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Impeachment Canidate Runs for Congress

As your representative in the House, I will always carry your message; this is what representative government is supposed to be like. Your voice must be heard, not mine.

Many of our politicians believe that they know more than any of you, that they know best and will explain it to you latter. Town Hall meeting should be about hearing what your concerns are and my response should be to carry that message to all of my colleagues in the House. Let the Senate be the place for millionaires, let the House be made up of working men and women who know their constituents.

If you believe that the present representative for the 3rd District represents you well, do not vote for me, but if you cannot understand why he has not called for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney, and President Bush--than vote for me.

There is no war in Iraq! What we are doing is occupying a country that cries out for relief, their Parliament has told us to leave; only the puppet government that we help install wants us to stay on and fight their battles. This occupation must end.

When you come to our office, you will be treated with respect and every possible way will be explored to assist you. Some will say I am a one-issue candidate, they would be correct--my one issue is Justice.

Justice for the military who are wounded in battle, you give them the best treatment available and make them whole if possible.
Justice for our veterans, we should be ashamed of the lack of treatment for our heroes.
Justice for the people of Peru who now cry out to stop the very trade deal that Representative Blumenauer is so proud of championing out of his committee.
Justice for the corrupt administration called the Bush Presidency.
Justice for those here in our beautiful city who hunger and thirst
Justice for schools who struggle to have enough money to operate, while billions are lost or stolen in Iraq.
Justice for the father and mother who worry about paying the rent this and next month
Justice for those who go to prison for drug offense when we should try treating them
Justice for the workers and women who are hurt on the job
Justice for all politicians who abuse their office, either democrat or republican

Yes, I am a one-issue candidate!

Joe Walsh-lone vet


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