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We're Sitting In at the House Judiciary Committee Office Right Now

By David Swanson

A dozen of us have begun a sit-in at the House Judiciary Committee office. Come join us at Rayburn 2138. Leslie Angeline and Ellen Taylor of Code Pink are the leaders here. Laurel Jensen is here, and Michael Heaney, Thalia Doukas, Darryl Love, Ed Dickau, Michael Beer, Jes Richardson, Mike Marceau, Dan... People are joining us every few minutes. We're sitting around in the main room of the office. We have two video cameras going, and we're discussing...

10:40 Actually, a staffer just came out and said that everyone could go back to another room to meet with Chairman John Conyers "except for David Swanson."

10:45 A few of us are talking in the big room while everyone else is in a back room with Chairman Conyers and some staffers. Staffers with whom I worked two-and-a-half years ago and who are mad at me for disagreeing with their turn against impeachment are all here: Perry Applebaum, Ted Kalo, Jonathan Godfrey. Back then they were working with us on impeachment and did not tell us that only elections mattered. Back then, the voters wanted impeachment and justice demanded it, so we didn't ask which was the motivation. In 2006, when the RNC demanded a ban and Pelosi complied, everything changed. The Judiciary Committee now acts on a pair of false beliefs: Elections are more important, and impeachment would be bad for elections. One is immoral, the other just uninformed.

You can let the House Judiciary Committee know your opinion at (202) 224-3121. Please do so right now. They're good people. I know they are. But something is blocking them. Help break the logjam!

UPDATE 11:10 a.m.: More people have arrived. The meeting just ended. We're discussing what happened. Chairman Conyers argued that there would be blowback in the form of a McCain victory. Our gang replied that the comparison to Clinton was bogus, that the comparison that's more apt is to Nixon and all the other impeachments, and that Congress' unpopularity is the result of their inaction. Conyers also claimed impeachment would take too long and would be slow because of White House stonewalling, which is of course nonsense - when Nixon refused a subpoena the HJC passed an article of impeachment against him for it.

Conyers agreed to meet with Zoe Lofgren re her proposal for a hearing on the impeachment process, and he agreed to meet with Marcus Raskin and to meet with others we choose (except me).

Ellen gave them the argument that impeachment hearings would force McCain to defend Bush and Cheney's offenses, and Conyers and Ted Kalo both liked that idea. So, we should bring in people who can speak to that point (Rep. Robert Wexler comes to mind!).

Also, Conyers said that he has drafted and is circulating to his colleagues a letter to Bush that says that if he attacks Iran impeachment hearings will begin.

Everyone came out of this meeting agreed that for Conyers it all comes down to electoral politics, and the only argument that seemed to gain ground was the one regarding putting McCain on the defensive through Cheney impeachment hearings.

Our folks videotaped the whole meeting and will make it public here.

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I am seriously curious--I remember fully not only how much more open the staffers were 2-3 years ago, I remember how ANGRY and frustrated they were too.

In fact, I remember the situation and the tone back then was quite grave.

Then, after the 2006 election, there was a certain amount of bewildered but concerted effort to bring all the Democrats together. I know the Blue Dogs have added to the frustration.

I wonder if that is the "reason" why the leadership is unwilling to move ahead in support of Constitutional law.

I also believe firmly that not enough Americans are letting their representatives know how frustrated and pissed off we are with them for allowing our children's democracy to fall away. We have failed to convey enough.

Thanks to all there who are standing up for those of us who cannot be with you.

Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it's something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.
- Abbie Hoffman

last January too, David ? Much thanks for being our eyes and ears again . Is this on C-SPAN now?



IF you really want their attention,
tell Conyers, Nadler and the rest

that we will block the re-election of any Democratic Congressman
that does not support immediate impeachment hearings.

This includes blocking the elevation of
current Democratic congressmen to the Senate.

It is time that the gloves came off. We must force the Democrats in Congress to impeach using the only method to which they will respond.

We in Colorado are running a campaign to pressure Congressman Udall to support impeachment hearings. His staff says that the voters don't want impeachment. We're trying hard to change Udall's mind. He is in a tight race for the Senate.

There is only 2.6 % between Udall and his opponent in polls. We only have to affect the attitudes of 1.31 % of the public. This doable in every state. Scare them into supporting impeachment.

An example
of our commenting on relevant editorial/news stories in Colorado:

We in Colorado have been running this campaign for some weeks now.

We show up at Udall's "idea raiser" meetings, rallys and in front of his campaign headquarters with signs that say "Udall is a traitor to his oath", "Udall won't protect our Constitution" and many more.

We comment on every Udall article that we can find in every publication across America that allows commenting. It is a great way to fight back.

We in the anti-war and peace and justice communities having greatly helped give the Democrats control of Congress have been betrayed by them.

It is time to fight back in the only way they understand.

John H Kennedy, Denver CO,
Organizer of the
The Colorado Impeach Coalition

My profile & Blog:


Post 5292 - IMPEACH BUSH CHENEY the PAINTING compleated in 2001

OK 2 copy and PASS ON 2 your Reps, go get it at...

Scroll down a bit...

ALSO go here 4 100 more PROTEST IMAIES...

Thank U, U Patriots U... & - & - & - & - -

soon, ( Step Ahead U )( GLOBAL ) University - " Where All Earth Citizens R Teachers and Students" )

let's all go over to her office and give her a big thank-you. At least some one is listening. It's so obvious that the impeachment process needs to begin.

