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Media culpa
September 22, 2005

Dear Editor:

Karl Rove was sighted in Aspen last Friday at the Forstmann Little & Co. gathering at the Jerome by some friends of mine. Nearby was George Lucas - both known for amazing special effects!

Amazing that Karl has survived Enron, Enron Europe (Caspian intrigue), the Carlyle Group (Saudi intrigue), Iraq, WMD, Valerie Plame and now also the FEMA debacles along with, of course, his "re-elected" president.

How is it that FEMA was so slow when Nicolas Davies of the Online Journal states with regard to the Downing Street memos, "The British documents show that they were already committed to 'regime change' in Iraq by April 2002. Britain's Ministry of Defense and two senior U.S. generals have confirmed that offensive military operations began in May 2002, without authorization from the U.S. Congress, the British Parliament, or the Security Council"?

Finally, the excellent quote by Mr. Davies, "We are now engaged in an intractable war whose principal victims are the civilian population of Iraq."

Thanks, George. Thanks, Karl.

Sven Erik Alstrom
Lawrence, Kan. and Aspen


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This fact (initiation of the war in Iraq prior to congressional authorization) and the misappropriation of funds allocated for the war in Afghanistan seem to have fallen somewhere below the event horizon recently. They deserve much more publicity as clearly impeachable high crimes.

Well know why it has "fallen below the horizon!" The "publicity" folk are part of the "industrial complex" that is supporting the PNAC agenda....duh. Don't hold your breath for anything to happen in the impeachment area! Congressman Conyers wrote me to say that Congress is not doing anything in that all. It is a "dead" issue from what I can tell from his note. So there you go.

Would someone please tell me what has happened to the investigation of the Valerie Plame leak! I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but apparently EVERYONE is distracted...again.

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