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Is Dean Drunk?

By David Swanson

Cindy Sheehan met with Howard Dean last Saturday.

Then she showed up at a Progressive Democrats of America conference on Sunday and recounted what had happened at the meeting. Dean, she said, had showed her his plan to build the Democratic Party, which included a long platform of issues. That list did not acknowledge the existence of the war.

Cindy said she asked Dean whether the war would be part of the agenda. He replied, she said, that he'd like it to be but couldn't figure out how, because it was such a hard question. "Hire me," Cindy said she'd told him, "because I don't think it's hard!"

Now Dean has released a statement bragging about the fact that he met with Cindy and suggesting that people should meaninglessly "support her" whether or not they support the war.

Does Dean have any idea what the most pressing concern of most Democrats is and which position they take on it? If so, is he experiencing any neurological problems? Is he just drunk? Can we get a Congressional investigation?


cindy's statement may be included in the video of the PDA event on

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Maybe he has Beltway-itis. Well, don't worry. More and more people are becoming clearer and clearer every day on the lack of justification for prosecuting these hostilities. Even Dean will have to come around soon.

this is unfair and inflammatory. dean is not bragging about meeting cindy. leaving iraq is a difficult moral question for many people. dean is asking that we not question the patriotism or personally denigrate those who do not agree with us. to support americans who care deeply for our country and not attack someone for their views. only then can we come to the table and meet as equals to bridge the wide chasms that divide this have engaged is exactly this kind of personal attack in the title of this announcement. you should be ashamed in perpetuating the kind of division dean is speaking out against. dean, as chairmen of the democratic party is not in a position to make policy. these kind of personal attacks hurt us all.

--no opposition to the Patriot Acts.
--no opposition to the Global War on Terror.
--no opposition to torture.
--no opposition the arms trade.
--no opposition to the war in Afghanistan.
--no opposition to the war in Iraq.
--no opposition to tax cuts for the rich.
--no opposition to welfare for corporations.
--no opposition to the muzzling of the EPA, FTC, FCC, FDA, etc.
--no support for the environment.
--no support for workers' rights.
--no support for universal health care.
--no support for...on and on and on.
--plenty of meaningless support for the troops.

--The "Lesser of Two Evils" Strategy failed in 2000, in 2002 and again in 2004.
--The "Anybody But Bush" Strategy was a colossal failure in 2004.
--Know your self-interest and vote it.
--Don't vote someone else's self-interest.
--Don't vote based on a single issue.
--If you don't like what is offered--Don't vote for it. Write in NOTA.
--BUT VOTE. And if someone, or some official interferes--REPORT IT.

Greetings, I just read Dean's inadequate clunky statement after his meeting with Cindy Sheehan. But remembering that Dean was the anti-war candidate in 2004, I hope we can work with him in our efforts to keep the war issue at the top of every agenda.

I hope and trust that Dean will agree to a second meeting with Cindy and other Gold Star Families for a frank discussion on the war. We must stick together on this issue. Let the GOP fragment over their war--we get the high ground this time. Thanks.

Do you really think the woman who raved about getting US troops out of "occupied New Orleans" is a reliable source on anything?

Cindy, you're so naive. You just don't understand what "the agenda" is. You seem to think that it reflects a set of priorities as wanted by people who support the Democrat party with their votes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, "the agenda" for both party faces of the U.S. political duopoly is exactly the same and it can be summed up very simply: getting and holding onto power.

All other items on the list are mere corollaries of that single aim, the most important of which is the financial support of corporate sponsors. And since those sponsors, in turn, demand support for the agendas of their own elite constituency, that becomes the remainder of "the agenda" for all ambitious politicans as well.

Your anti-war mission isn't just hard to fit in. It's nearly impossible to reconcile with the pro-war demands of the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, etc., etc.

So please take pity on poor Howard. He has a terribly difficult job trying to decide the ranking for all those corporate interests. Your trivial concerns about a "splendid little war" in the Middle East is a very disconcerting distraction for him.

Bad news Arvy- the U.S. political duopoly is a boulder that isn't going to roll anywhere anytime soon. Yes, the DNC has serious corporate interests. But guess what? It also has a distinctly different political platform than the GOP has. Which means that it DOES matter who controls Congress, it DOES matter who sits on the Supreme Court, and it DOES matter who the president is. If that division of platforms fades, if the need for money and power ceases being one of the few similarities that the two parties have in common and becomes one of the many, that's when you can cry, "It just doesn't matter Cindy!"

The democratic party is currently the most powerful political weapon that reasonable Americans have to stop our warmonger leaders and their ignorant supporters from turning America into a police state, and sequentially invading every middle east (dare I say world?) country until America becomes the next Nazi Germany.

but cindy actually understands that too

I was just verbally chuckling over her comment to Howard Dean about his attitude, not that I think she's really so naive. By this time, she could hardly fail to be aware of at least some of the harsh political realities behind "the agenda".

I can only hope that Cindy (if she ever actually has time to read any of this) will forgive my "must laugh or I'll cry" defense mechanism that sometimes influences my writings with a puckish sarcasm. You, on the other hand, should be used to my slightly warped sense of humor by now. :^)

Thank you so much for this site
What is the most effective means of getting the Democratic Party to shift its position on the war?

"I represent the democratic wing of the democratic party"

...wich is a little to the left of the right from the center...

