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Suggestions for Polling Questions

Please post below as comments your recommendations for exactly what questions related to impeachment it would be ideal to pay pollsters to ask.



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It is important for the new poll to either confirm or refute the Zogby findings. To do so, at least one question must be exactly the same as what Zogby asked. If a new poll confirms the Zogby finding, it will be harder for Congress and the media to ignore the result.

If the polling organization is one that is not associated with a liberal bias (as some accuse Zogby) that will also help bolster the significance of the finding.

If we can get a second question, I might pick one analogous to those that were being asked about Clinton that more directly asks whether impeachment should occur. Look over Bob's archive of these questions. For example,
* Do you think Congress should or should not impeach Bush and remove him from office?
* Do you think Congress should or should not begin the impeachment process now?

The fact that we are paying for these questions will also introduce questions of bias. Letting the polster pick the form of the question could help deflect such criticism. We could give suggestions but leave the details to the pollster.

Yes, definitely, impeach. For a thousand reasons but at least lying about Iraq should be enough.

We must hold the media accountable not just for their lack of holding bush and his people to the fire for why and how fast he went to war, and his reluctance at every stage to go to the correct people (ie Congress and the UN until the world screamed at him) but especially media types like murdoch and fox news and others that kept feeding the lines and the bush talking points (read rove) and perpetuated the myths and outright lies that the administration kept spewing out.

The other thing is holding types like limburger et al who would act like schoolyard bullies (like rove and co.) and attack anybody who used their Constitutional rights to not only speak out but to try to draw attention where it needed to be focused.

Now the truth is there for all to see. Our Constitution demands for us to stand up and speak out, and to hold everyone from top on down accountable for the fraud, corruption and obvious High Treason - High Crimes and more than misdemeaners. This includes not just bush/cheney but frist (insider trading), delay (indicted for fraud), hastert (for having the gall to suggest that New Orleans not be rebuilt or helped in any way and his involvement and complicity in the afore mentioned actions)and any other members of the Senate or House that are also involved.

This is what the articles of Impeachment were written for.

I would like to donate, but the only way I can do that is if you GET RID OF PayPal!!!


don't have to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. You can use a credit card.

But if you know another tool as inexpensive as PayPal, please let us know. We want to use every dime we can on polling!

And I will be proud to use it! It is so easy. Using credit cards have never been a problem, even though I hear horror stories. My credit card got lost in the mail last month and I was miserable (with my paltry funds). I'm broke with nothing to pay for but taxes and groceries and beer!


GEORGE W. BUSH SHOULD BE INDICTED FOR HIGH TREASON! THIS MURDEROUS KILLER IS WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE. HE IS THE PRODUCT OF A CORRUPT FAMILY AND BELIEVES IT IS HIS RIGHT TO DO AS HE DAMN WELL PLEASES AND HAS SAID SO. It is shocking the number of people who have not an inkling as to what this person is involved in from stolen elections, ALLOWING 911 and invading Middle East countries without justification. Cindy Sheehan has all of the facts about this murderous criminal. I would like to see her lead the interrogation as she has made it plain that is what she wants to do. Her senitments are synonimous with mine. WE NEED ACTION NOW !!

What's so hard to understand about the fact that the longer we're in Iraq, the worse things will be there?
What's the fine line of distinction between what's going on in Iraq now and the "civil war" predicted if we pull out?
Precisely how much are we borrowing from foreign countries (China? Japan?) to finance recovery from the recent hurricanes?

Did the Republicans take a poll on whether to impeach Clinton? When will this party understand that it is not enough to be opposed to this cartel administration. You need to stand for something and be for something.
When I actually see a party with ideas AND candidates, taking action, then I will be proud to re-join your efforts. It doesn't have to be a party named Democrat.
Until that time, slumber on.....

we're not the Democrats. We're the ones trying to push and prod and compel the Democrats to follow the popular will and impeach the war criminals!

I am drawn to your opinions davidswanson because you are so consistent.
We're the ones trying to push and prod and compel the Democrats to follow the popular will and impeach the war criminals! (david swanson)

Someday I would like to shake your hand ... but I live in the sticks in Ohio ... I am impressed with you stamina!


Sometimes I feel that talking to you is like talking to Mr. Kucinich.

I've already asked one of my Senators about Impeachment...Here is his reply:

Thank you for contacting me about impeachment.

The power of impeachment lies solely with the House of Representatives. To remove the President or any other civil officer of the national government, the Constitution requires the approval of two-thirds of the Members of the House of Representatives. If the impeachment process is initiated in the House and two-thirds cast their vote to impeach, the matter is then sent to the Senate for trial. The Senate's trial determines whether to convict or acquit the official in question. The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, can only be removed from office as a result of impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

I hope this information is helpful.

