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'Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague
By Robert Parry

Federal authorities “frog-marched


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Is there anyway we can organize to frog march this Criminal Bush to the Hague? Which countries would support an American plea to do this? I would like nothing better than to see Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rove and Judith Miller (who fixed the vote to let this murderer in), and prominent members of the media stand trial at the Hague! Is this possible?

Bush and many of his top people are war criminals, by any definition of the term. It's unlikely they'll be prosecuted during this administration, but after they get out they'll be tracked down. Some of the Nazi war criminals were tracked down, prosecuted, and executed decades after World War II ended.

The prosecution of American corporate media executives should be looked at, as accessories to treason. There are precedents in the Nuremberg trials for prosecuting people who assisted in war crimes, or made them possible. And the war crimes of the Bush Administration most assuredly would not have been possible without the full support of the corporate media.

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