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Resources for Fifth Aniversary Events

We know you're busy with final preparations for the 5th anniversary activities coming up this next week, so this is a short note.

First, if you have not done so yet, please be sure to post any and all events and activities related to the 5th anniversary of the war on the 5 Years Too Many web site. There are already 555 events posted (!!) and we want to make sure we have everything. Just click here:

Second, we want to make sure you know about several items that you might want to use during your activities this week. Of course, don't limit yourself to only using them during 5th anniversary events! Feel free to use these materials as much as possible.

1) New leaflet urging people to pressure Congress to stop funding the war! Sometime in April Congress will take action on the request for another $100+ billion for the war. The 5th anniversary activities are a perfect time to start galvanizing people in your communities to demand that Congress use its power to bring all of the troops home! The leaflet has a box for you to add local contact information - just click inside that box and type. Click here for the leaflet:

2) We want to remind you that we have a leaflet that addresses the failure of the surge in Iraq. The leaflet is available in both English (click here and in Spanish (

3) UFPJ has developed a voter guide which we believe can be especially useful in the states that have presidential primaries or caucuses coming up in the next few months. Click here to download the voter guide:

4) "Healthcare Not Welfare" is a new campaign initiated by UFPJ member group PDA. You can find out more about the campaign and download resources by clicking here:

5) War Tax Resistance. With Tax Day right around the corner, efforts are underway to encourage people to not lend financial support to this war. You can get information about a new project started by Code Pink (and other member groups of UFPJ) at this site: And you can find out about the ongoing work of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (also a member group of UFPJ) at

6) Here's a link to a leaflet inviting people to join a massive antiwar demonstration being planned in St. Paul on Sept. 1st, the opening day of the Republican Nominating Convention: In the coming weeks we will be sending you more information about plans for protests and other activities at both the Democratic Convention (in Denver) and the Republican Convention (in St. Paul).

Finally, we want to make sure you have a copy of the overall plan of work for UFPJ in 2008. Click here for a copy of the plan: Please feel free to share this with members of your group or organization, as well as other people who might want to know more about UFPJ.

We hope all of this is useful, especially for your 5th anniversary efforts.


Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ



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