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How to End the Real Looting and Lawlessness: It’s Time To Launch “Project Total Recall

By Steve Bhaerman

As America recovers and rebalances after the huge tragedy in New Orleans, we can expect political rhetoric to seek pre-flood levels. >From the left we can expect to hear help was too little too late because most of the left-behinds were black folks. And no doubt, that is a factor. You too probably saw the two AP news photos and their captions. The white guy slogging through the bog with a garbage bag is “finding food.


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There it is everone! What he has said here in this article is the absolute legal grounds to pick up an assault rifle and wage armed revolt against you know what. In fact, this situation should never have been allowed to progress to this point. But this is what happens when people are focused on football, drinkin, and chasing tail. If something drastic isn't employed soon, the situation will develope to a point where no amount of citizenery effort will be sucsessfull. Go ahead and continue on with your peacefull demonstration's! See how far that gets you. NO WHERE! The anti Viet Nam war effort never acheived any respect and consideration until they they got violent. Then, attention was given to them.

What saddens me is it really appears that American's are only pussie's. None of you are willing to Risk anything related to your lifestyle. Your job,,your home,,those big fast gas guzzleing vehicle's, the false image of success, it's all bull shit..And it's all meaningless in the end if your living in an oppressed country.
It seems none of you really care what your government does as long as you can live this lifestyle everyone has assumed represents the true American dream of "he who has the most toys wins" attitude.

well,,i have a home too and i have aspiration's, but i know there will have to be those willing to sacrifice all this for the common good and i've been willing to lay everything i possess including my life on the alter of sacrifice because instead of being obsessed with monday night football, i've been obsessed with the study and discovery of the corrupt conduct of my government and it has scared me to the point to where i now write stuff like im writting here to all of you because i fear there is a really scary dark storm, just off the horizon, you can't see it yet(unless you get high enough)and it's comming this way and it is going to effect all of you reading this. I guess what im saying is,,"THE RED COATS ARE COMMING!..THE RED COATS ARE COMMING!..BUT,,nobody is listening.**HUMPHREY**

Great article! I want to stand up at my computer and cheer! Last week in DC we participated in a chant:






Went to the local rally on a corner and the endorphins were simply euphoric everytime someone honked and hooted and hollered at us for peace!


Entry from the following link:

A recent poll discovered that half of Americans know that the government intentionally lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. The actual figure is probably a lot higher since there is a large percentage of Americans still willing to let their neighbors’ children die than ever admit they were wrong to support the war in the first place. So, the majority of Americans know the government lied to create a war.

A majority of Americans now know there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that claims to the contrary were intentional lies.

A majority of Americans now know the US Government lied when it claimed Iraq’s WMDs were a threat to the United States.

A majority of Americans now know the mainstream media lied when it claimed Iraq’s WMDs were a threat to the United States.

A majority of Americans now know that the US Government has been torturing innocent Iraqis for information on WMDs the US Government already knew they could not possibly have.

A majority of Americans now know their government can and does engage in the most monstrous lies possible, and that hundred of thousands of people have been killed, crippled, and tortured for that lie.

How much of a majority is irrelevant. A majority is a majority is a majority.

Setting aside their access to inside information, the US Congress statistically should follow the public. A majority of them also know the war was started with a lie. It is perhaps understandable that the Congress has done nothing about these lies. They are, after all, complicit. One should not expect a gaggle of liars to impeach the liar in chief. Nor will the mainstream media be overly critical of those lies which they put into a hundred million homes.

But what I do not understand is how Americans, who pride themselves on their love of truth and justice, can continue to tolerate a government that they now know lied to start a war of conquest. What I do not understand is how Americans, who pride themselves on their love of truth and justice, can continue to tolerate a government that shows every indication of preparing to lie again about weapons of mass destruction to justify a war of conquest in Iran.

Do any of you still delude yourselves into thinking that a government that lied to send your children off to die in wars is working for your benefit; is in any way shape or form thinking of your welfare versus their own? Do you still think that this is YOUR government? Is it not more accurate to say that you are the government’s property, your children mere livestock to be harvested when old enough, handed a rifle, and sent off to die when useful?

The Constitution does not explicitly authorize the government to lie to the people, and the tenth amendment forbids the government to arrogate that right to itself. Therefore, when the government lies, it acts illegally and unconstitutionally. When the government lies, it ceases by that very lie to be the lawful government of this land. When the government lies, it delegitimizes itself. When a government lies, it lies for its own benefit, not yours. When a government lies, it breaks faith with the people who empowered that government to provide for the common good, not for the privilege of a few. When a government lies, it loses the moral right to rule.

Our nation is founded on the principle of rule with the consent of the governed. Nobody I know has consented to be lied to by the government. Nobody CAN consent to be lied to, because they cannot know what they consent to, and no court of law would enforce such an agreement. Therefore, when the government lies to the people, it operates without the consent of the governed. Again, this delegitimizes that government.

If you accept that the US Government intentionally lied about weapons of mass destruction to take this nation to war in Iraq, then you must accept that the US Government, by the commission of that act, is no longer a legal government of the people, but an illegal occupation serving private interests. The majority of Americans now know that the US Government is criminal. They know that the US Government has lied to start wars of conquest, and that it has knowingly tortured innocent people because the lie required it. The majority of Americans now know that the US Government, unless stopped, will continue to do more of the same.

There is no law that compels Americans to believe the government when it lies. No legislation exists that obliges Americans to pay for a war started with lies. There is no moral principle under which Americans are required to obey a government that lies. Indeed, morality and prudence demands that a government that lies be openly defied.

The Germans ended WW2 in shock at what their government had really been doing. Americans cannot claim that innocence. We DO know. The information has been available for a long time, and if this new poll is accurate, the majority of Americans know what their government is doing, and the rest of the world knows that Americans know. Get that? The whole world is watching to see what Americans will do now that most Americans know the government deliberately lied to start a war.

So, what will Americans do? Will they walk their talk, and fire the liars? Will they stand up like free human beings and refuse the dictates of an illegal government, or will they cower and send their children off to die, watching them walk up the chutes to the slaughterhouse without complaint, shrugging their shoulders that this is how life is supposed to be and there is no point in making a fuss about it? Will Americans go on paying more money for government than they do for anything else, yet refusing to hold that government to the same standards of truth-in-selling that they demand from a used-car salesman? Will they go on making do with less so that the government and its friends can have that much more? Will they continue to bow down saying, “Take our money, take our neighbors’ children, and tell us what to think, oh lord! We know you really are just and moral because you threw Martha and Chong in jail!

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