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Powell Writes to Petraeus

Powell Writes to Petraeus

Dear David,

This letter is not for publication, and my motivation is not political. I'm writing to you not out of concern for establishing the best policy in Iraq but out of personal concern for your well being. So, please accept my unsolicited advice as it is intended: purely for your sake. But I would ask you not to share this correspondence with anyone.

The presentation I made at the United Nations making the case for an invasion of Iraq was the worst mistake I have ever made. I don't, of course, mean that my beliefs about weapons in Iraq proved false or that the occupation of Iraq proved problematic. I mean that I did not heed the warnings of my staff. They urged me on point after point that the UN inspectors and those informed of the facts would not find my claims to be even plausible, much less convincing. And in my heart, David, I can tell you that I knew they were right, and that the claims I made were not plausible. It may have taken some time for Americans to realize that, but let me assure you: they have realized it. I am no longer respected by the average American. Do you know what that means?

I've been a good soldier and worked within the system to get ahead, but my goal was to do good and to be respected. I tossed out doing good in favor of being respected, and I ended up being despised. And nothing I can say or do will ever change that. I will forever be known as a man who lied, and who lied on behalf of someone else's agenda. Were that not so, I would very likely have been given the assignment that you now have.

These are one-time assignments. You can only throw away your reputation once. After that, you can never build it back in order to throw it away again. I know that you think otherwise. I know that the deception you perpetrated last September has not destroyed you. But this one will, David. I tell you this for your own good. And in the histories of this period to be written not so many years from now, your two presentations will be merged and blurred, and what you said in selling the surge will be remembered as having destroyed you.

And that's if we're lucky. That's if your push for an attack on Iran doesn't pull the pin on a grenade that takes us all out. It will take you out first. If you argue for an attack on Iran, you will witness the transformation of spineless senators and congress members into vertebrates, and you will be humiliated then and there by their grilling. Are you prepared for that? And if you merely try to claim, in opposition to the well-known facts, that the surge has succeeded and that therefore we should behave as if it has not and keep the occupation going, you will in the end be ruined.

You have not yet adapted to the adulation of fame. Let me tell you this: you will never adapt to the scorn and contempt that your face will elicit from random members of the public. I know that I never will. I am warning you for your own good. Please heed my advice as one who has made the wrong decision and paid a price worse than death for it. Do not promote the continued occupation of Iraq and do not argue for an attack on Iran.

Instead, I think you should consider the possibility of telling the truth about the current situation in Iraq. If you did that, your name and the words "White House" would be in the same sentence within hours. I urge you to give the matter deep private thought. Look back on what you will have done as if from your death bed. Consider the decades of admiration or humiliation that lie in the balance. Do the right thing for yourself and for all of us. Speak for yourself. Speak the truth.

Your friend, Colin Powell.





just kidding


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Great find David. I hope that this will be taken to heart by General Petraeus and that he is open and honest with Congress and the American public.

I just spent 20 minutes of my life researching the writings of Colin Powell, because something told me he wrote better than that.

I actually found a that was surprizingly similar to what you just read.

Plus, he would have been the Republican Nominee by now, not commanding troops in the field, and Powell damn sure knows that.

I want compensation for those 20 minutes.

a restored Constitution, or if local regulations won't permit that for you, a six pack of beer

... only if you can restore it to it's pre-9/11 condition.

otherwise... Bass Ale would be just fine.

Mr.Powell is the one man I have wrestled with..

From what I know,
Your record was honarble before
You were not part of the planning of deception
The enviroment was dangerous,,between threats,blackmail,blacklist and even death.
Your remorse is honest and true..

I think you were planned to be used.
To use your honest,respect and even color

I think a trap was set for you,,
That involved many,men in large numbers,with power and evil.

I trap so powerful that I feel not many if any man could have escaped,,,at least very few..

You Mr.Powell I feel should be pardoned,,excused of the evil that other men are guilty of.

But mostly forgiven,,

You were targeted by a virtual army of men,,,
Yes you made a bad decission,,
But it appears even now with vast amounts of evidence that this war was a LIE,,along with continued occupation making it worse,,violations of International laws,etc.
Do we see any differnt response from the many that can stop this war,,?

This would be the United States Congress made up of many..
Are they too caught up in a web or part of the evil?

You were one, caught in this web,they are many, hundreds and they don't seem to be able to stop this ILLEGAL WAR..

You Mr.Powell are NO war criminal,,
You were caught in a web,,a web that was International and Evil...

I forgive you Mr.Powell,and when the truth unfolds you will be forgiven..

This trap(web) was a massive Mafia and I question where you would be(or members of your family) if you hadn't did there bidding!
I'm not talking about loss of job either...

But the situation now is 100% differnt and Petraeus will be held accountable and is subjecting himself to war tribunals.

I personally did extra years of suffering because of your presentation.
Suffering equal to the many the Bush government tortured.
But if I can forgive you, the other will once the truth unfolds.

I'm on the same page with you Kayttt... Powell was set up :(





what the hell is with the "just kidding" part?

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