Please ask your Congress Member.


I'm sure most of this will be old news to you guys who are setting up this poll, but I thought I would toss this out there, just in case...

When we were trying to get Al Gore to run last time, we ( commissioned several questions regarding his popularity.

Things that I recall from that effort:

Single questions in "omnibus" polls (regular weekly polls which ask about a variety of topics, such as the one Zogby fields) cost around... (working from memory...) several thousand dollars each. Our own poll with something like 3-5 questions would cost around $5000. Point being, it's not cheap, but it is certainly doable for a good-sized group.

Zogby actually was considered a Republican-leaning figure last I was looking, and his polling techniques are not considered sound by some other more respected pollsters (using NRA-membership lists as a "sample" for all conservative-leaning voters, things of that sort). For this purpose, we might want someone else (American Research, Inc, in NH might be a possibility).

I agree that the question wording itself is key. My sense is the wording can give you any result you want, so you have to make sure it is clearly "not" biasing the result, otherwise the media will question your results.

One key element is how you release the data. We wrote and released press-releases regarding some of our commissioned results, but we always puzzled over whether we should let Zogby (or whoever) release the data as part of his polling results press-release, or whether the news would get more or less coverage/credibility if we released it ourselves. Releasing the info quickly (within a few days) is good, so having a press-release ready (with blanks left to fill in the data and comments, quotes, etc) is probably a good idea. Try to get independent sources for quotes,(neutral observers), or moderate conservatives (maybe David Brooks, or somebody like that) who might be willing to acknowledge Bush's weakness.... Of course, some very damning quotes would be good, too... for balance, you see... : )

Anyway, just some thoughts.


appreciate it

As a retired Air Force officer with some understanding of our nation's air defense mechanisms, I am convinced there was purposeful interference with those mechanisms on the morning of 9/11. I wonder how many of my fellow Americans are similarly convinced?

(The first step in solving any problem is recognizing that we have a problem!)

The pollsters might ask if we think Bush and his backers/advisers/investors are profiting in many ways from the war machine.

They might ask, too, if Bush and his buddies are "robber-barons" types who feel the rest of us are "expendable".

They might ask if the Republican "less government" ideals should rule out "pork" rather than cut programs like Medicaid and aid to low income families.

Should Bush be impeached? YES His improprieties have much more impact on all of us than did Clinton's with Monica!!!!


Polls should ask if the intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction, which the Bush Administration used to justify the invasion of Iraq was "cooked."

If yes, does this mean that funds requested by the Administration to support the war were/are illegal?

Should the President be impeached for malfeasance, mistrust of the public's confidence, and illegal use of government funds for the War in Iraq?

President Bush's initial reasons for invading Iraq have proven to be false. His administration promised that weapons of mass destruction would be found. None were found. Administration claims that the Iraq regime aided the September 11 terrorism have also remained unsubstantiated.

1. Do you believe the Bush administration misled the American people on its motives for invading Iraq?

2. If so, do you believe Congress should initiate impeachment proceedings against George W Bush?


Congratulations on moving ahead with this initiative. I do think you'd help the cause by setting a definite goal (nobody knows how much polling costs) and promising to refund donations if insufficient funds are raised to do the poll.

I agree with previous posters that we should look for the most respected polling outfit available. I'd suggest the National Opinion Research Center, affiliated with the University of Chicago. Probably best not to make this an exclusive Zogby campaign.

Now I'm going to donate my pittance.

Simple, concise, yes-or-no, non-partisan questions. Don't try to put ideas in the pollees' heads, don't try to make a statement about the issue, just ask a few questions that they don't really have to think about -- because they don't want to have to think. And what we really need to know is that initial gut reaction they have.

It seems that Bush and his cronies deliberately misled the American people about their reasons for invading Iraq. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Our troops are dying for nothing. Wait, they are dying for less than nothing. They are dying for oil, for Halliburton and for Dubya's ego. And so that Karl Rove could make Bush, Svengali-like, into a wartime president, thus making him(Bush)more important then he actually is.

In view of all of the above, SHOULD GEORGE W. BUSH BE IMPEACHED?

Not hardly. Maybe Dean should be impeached! Oh, yeah! The darling of the Left lost contact with reality and then woke up to find himself the Chairman of the DNC! Ouch!

Symptoms of BBRAINDEAD?