Well, I GUESS we should be somewhat pleased with the fact that Conyers liked the, "McCain would have to defend the Bush/Cheney administration". Perhaps if we push that idea, we'll actually get some action. However, it GREATLY disturbs me that it's the same ol' game when it comes to the democrats. Elections, elections, elections. The hell with the Constitution! Besides, the point made is valid! The public is angry at their LACK of action towards this currupt administration. It's like a group of people watching a person getting his/her ass kicked by a bunch of bullies and when the cops ask why they didn't do anything to stop it, they say, "Well, we would have done something if they would have killed the person!" It's pure rubbish!

I don't know what the answer is except for saying, "I will NOT be voting for you the next time around." Since they based their decisions on elections soooooooooo much, perhaps their OWN election would be enough to put some fire under their butts. OR...... perhaps the REAL solution would be to run someone else against them when they come up for re-election - someone from the same party.

I have to say that Conyer's lack of action is a real shocker. After the 2004 elections, he was in the forefront when it came to impeachment, crooked elections, etc. What the heck happened?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That's a duo strategy that could work! (edit: CAN work) ... how do we convince Conyers of that ?



How long do you plan to stay, David. I'm tempted to join you and would try to rally some other people if I thought you be there when I got there. I'm at work in Herndon right now.

I just called 202-224-3121 to leave my message that I will not vote for or support any candidate who fails to explicitly support impeachment.

Waiting to impeach after an attack on Iran would guarantee yet another endless war to bankrupt this nation and guarantee the end of civil liberties at home.

When the Democratic Party stops shielding this criminal administration, I'll consider renewed support.

Thanks for sitting in today.

Linda Boyd
Washington For Impeachment

Of course impeachment is needed and represents a reasonable reaction to all the illegality that has been endemic of the Bush administration. However in D.C. there are over 36,000 registered lobbyists - we truly have the best Congress money can buy.

By voting out 99.999% of all incumbents every two years, we would have a totally new Congress and 1/3 of a new Senate - no more career politicians catering to swarms of lobbyists. Will that happen, of course not, we Americans are too well indoctrinated with the "party line".

I certainly applaud the efforts of the "dirty dozen" and wish them well, there is hope they will be successful. After all, history is full of improbable events and "black swans".

How odd.

How to not answer a question

He stopped talking when I turned the camera on. How did you do that?

Congressman Conyers needs to be reminded of his constitutional obligations. The statement by staff and the congressmen, that the Impeachment of the President and Vice President would harm the democratic party, is not in line with his oath of office. The protection of a political party is more important than upholding the foundation of our government?
I just can't believe the United States Judicary committee would stand for the Justice Department's failure to forward Contempt of Congress Citations. A corrupted Justice Department is the most dangerous aspect of the Administrations Impeachable offences; and demands immediate action.

It's both pathetic and encouraging that Conyers and his staff refuse to even allow David Swanson into the room with them to talk about impeachment.

Leaving David out is typical Democratic "let's all stand in a circle and shoot ourselves" stupid politics. What are they afraid of? That someone who has been one of the more effective people at keeping impeachment on the progressive agenda might criticize their sensitive little hides? What a bunch of thin-skinned wusses. Yeah, let's have a meeting, and let's exclude this really well-informed guy who wants to help us do the right thing.

But David's exclusion is also exciting, in that it shows that they have had to pay attention to the persistent pressure approach he has used. So if Conyers and his ilk are only willing to meet with people that they think are more "respectable" than David, it's morally incumbent on each and every one of those people to be just as insistent and unyielding as David was.

What's the worst that could happen? That you join David on the Conyers-do-not-wanted list?

Our side in this struggle is not one to give our metals and ribbons: being selectively excluded from strategy meetings on impeachment by so-called progressives like Conyers is a badge of honor that everyone should all aspire to earn as long as Conyers (and Pelosi, etc.) refuses to carry out his oath of office and impeach Cheney and Bush.

The politics of nice just doesn't cut it when people are being murdered in our names every day.

I'm so angry at CONyers.
He's putting politics in front of principle.

When Principles dictated politics the world birthed America,
When politics dictated principles, the world lost Rome.

The QUESTION CONyers should have to answer is:
Since he is an Obama supporter in charge of the Judiciary committee,
Would he impeach Obama should Obama launch an invasion of Iran?
How about TORTURE? How about warrantless wiretapping?

CONyers should be forced to answer these questions as his inaction concerning consequential accountability has fallen by the waist side. CONyers seems to believe that Obama is the end all answer to the dilemma that has grown on CONyers watch. NOW, ANY president can invade another nation PREEMPTIVLY, kill innocent civilians, force an occupation upon that society. order the violation of international treaties that protect human life and which shape the process of the guilty, ignore and usurp Constitutional Law and proceed to tell Congress to go fuck themselves... all with impunity.

America has been Conned by CONyers!

He thinks that IF Bush orders ANOTHER illegal invasion THEN he'll act?

I have great doubts in the Good(?) CONNEDgressman.

And so THEY(sic) debate and lobby the merits to undermining those Freedoms.

Be real,whether Earthling or not* J.Conyers,like the others,full of grade A horseSHIT.Believe it when i see it.They are draaaaaaaaaggin' this ooooooouuuuuuut.I am READY to handcuff them all,including the British Royals,unempathic scum. Love 'n' Light shall prevail.

Democrats are in on the Bush/Cheney scam and I can think of $ trillions of reasons why...

Keep in mind, the first syllable in Congress is Con.

Dear friends -

Please see this Letter to on Why is the impending Nuclear Attack on Iran being treated as fait accompli?

It was also posted here as comment, awaiting moderation.

Thank you
Zahir Ebrahim

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