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I Like Dick Cheney

By Cindy Sheehan

Well, not really. But you know what? Hypocrites have always bothered me, and at least Cheney doesn't pretend to be anything but the fascist thug he is.

On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi makes a mockery of the Constitution she swore to uphold by endorsing immoral wars, spying, torture, and rip-offs for the big boys. She even throws a cloak of protection over Bush and Cheney, to block their impeachment. When she did that, I knew I had to run against this pretend-progressive.

Nancy talks our talk, but she is actually an accomplice before, during, and after the fact of Bush's crimes. Is it any coincidence that she is supported by merchants of death, big banks, big real estate operators, and Wall Street? They trust her and back her because she is one of them.

For too long, Nancy has kowtowed to the worst lobbies for war, and to BushCo. She has slipped through every spending request to make her "defense" donors richer. She has known about torture since 2002, and endorses it-along with the military commissions act and the rest of the totalitarian right-wing state Bush is building in our land. What a scam, what a crime that America's great progressive city, San Francisco, should be represented by such a tool of the big-money power elite. We need a change!

If I can defeat this faux progressive, it will send a message to every phony in Congress. Help me strike a blow for peace and against the police state, for universal health care and against war profiteering, for the people and against the plutocrats and malefactors of great weath for whom Nancy is a servant.

Every where I go in the 8th Congressional district, I find more and more support. But I can't gain traction with no money, while Nancy is sitting on $1.6 million in her campaign chest. Now,I don't need that. But I do need at least 30% of it to put the fear of the people into her and all the rest of the special interests.

So far, my campaign has raised just $60,000, but we've spent it. Won't you please help? Your donation of $25, $50, $86 to "86" Pelosi, $100, or any amount will strike a blow for peace and freedom against the friends of Bush, starting with Nancy Pelosi. Help me defeat her, and we will sound a trumpet for every progressive in America and around the world. We don't have to take it any more! Not if you can help. Please give.

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I would gladly help Cindy Sheehan if she joined the Nader campaign. First she needs to watch the You Tube by Richard Gage to see the smoking gun, crystal clear evidence that the WTC buildings were collapsed by our government's experts who rigged thousands of explosive devices, weeks before 9/11.

click here

to see it.

As an Architect and supporter of the Architects for 911 truth, I dont think Cindy needs to support Architects for 911 Truth. She lost her son and is now attempting to correct the circumstances,for all of our children, that have led us into this war, another war, for power and wealth for only a few at the expense of many....As a father of two sons, I understand this loss, may god bless her and all whom have lost sons and daughters in this fucking fiasco created by serious criminals,....Lets get her elected and send her money, whatever she needs to beat the criminals that run this corrupt system. God Bless and to all my relations, peace! Sundog

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