Of course he should! I don't understand why this process isn't already going on. Why do we suddenly need public approval to seek an investigation into the possibility of impeachment? With Clinton, they just started it! There was no public involvement. Here's a man who posed for photo ops while thousands of his OWN citizens (or "subjects") were dying and crying out for help. There's no need to even talk about Iraq. The level of ignorance, lack of action and utter disregard for his fellow man that Katrina brought into focus should be more than enough. Certainly more reason than a personal sexual indiscretion.

it looks as though we'll be able to ask a few questions.
mine would be something like:
1) should we impeach the president?
2) why should we impeach the president? (iraq, katrina, etc)
3) apart from the president, who else should be removed from office?

if you could ask 3 questions, what would they be?

Since the election, it seems impossible to get the media's attention as to whether the election in Ohio might have been so manipulated (by electronic machine data corruption and other tricks) so severely as to have swung election results in that state to Bush. We will NEVER get the media's attention as long as they continue to marginalize all of those who have doubts as to whether Bush was actually elected, especially considering the different exit polls numbers. Some newspapers and TV/radio stations--those that are not completely at the beck and call of the GOP--might be interested if a reputable polling organization were to ask the public, point blank: Do you think the 2004 Presidential Election was stolen by the GOP? One could have a range of answers--1) Absolutely sure 2) Pretty sure 3) Not sure 4) Doubtful 5) Sure it was not--or a similar scale. The word "stolen" could also be replaced by something more neutral. One could have an entree into the question by asking (hypothetically) whether they, the public, thought that elections might be stolen by paperless machines, and then get down to a specific question. In any case, how many of us believe it happened? Besides everyone that I know? I have no clue.

theres also a thread on this over at dkos

Of course Mr. Bush, at Karl Rove's direction, has committed impeachable offenses, many of them. But as long as Congress is bought,paid for, and owned by the rich and super-rich--which means by Republicans--there is NO chance for impeachment. Zero. So why waste all of this time and effort? Lets put this wonderful effort and our meager funds into the more important matters:

1) Certifying fair, accurate, and universal elections throughout the U.S. Stolen elections are responsible for the coup d'etat in 2000 and its continuation in 2004, and will continue to be responsible for garrotting America with corporate control, until it is no longer possible for the likes of Bush and Rove to call out their Storm Troopers (e.g., bigots and Evangelical Christers) to overwhelm rational electoral process. FAIR, ACCURATE, UNIVERSAL elections!

2) Free the Press again. Mainline TV and radio is now essentially completely controlled by the same super-rich who own Congress (and the Presidency), so that "fair and balanced" has become a joke, meaning unfair and unbalanced in the neww. NOTHING gets into the mainstream unless it suits the owners. The important stories AND FACTS are suppressed. All we get now is propaganda from the mainstream.

3) Do SOMETHING to give the Democrats SPINE. They behave like wimps, as if the right-wing monster won't crush them if they simply keep their heads down. Rubbish. Everytime liberals and progressives show their "rationality" as they tried to do with the Roberts confirmation, the right wing just cheers, stomps, and screams for more blood. We not dealing with DEMOCRACY in the country anymore, but with Fascism and drive for ABSOLUTE control, which will be Hammer'd in unless the Democrats learn to shout out the facts so that everybody can understand them. And produce sound alternatives. But SHOUT.

Stop looking for "another" way to get the impeachment idea to become reality. You and many, many other websites already have the power at your fingertips. Just use AfterDowningStreet, ToImpeachBush, ANSWER and others to name a few. On Sept. 24, 05 thousands marched in protest across America by virture of these and other websites to get involved. Unforturnately every one of these sites has let these thousand down by not giving them the action they need to follow-up. USE THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE AND MORE WILL SURELY FOLLOW. Here it is, the "37 Cent Solution". Simple Example:

100,000 people X 1 letter/week X $1.00 per letter = $100,000 per week
$100,000 X 52 weeks = $5,200,000.00 per year
100,000 letters X 52 weeks = 5.2 Million letters per year

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (I hope) to figure out that if you committed the 100,000 (though I am speaking of millions) people that you ALREADY have coming to you for the next action then you already have the means to get the word out to impeach George Bush.

Compel everyone that accesses your website to commit to a letter writing and contribution effort to the few champions that America has such as Rep. John Conyers or Cindy Sheehan etc. Not only will you be giving them the financial support they need, the moral support they need, the physical evidence they need but you will have given every Mr. and Mrs. Smith in America the means to act from their very homes. Then you prove it to them. On your websites you inform them of how many letters were received by John Conyers or Cindy Sheehan, etc. because they will post what they receive on their websites. I have to believe that if champions like Rep. John Conyers, Cindy Sheehan, etc are recieving this kind of weekly physical support then others in congress and the main stream media will definately have to take notice. That thousands, millions of letters that demand the impeachment of George Bush EVERY WEEK and bring with them thousands, millions of dollars to do so you will have capitalized on the American spirit, the good people of the United States of America that have come out when you wanted them. I am certain they will come out every week from their homes too.

