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Meeting with Cindy Sheehan

Meeting with Cindy Sheehan
Posted by Howard Dean on September 27, 2005 at 06:06 PM

I met with Cindy Sheehan and three activist supporters here in my office at the DNC (two of whom were involved in the Presidential race) on Saturday after the rally. Some of you have met her, but for those who have not, I thought I would share my impressions.

She is a delightful person. She had not a drop of holier than thou zealotry. She is unpretentious and very clear. All this I expected, given the terrible sacrifice she has made, and her willingness to speak out.

What I was surprised at was her ability to be so comfortable in her own skin. After she became a phenomenon in Crawford, the Republican spin team realized she was a real threat. Cindy Sheehan, made a tremendous personal sacrifice. A sacrifice being made by too many American families who have had loved ones killed or maimed in this war.

Cindy has credibility the Administration does not have. Even the President tried to diminish her by saying that she did not believe in fighting terrorism. His minions, of course, did much worse, trying to make out that she was a media savvy manipulator -- and even spreading false rumors that she was anti-Semitic.

No one is untouched in the face of personal attack, but Cindy exudes an inner calm and a self-confidence which made it clear to me that she will not back down. I respect and support what she is doing in standing up and speaking out.

Whether you think the Iraq war is a good idea or not, all of us should support Cindy Sheehan. Perhaps the grossest disservice the Republican leadership has inflicted on our country is not the war, the huge deficits, or even the divisive appeals to the worst fears of voters. Rather it is the notion that it is unpatriotic to disagree with the most partisan President in our life time, and that dissent harms our country. Nothing could be farther from the truth -- we are a strong country because we have the right to dissent.

In fact it is the attempts of the Administration to fight dissent with personal attacks as they did during the Nixon era are that diminish our country in the long term.

Cindy Sheehan is honest in the face of a dishonest and corrupt Washington culture. She is plain spoken in an era of cynicism and propaganda, she in committed and idealistic in a time where our government has abandoned what is right for America in favor of what is right for the Republican party. We need more Cindy Sheehans.


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Mr. Dean,

Thanks for the advice. Perhaps you should follow it. Perhaps, if you and so many other Democratic leaders weren't so fearful; Cindy Sheehan wouldn't have ever had to expose herself to vicious ad hominem attacks. Do you job, Mr. Dean. You are the leader of the opposition party--OPPOSE THEM!

Uh, sorry to intrude on your dreams and illusions, Mr Dean, but the credibility gap is not a problem of the administratrion alone. Nor is it confined to the Republican party. In fact, you can find a very major credibility problem in your own office sitting behind your own desk.

It has reached the point where, among politicians, I actually admire some Republicans more than many Democrats. That isn't really saying a lot in either case, but at least most Republicans seem to have the courage of their convictions.

It doesn't take much in the way of courage to tell a lie that your audience wants to here. The war is justified, we're good and they're bad. The war is going well, the liberal media is to blame for the negative reports. You don't have to pay taxes, the deficit is caused by Clinton's recession. The price of oil is high because of Global demand. Global warming is not caused by human activities. The increase in hurricane intensity is a natural cycle.
The Republicans play the game well, just give the voters an easy way out and blame problems on somebody else. That is why most Democrats cower behind the curtains, one sign of courage and the voters throw them overboard. Run on this platform, we'll cut spending, raise taxes, reduce oil consumption by 30%, admit we're war criminals and our foreign policy has sucked for 50 years.

