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Group announces whistleblower award fund


A coalition of 120 liberal and progressive groups calling themselves has launched what they call the "Government Accountability Reward Fund," a $100,000 prize for information leading to the arrest and conviction of "high government officials." Specifically, they are asking for information about the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, purported fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential election, and bribes allegedly given to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, as reported in Vanity Fair.

A press release issued by is even more specific. An excerpt follows:

The information provided must be new and not previously provided to the press or government entity or official. The information must be verifiable and be a major contributing factor in the arrest and conviction of the government official(s). In the case of the Valerie Plame, the evidence must implicate and convict a senior White House official or officials. In the case of Dennis Hastert, the evidence must implicate and convict him. In the case of Ohio, the evidence must implicate and convict persons who actually and knowingly rigged the 2004 Presidential election in such a way that it changed the true outcome.

There have been credible news reports that senior White House officials conspired to and did knowingly and intentionally disclose the identity of Valerie Plame. Other news reports have indicated that Dennis Hastert took bribes from foreign interests and hid those bribes through political action committees. Moreover, many news reports have stated that persons rigged the election in Ohio to favor the Republicans, and now top Republican officials are under investigation and indictment in Ohio for corrupt practices.

The release urges those with information to contact Velvet Revolution.



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'Oh what a tangled web they weave
Who first practice to deceive'
You cant fool all the people all the time
The truth will out.

The truth matters a bit less when the liars control the mass media, the Congress, and the Supreme Court.

Our country is being taken over by very very wealthy fascists, who can drown out the truth with their TV networks. They can commit outrageous crimes, which the Republican-dominated Congress declines to investigate. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg of the horrors that will come from the new fair-and-balanced Supreme Court.

Folks, we've got an uphill struggle that we may not even win.

I do agree that we have drifted to the far right in recent years, especially under the present Bush administration. In defining the contemporary Republican takeover we must be careful in our use of the use of fascism, a word that defines an economic system, not a political system. Better defined, fascism is known as "corporate syndicalism" and was practiced by Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Metaxas of Greece, the Iron Guard of Rumania, and Peron of Argentina to name a few. I would refer anyone interested in a clear, simple definition of fascism to Ebinstein' "Today's Isms", a standard in college classrooms for years. It is only that I think that we should define our terms when we start attacking the Republicans. I listened to Rush Limbaugh, himself an extremist right-winger, the other day and he insists that all Democrats are crypto-radocals waiting in the darkness to take over after the GOP self-destructs.

Meanwhile, the Republicans themselves strive to work under the mantle of respectability, emphasizing their fundamental religious beliefs and patriotism while implying that Democrats are amoral and pagans. Short of wearing armbands and other fascistic defining icons, GOP leaders, under corporate synicalist definition, have aligned themselves with powerful industrial, banking, manufacturing, and other economic giants who now control our entire governmental system through a group of synicates not unlike those of Hitler's and Mussolini's. The main differenc, of course, is the size of the wealth involved and the amount of power exercised. Another hint is Bush's impulsive need to use the military to solve non-military crises in this country. It is a subtle means toward a military takeover of the country using natural disasters as an excuse to send in military forces that were theretofore designed to protect this country from foreign enemies. Fascism, as you know, always has a heavy military quality that protects it, and through it patriotism is force-fed to the people. As it stands now, all we seem to lack in this fascistic state are the paramilitary organizations that characterized others in the past. Perhaps that is yet to come.


i wonder if we could have a heart so big, a kindness so encompassing, a compassion so great, a lifestyle so compelling that we could attract others into our loving fold?

Hello. Great idea! I love America. Worked hard in last election, but with dishonest elections, we get the mess we now have.

Money talks. Hopefully it will encourage someone to talk. Since they're probably afraid of losing their job, the money will help.

Thank you. God is Blessing America, and all who fight for justice.

They are not going to be afraid of losing their jobs, they are going to be afraid of losing their lives! With what is a stake, do you really think this administration and the powers behind it would even hesitate at killing someone who uncovered them with solid evidence?
The challenge is, then, are you really willing to give your life for your country? Will the $100,000 go to your family or heirs?

Once one PNAC member is indicted, the whole house of cards will tumble like Humpty Dumpty...

Unfortunately, those of us who work for institutions, such as school systems, find that if we report excess, incompetence, law breaking, etc. we are spotlighted and intimidated until we stop doing our job, retire, or die. We have no protection from our union the media
This is the way "the trickle-down" change takes place in the environment George Bush and his government has fostered.

And that includes institutions like large universities.

Both parties need to be dragged out of the white house-get the money out of politics, it's not only the Republican party who's corrupt
Democrats are not much better

Perhaps, that was once more or less true. If you consider the conventional Republicans we've known in the past and the Democratic party, the two could be considered basically equally corrupt.

"Yeah, but ALL politicians are corrupt" used to be a fine way to "agree to disagree". Today it's just a cop-out and a justification to put bury your head back in the sand.

This administration is WAY beyond regular politics as usual corruption.

and that--- IS the truth.

Wow, what a wonderful organization are they, and how horrible that we must form our own groups and government in order to weed out the bastards that are running things in conjunction with gangsters and corporate media. Power to the peaceful people. My favorite word is sincere and worst word is corrupt.

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