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Call Out

This is a call out to send a message to the weak kneed Democrats who have watched this administration destroy everything we love about America.

I am running to replace Representative Earl Blumenauer in the 3rd District because he refuses to hold Cheney/Bush accountable in any meaningful way. This is not politics as usual. This is a cause that I have been fighting since the Supreme Court appointed these criminals to the White House in 2000.

This is a battle between Goliath who has lots of money in his campaign treasury and will get most, if not all, the endorsements of the establishment. Many think Goliath is a true progressive---I don’t!

David stood alone on the Morrison Bridge when most Oregonians supported the war against Iraq. He protested because of his experiences in the Vietnam War and knew where the war would end up -- occupation. This ongoing slaughter and displacement of millions of human beings was the plan and ambitions of those who want an empire.

David stood in front of Sen. Smith's office in the rain and cold because he knew Smith was one of the major supporters of the slaughter. He was arrested in Smith’s office because he refused to leave until he got an answer to his petition to end the funding. David was also pleading with his own Congressman who claimed to want to end the occupation. The pleas, petitions, phone calls, meetings all were ignored by Rep. Blumenauer -- he was busy with other things. In July of 2007 David called for a vigil in front of Rep. Blumenauer’s office on Thursdays from high noon until 2:00 PM and was by then nicknamed the Lone Vet. The vigil continues until our Congressman calls for the Impeachment, Indictment, and Incarceration of the criminals in the White House.

One week before the deadline for filing for the seat representing the 3rd District David was asked again to run. He said yes!

I need your help. We need just about everything----volunteers to pass the word that there is an alternative in the primary, people who know computers, people who like to call and ask voters to vote for us, people to hand out our fliers. This is a citizens’ campaign.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could support a peace candidate who will not vote one dime for the continuation of the occupation unless there is a one way ticket home for EVERY American in Iraq. I will pursue impeachment now and will continue when elected. Yes, they can be impeached after leaving office. I will and do call for all trade deals to be rescinded and for fair and open agreements between countries to be enacted.

I am Joe Walsh and I am fighting as David did looking for that one special stone that will bring down Goliath.

I am a Citizen Representative and approve this message. Go to our web site and be part of a revolution in politics:

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh---lone vet

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I have seen vids of the protests of Northwestern Americans at public seaports used as military ports for returning war equipment from Iraq , and I have seen a Northwestern state legislator sponsor Impeachment bill for his state. Northwestern grannies have come down on recruiter stations. Oregoners and Washingtonians have been at the forefront of the anti-war movement and as a result have experienced some of the worst police brutality in America, with the pepperspray and battering.

Northwestern Americans are a strong and noble breed of peace protestors!



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