Imagine if the White House received thousands, millions of physical letters (no money of course) a week demanding for George Bush to resign or for his impeachment. Imagine what a wonderful visual, physical irritation and unrelenting message to the people of America and the world.

Come on, get off your fat asses and stop looking for new means to get the word and action out when thousands, millions of Americans have already showed you who and where they are. They are ready, willing and able and can do this from home and it will cost them very little financially and they can see the power of their involvement on a weekly basis. Your websites have the power to do this. Do it TODAY.

Thomas Vacanti
3967 Cumberland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

If wiretapping is going on any smart person wouldn't want to participate via internet. I think whoever is in charge of the website shoud provide local democratic HQRS. address. Donations could be set up this way also one could know the contact people and keep abreast of what is going on. I for one don't trust computers anymore. Garbage in:Garbage out! I would like to know personally who I am dealing with even then you don't know who's on who's side. There are just too many frauds out there!

I donated but the polls are so far off from the public ...Who do they poll? A Republican stronghold to get the numbers they get? How can a poll be really representative of this country? The second question is: If one only listens to the MSM they are so confused they don't know what is going on. It would be difficult to just poll on one issue such as: impeach Bush? Why? The Downing Street Memos have been dismissed by the MSM, Plamegate has hardly been covered, the Iraq War is an abstraction etc... Few have the whole picture unless they access the internet... I remember Watergate, I was young and had two babies...and didn't understand the whole thing because of all the cross currents from the Nixon supporters...the same is going on today. My feeble suggestion is to frame the question as a hypothetical: If the President misled or lied to the American people about the necessity of war in another country should he be impeached? If a President supported the outing of an undercover agent working on weapons of mass destruction for his own agenda should he be impeached?
If a President supported torture of people innocent or guilty because he wanted information about WMDS that the US couldn't find: should he be impeached? One I would really like to know: Do you think that decent people should bomb innocent civilians and destroy their country for over 2 years to give them freedom? Just wondering?

Who is paying for the preachers to be re-educated to support Republicans?

It is time to investigate the claims of the Bush administration that were used to justify the Iraq war -- and his failure to be truthful in his testimomy to the 9-11 Commission about his knowledge of the domestic threat of terrorism before 11 Sept. A Harpers Magazine article by Ben DeMott, "Whitewash as Public Service," is one of many
sources that give evidence to Bush's lying in the face of hundreds of sworn testimonies that show his claims to be false and purposefully so.

I contributed to have the pollsters place questions to the public if Bush should be impeached.

It will be interesting to see if the following news companies ABC, CBC, NBC, FOX, CNN, PBS, CBN will take the polling results after the survey is completed and push this issue further so Congress can initiate impeachment proceedings.

Why won't paypal allow me to contribute to your project?

everybody else
please ask paypal

1. Do you believe that George W. Bush has either a mental or emotional disorder or impairment that should have prevented him from becoming president?
2. Do you believe that the 2000 election was stolen?
3. Do you believe that the 2004 election was stolen?
4. Do you believe that George W. Bush and John Kerry colluded together to "throw" the election to Bush?
5. George W. Bush admits to being a reformed alcoholic. Do you believe that he should still be treated for the disease?
6. Do you believe that George W. Bush is a Christian?
6. Is the war in the Middle East really about oil?

I would like to find out how many Americans would also like to impeach other members of the administration or members of congress, and if impeachment isn't the right word, then whatever the right word is.

The administration has appointed idiots in charge of too many agencies for me to keep track of: FDA, FCC, FEMA, SEC come to mind. They all need to go. The vice president and the cabinet need to go as well: Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, all the rest.

Let's ask Americans whether they want to throw these bums out too!

I would ask simply

If you believe that Bush knew about no wmd and fixed the intelligence to fool the people into going to war.

Do you believe Saddam or Iraq had anything to do with 9/11

and I doubt you will go this far but I would love to see how many people suspect that 9/11 was mihop or lihop.

do you believe Bush is a real Christian?

*How is it that a President can get away with lying to the world to get his big budget war, but when Martha Stewart lied about the stocks (to make herself some money) she gets a 5 month jail sentence? Shouldn't Bush at least get a 5 month jail sentence?

