally who have buried sons killed in this occupation don't think oil companies' profit is a good enough reason. I recognize and mourn every military death , that's more than most do, but those 4032 soldiers & marines lives were stolen by a criminal President & VP. I'm not sure what the last sentence you posted means but if you believe what you say use your name.

Nothing to see here



Every once in awhile a knuckle dragging, fear driven lemming trolls onto this site. Is that you, "carolinaconservative"? I was actually worried about you. Thought you might have suffered congestive heart failure from Faux News' last Britney Spears story.

What have we learned?

1)There were no Iraqi box cutters on "9/11", Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with "9/11" and America was never attacked by Iraq.

2)While Saddam was not a benevolent Dictator, he had anything whatsoever to do with "9/11", he was not supporting "Al Qaeda" (toilets), he was not trying to purchase uranium from Niger and he had no 'WMDs'.

3)Bush made a fool out of himself by swaggering aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln replete with Flight Gear in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

4)$2.3 + trillion dollars is still missing from the US Treasury.

5)When you attack and occupy a sovereign nation that never posed a threat to you it is a war crime with no reset buttons.

6) When you kill over 1.2 million human beings it is not "collateral damage". It is murder. When you compound that with the displacement of over 5 million human beings it constitutes a Holocaust and yes, that's illegal and amoral too.

7) Neocruds like Cheney, Bush and Zionist Israeli elements have enriched themselves with obscene profits ever since "9/11" at America's expense.

8) Who the hell cares how many veterans are in who's family? At this stage it's an obsolete "republican talking point". Lots of veterans are fed up with the bullshit and I'm one of them.

8) The Center For Public Integrity has documented over 935 lies from the Neocruds and that was only two years worth of lies.

9) No matter how hard you rub, bovine excrement cannot be polished or shined, it looks stupid and McCain is a stupid old asshole.

10) We were right. The only "conspiracy nuts" are the knuckle dragging sycophantic wingnuts who still worship "Bush". There is so much more but lets savor that for awhile shall we?

"Ass kissing little chicken shit."

'Nuff said.

Latest video commentary:
"Surging On With the Lies"


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