Dean: "Have I said, support our troops yet?"
Aid: "yes sir, ad nauseum"
Dean: "fine, pass out some of those *hiccup* yellow magnets from China"

When Dean was running in the presidential primaries as the only anti war candidate, I actually contributed to his campaign. Then there was some sort of trouble in some African nation, and Dean proclaimed that we should be sending troops to Africa to stop the trouble. That is when I stoped supporting Dean, he was not against war, just against any war he had not approved of. Then came the primordial scream in Iowa and that was the end of his presidential ambitions. Dean is nothing more than your average political hack and not to be trusted.

Many close observers of events in Iraq disagree with each other about whether further US action, possibly in the context of a partial withdrawal, can ameliorate the economic, public health, and safety concerns that have grown to horrific proportions during our occupation. Some maintain that the US presence is doing more harm than good. Others are uncertain but believe we have a responsibility to try before we leave to achieve a few core elements of stability for the sake of the Iraqi people whose lives are a living hell because of our mangled policies, and for the sake of preventing another Afghanistan (in its pre-9/11 version) from taking hold if we can prevent it. This complex debate is what Dean was referring to, and it is not frivolous or one we should avoid no matter what the single-slogan anti-war activists may argue.

Today's problems were largely predictable and the Bush administration was not trustworthy on a complex, risky task like "liberating Iraq". But we do the anti-war cause no favors by reducing our understanding of the policy choices confronting us and speaking louder while saying less. The American people are joining us by the week, because the headlines speak for themselves. Don't blow it by talking in a way that encourages more knee-jerk responses on the other side. The debate should be almost entirely about the mess on the ground, not about either our patriotism or the hawks' intentions.

Howard knows; Clinton knows; Gore knows; how come Cindy Sheehan doesn't know that the war is necessary for the continued economic success of the USA? No war, no oil; no oil no dollar; no dollar no loans; no loans, no living wages for the poor and decent ones for the middle class, and most importantly, no luxuries for the ultra rich.

There are one hundred ten billion reasons (each one a barrel of oil) to keep our occupation troops in Iraq and only about ten thousand (dead and seriously wounded ones) to pull out and stop the occupation.

Democrats who know what will happen to all of us if we give up the stolen oil don't want to stop stealing, they just don't want to talk about it because it makes them guilty of coveting, lying, and murdering, along with their stealing.

Cindy knows EXACTLY how to deal with the war issue and you know it too!!! We need to bring in international NATO forces, strike a deal to diplomacy and then get 50% of our troops the hell out!!!!!!!!!



In the subject article David Swanson asked, "Does Dean have any idea what the most pressing concern of most Democrats is and which position they take on it?" While I'm sure he was alluding to the Iraq war, he couldn't be further from the truth. Dean is not drunk. He is very sober, because the most pressing concern of most Democrats is that they are not in power and they will take any position (or abandon it) if they think it has a prayer of getting them elected. They are, by and large, cowardly chameleons, who are afraid to take a stand because they fear, probably correctly, that their position will not resonate with the majority of the voting public. But we'll never know. will we, because a Democrat primary will stir up the usual cast of lunatics and the nominee will try to sweep the carnage of the primary under the rug and portray himself or herself as a "big tent centrist." That won't fool anyone. Just stand up and say it: your position is that (liberal) government knows better than a mere citizen what is best and it needs higher taxes to pump into programs that have never worked in the past and won't work in the future. With a platform like that, how can you lose?

She's using her well earned position in national focus to shine on yet another shadowy figure who needs to be called to the carpet. This is an avalanche of public accountability, and Dean can definitely stand to be pulled in the right direction! Let's see if he alters course.

Could it be that the tail is wagging the dog here? Who the hell makes up the voting population of this beleagured country? Over 300 million Americans, that's who! Coincidentally, we also are the stock holders in all of these major corporations, for the most part. It's high time that we exercized our rights to protect ourselves by raising hell with our elected representatives, voting both politically and through our corporate proxies. If the priorities of this country aren't rearranged then we have only ourselves to blame. Cindy, God Bless her, is doing her damnedest to raise the collective consciousness of this country and the politicians better start listening or they will find themselves on the street. And don't kid yourselves, if a few hundred thousand people suddendly unloaded their Exxon stock, Wall Street would have a heart attack!!

i think what we are hearing from Dean is the opinion of a lot of democrats in d.c. - they are caught deciding between removing the troops and leaving iraqi citizens even more desperate.

and to many people this is a hard decision. the msm is not giving the vast public the truth of the extent of suffering the iraqi citizens are going through BECAUSE of our presence. add that to a democratic party that is both afraid to stick their necks out - plus - the recent bad news that bush keeps bringing on himself (why criticize the pres when he's destroying himself?), and the silence will continue.

Dean should know better than to be so vague about a war that he has condemned since before he even ran for president. lets hope he gets his statements clarified - as well as this issue as to what is worse, our presence there or once we leave.

With just a few notable exceptions (Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, John Conyers to name a few) the Democratic Party is a shell of itself. This makes our position even more desperate because of the reluctance to turn to a 3rd party, a reluctance that is very rapidly melting away for me. Unless the Democrats seriously put forth a true anti-war candidate in 2008, I for one will not waste my vote on a dem of the Dean ilk. No to Hilary, No to Biden, No to Kerry!
Who will step up? It is our responsibility, as many Gold Star and Military Families in this movement are saying, to "support whoever has the courage to stand up and call for an immediate end to this war based on lies, regardless of which party."
This could include a person outside the 2 party monopoly.

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