Ditto Arvy!!! I see NO credibility in 99% of Congress! This illegal and corrupt BushCo administration has used the support of his constituency (PNAC et al) and the "silent" support of the so-called opposition party! Democrats are worthless. They are the "reactionary" party. They whine and bitch but DO NOTHING!!! Harry S Truman (one the few "real people" in political history) would tell it like it is and give 'em hell all at once. Democrats today couldn't even shine his shoes! There platform for the common good has gone down the toilet. Most are the very thing we liberals despise: rich selfish power hungry bastards! I have no faith in a government that has allowed the most disastrous and corrupt President and his adminstration in our history go unimpeded! - Rev Bray (USAF ret)

Bush has NO crediblity and the dems have very little.Here is the difference Bush will NEVER have it and the dems still could.Smell the coffee Dr Dean we the PEOPLE do not want this dirty little war no more!!!Many of us never wanted this war.I marched with Cindy in Crawford,I just got back from D.C. this past weekend.Trust me when I say the dems need to wake up.STOP THIS WAR.DO NOT FUND THIS WAR WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOW WATCHING VERY CLOSE.IF YOU ARE PRO WAR WE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO GET YOU OUT OF OFFICE.Thanks Dr Dean I hope you enjoy this post.

This statement is probably one of the most ludicrous statements of all time especially coming from the head of the Democratic Party. This whole post of Howard Dean is pretentious and condescending. He totally ignored the issue of the war but praised her right to dissent. Hell that puts him on equal terms with Bush who said Cindy had a right
to protest. Big F**king Deal! Howard you may be head of the lets-stick-our-heads-in-the-sand party but you sure don't represent me. Cindy represents me because she has twice the balls to stand up for what is right then you ever will. Where were you on Saturday? Out of town or just out of site? Don't get any bright ideas that now that Cindy is starting to get some attention you can be her friend and all of a sudden come out against the War. You asshole you should have been there on Saturday. Jessie Jackson and Joan Baez and others stood with Cindy to be counted (and arrested). Where were you?? This protest has been scheduled for months. It is time for all of us who have NEVER EVER
thought this war was a good idea to stand up and be counted. Its too late for you, Hillary and any other so called Democratic leaders. Don't try to be our friends any of you. After we get rid of Bushco you so called leaders will be next! Anyone who voted for this war should be taken out and shot especially you democrats who should have known better.

I am my own party. Labels like Republican and Democrat are dangerous. They have no meaning. Action verifies the spoken word and action is what this country needs. That is where Cindy Sheehan comes in. She is an action person and understands what is at stake. Do you understand what is at stake? It does not sound like you do. Isn't is sad how when you read different posts by different people, you can almost see them by the way they attempt to share their mind. I really hate reading someone who cannot talk at a level that holds interest. What is interest? Interest is when I, or others, are able to accept words with true meaning and grit. "Corrupt leadership" grabs my attention. Not because it's interesting as much as it strikes that within you which says "yes", I am seeing this in our land. Political words and Journalistic drivel just don't do it for me. Say something worth saying or leave it alone.

Arvy, I completely agree with you. Cindy truly does have the courage of her convictions in a way that no democratic politician I'm aware of these days, does. It seems the dems are so cowed that they are too scared to actually stand up and SAY what they believe. They hope supporting Cindy will be enough for us to support them, that by proxy we will figure out what they stand for and what they believe. Which is, of course, a bunch of crap!

Most Americans, including many many former Bush supporters, are just waiting for a true leader to emerge. A LEADER. Someone not scared to say what s/he believes. Someone willing to go against the status quo, to scare us all awake with brand new ideas, someone to change the course of history in this country!

Unfortunately I am not seeing such a person emerge in the democratic party... at least, not yet. When do you think they will figure it out? You cannot stand up and be heard if you're busy whitewashing what you say out of a demented hope to please everyone, all the time.

I am SO GLAD Cindy has met with these folks. John Kerry, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton... to point out to us that they all sound just like BUSH! That is incredibly frightening, isn't it?


Dear Dr. Dean, One year ago, everything 'they' said would happen if we left Iraq has happened anyway, and we are still there! Nothing has changed other than it keeps getting worse. Two weeks ago, the reportedly calm city of Basra exploded in violence and today, five more American soldiers were killed in a roadside bombing. What we are doing is NOT working. It is time for the Dems to embrace a new strategy: Peace and Prosperity... (and a whole lot of integrity). Mark Daytom might just have the right idea, calling for a Department of Peace. Too bad he is not running for re-electiuon!

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