With the Katrina disaster, Bush has once again demonstrated his tendency to freeze when faced with an emergency. This is hardly a characteristic of a chief executive who inspires confidence. All his visits to the region in the aftermath did nothing except waste valuable jet fuel. Still we don't want Cheney to succeed him. Cheney is a truly dangerous man and must be impeached first. Have the pollster ask the question: Do you think Cheney should be impeached first?

Hey, would like to make a contribution, but I have tried 4 times now and I keep getting a "session expired" message. Is something worng with the site? I do not hae paypal account and would like to donate via credit card. Hope you can get it fixed so I can contribute.

Did you also try to email the site administrator?

Under Bush's watch, the United States has become lost.
We've lost our credibility in the world.
We've lost our economic strength.
We've lost our individual liberty.
We've lost the future to an unsurmontable tax burden.
We've lost environmental protections to expediency and waste.
As purvewyors of war, torture and censorship we've lost our right to proclaim that we are champions of democracy.
We have lost a great deal in this presidency and will
continue losing until our liberty,our dignity and our credibility as
a nation is restored.

We need a leader whose actions reflect that he listens and cares about us-all the people of this country.

I can't use pay pal, but I'd like to contribute. I don't see your mailing address anywhere (maybe I'm blind). It milght be a good idea for you to give your mailing address along with the pay pal option. A lot of us either can't or won't use pay pal.
LOVED your impeachment poll and IL'd like to help you to do follow ups. As the professional pollsters say - they won't do it unless it becomes talk in the news or if congress talks about it. Well, we know congress won't do it, but if you get more polls maybe the media will eventually pick it up and start talking about it.

I was in the process of donating to the polling site and stopped before submitting. There is no lock to indicate that the site is encripted. Is the site secure? Please advise. If it is not secure you should provide and street (PO Box ) address for donations by snail mail. Thanks. "A participatory democracy requires an educated and enlightened electorate." Keep up the good work.



1. If instigating war is the most audacious of possible crimes, as it will inevitably slaughter many innocents, can there ever be an ethical justification for pre-emptive war?
2. What is worse, massive and systemic state terrorism (the warmongering, military violence, invasions, arbitrary detention, interrogative torture, etc. carried out by governments) or point flashes of individual/group terrorism?
3. Does the enormous application of military violence cure or complicate the oppressive conditions that fuel individual/group terrorism?
4. Which is more lethal to human life and liberty: huge militaries armed with the most sophisticated weapons, battle techniques, and espionage/intelligence organs, and beholden to the ruling whims of an unwise, self-serving cabal; or scattered terrorist groups motivated by socio-economic desperation, political disenfranchisement, ignorance and ideological extremism, and a reaction to state terrorism?
5. Is the Bush regime's flaunting of international law likely to make international politics and security more or less stable?
6. Should Bush and implicated factotums be impeached for: a) planning to engender war; b) failing to divert the 9/11 attacks in face of substantial evidence of their imminence; c) fabricating rationalizations and lying to publicly sell an illegal war, which, incidentally, has greatly enriched many of his campaign supporters, business associates, allies, and factotums; d) their abuse of power and direct responsibility in the death of over 2000 American soldiers, and what is estimated to be over 100,000 Iraqis?; e) subsequent prevaracation, perjury, and cover-ups; f) gross incompetence, negligence, and cronyism that contributed to the death of over 1,000 in the Katrina debacle; or g) all of the above?

I tend to read widely across the world's media. French, Spanish,German and even Thai Newspapers as well as the English world media.
No one had up to this minute written anything.
Question is why????
While the world's media were mainly laughing and feeling sorry for Clinton...Here we have one of the most defining moments in American and obviously world history yet...nothing
Are we so scared of the potential catastrophe that we are collectively holding our breath?
Thank yopu for your dedication and courage.

We need to FIRE the whole lot of them, and get behind the scenes information about the ones actually running the global economy, THE GOVERNMENT BEHIND THE "GOVERNMENT"...THE BILDERBERGERS...NO ONE has had what it takes to expose these people and bring their clindestine society to light...if we could only get the mainstream media to consistantly report on this bunch, we may have a chance at taking OUR country back...we have relied on the wrong people to make decisions that have, for over 30 years, done nothing but enslave average people albeit, in a covert and misleading way, to the point of no is almost too late now, 911 was ALLOWED to happen, to CREATE an event that would allow them, (?) to invoke the Patriot ACTS, and other restrictions, giving them more control, and erosion of our CONSTITUTION...we MUST STOP THEM NOW...our first step is to remove BUSH, CHENEY, and ROVE. Then expose the Bilderberg Group. TRUTH IS OUR ONLY WEAPON, and it has to win. OR "We The People" are doomed, we will be living in a police state, with no recourse.

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